Test Your Webex Camera for Seamless Video Conferencing

In today’s digital era, Webex Meetings has become the go-to platform for smooth collaboration and powerful video conferencing. Have you ever encountered a webcam malfunction during an important online meeting? Perhaps your video was blurry, choppy, or frozen. Maybe your face appeared too dark, too bright, or out of focus. It could even be that your Webex camera simply wasn’t working at all.

Whether you’re preparing for a game-changing business meeting or catching up with loved ones, ensuring your camera delivers top-notch performance is crucial. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this article. We’ll walk you through simple yet powerful steps to test your Webex camera effectively.

How to Join a Test Meeting in Webex?

The simplest way to test your camera for Webex meetings is to join a test meeting. A test meeting is a genuine Webex meeting that allows you to try out various features and settings of the platform. Here’s how you can test your camera for Webex meetings:

Step 1: Go to the ProgramMatek website.

Step 2: Enter your name and email address, and then click on the “Join” button.

Click to join the test Webex meeting

Step 3: If you already have the desktop application installed, click “Open Webex” to launch it. If you don’t have the application installed, click “Join from your browser” to directly join the meeting using your web browser.

Click to open Webex in the browser

Step 4: Under “Audio Connection,” select “Computer audio.” Then, under “Speaker and microphone,” click the “Test” button on the right.

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Test your Speaker and Microphone

Step 5: Select the appropriate “Speaker” and “Test” it, adjusting the “Output level” and “Volume.”

Step 6: Select the appropriate “Microphone” and “Test” it, adjusting the “Input level” and “Volume.”

Step 7: Explore advanced settings under “Webex smart audio,” such as “Noise removal,” “Optimize for my voice,” “Optimize for all voices,” and “Music mode.”

Select advanced settings under Webex smart audio

Step 8: Choose the right “Camera” and customize it further by adding a virtual background or blurring the background.

Select the right Camera

Step 9: Once you’ve finished adjusting the settings and running tests, click “Join meeting” in the bottom right corner.

Click to join the meeting

Step 10: In the new pop-up window that appears, click “OK” to start the meeting.

Click OK to start the meeting

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How to Test Your Webex Camera During a Live Meeting?

There may be instances where you need to test your Webex camera while already in a live meeting. For example, you might want to verify if your camera is functioning correctly, adjust video settings, or switch to a different camera device. Luckily, Webex offers a built-in feature that makes this process easy and quick. Follow these steps to use the Webex test camera feature during a live meeting:

Step 1: While in a live meeting, click on “More Options” (three dots) located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Click More Options

Step 2: Select the appropriate “Ringers and alerts” and adjust the “Volume” accordingly. Click “Test” to start the test and “Stop” to end it.

Test Ringers and alerts

Step 3: To check if your “Speaker” is working properly, select “Test.” Adjust the “Volume” as needed and stop the test.

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Test Speaker

Step 4: Test the “Microphone” by speaking a phrase and then recording and playing it back.

Test Microphone

Step 5: You can also switch to a different camera device by clicking on “Settings > Video > Camera.”

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Trying Out a Different Option: Use FineShare FineCam as a Webex Webcam

If you’re unsatisfied with your built-in camera or want to explore alternative options for video communication, consider using FineShare FineCam as a Webex webcam. FineCam is an AI virtual camera software that turns your smartphone into a webcam for your computer. It seamlessly integrates with Webex and other video conferencing platforms, offering unique advantages over a standard webcam, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness and space-saving: FineCam eliminates the need for a separate webcam, saving you money and space.
  • Higher resolution and quality: FineCam provides up to 4K video quality, delivering clear and sharp video.
  • Flexibility and mobility: With FineCam, you can use your iPhone as a wireless webcam, allowing you to adjust angles and positions as needed.
  • Fun and creativity: FineCam offers features like background blur, removal, and customization, with access to millions of creative backgrounds.
  • Content sharing: Share your iPhone screen, app windows, videos, web pages, presentations, and photos during meetings for effective communication.
  • Filters and effects: Choose from various filters and effects to enhance your videos, including Instagram-like filters, old film effects, and more.
  • High-quality video recorder: FineCam enables high-quality MP4 recordings of Webex meetings. Use the segment recording feature to record multiple videos seamlessly.
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Ready to upgrade your video quality and experience? Download FineCam today and unleash your creativity!


Testing your Webex camera before and during meetings is a simple yet effective method to ensure high-quality video communication. By following the methods described in this article, you can prevent technical issues or glitches that may impact your video quality or appearance.