Loyalty and Rewards with Yith WooCommerce Points Plugin


Looking to boost customer loyalty and increase sales in your WooCommerce store? Research shows that offering rewards is one of the most effective marketing strategies. That’s where the Yith WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin comes in.

With this plugin, you can instantly reward your customers with points for every purchase they make in your store. These points can then be accumulated and used as a discount on future purchases. It’s a win-win situation that keeps customers coming back for more.


The Yith WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin offers a range of features to enhance the loyalty program in your store. Here are some of the key features:

  • Easy setup: Quickly set the number of points customers earn for each purchase directly from the backend.
  • Admin control: Access all the information about your users and the points they have collected. You can also edit the points if needed.
  • User visibility: Display the earned points to users on their personal My Account page.
  • Seamless checkout experience: Allow customers to redeem their points at the checkout, providing them with instant gratification.
  • Customization options: Set the conversion rate to determine how many points customers can collect for each purchase.

Premium features

In addition to the basic features, the premium version of the plugin offers even more benefits, including:

  • Points expiration: Assign expiration dates to the collected points, creating a sense of urgency for customers to use them.
  • Order cancellations: Remove points when an order is cancelled, ensuring fairness and accuracy in the rewards system.
  • Extra points: Assign additional points under specific conditions to encourage specific behaviors or purchases.
  • CSV import/export: Easily import or export points data using CSV files for convenient management.
  • Free shipping: Enable free shipping using the points earned, providing an extra incentive for customers to redeem their rewards.
  • Compatibility: The plugin integrates seamlessly with other popular WooCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce Currency Switcher, WPML, and more.
  • Customization freedom: Customize the points assignment based on specific conditions, allowing for a tailored loyalty program.
  • Personalized communication: Edit labels and messages throughout the customer journey, including emails sent to users when their points are updated.
  • Point history: Use a shortcode to display the point history, giving customers a transparent view of their accumulated rewards.
  • Reset points history: Reset the points history for all users if needed, starting fresh with the loyalty program.
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Installation and Working

Getting started with the Yith WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin is simple:

  1. Install the plugin from the WordPress dashboard and activate it.

  2. Navigate to the Yith Points and Rewards section.

  3. In the Settings tab, enable Points and Rewards, and set up any desired point reset options.

  4. Use the Point Settings tab to assign points for each product purchased and configure point removal when coupons are used.
    Point Settings

  5. Set up the Reward Conversion Rate and enable Points Redemption in the Point Settings page. Don’t forget to save your changes.
    Reward Settings

  6. Customize labels and messages on the Labels Settings and Messages tabs to provide a personalized experience.

  7. View and manage customer points on the Customer Points page.
    Customer Points

  8. Experience the seamless integration on your website. Your customers will see the messages and have the option to redeem their accumulated points for discounts during the checkout process.
    Redeem Points
    Redeem Points

In the Mobile App

The Yith WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin also seamlessly integrates with the Appmaker Mobile App. Customers using the app will have access to the same rewards system, with the ability to view and redeem points during the checkout process.

App Redeem Points


The Yith WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin has rapidly gained popularity among WooCommerce store owners worldwide. With over 22,510 satisfied customers and a high rating of 4.5/5, this plugin is the ultimate solution for building customer loyalty and increasing sales. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage your customers and reward them for their loyalty. Install the Yith WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin now and watch your sales soar.

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