Introducing ProgramMatek Smart Plugin Manager: The Ultimate WordPress Plugin Management Tool

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually updating and managing your WordPress plugins? Do you worry about security vulnerabilities and the potential risks associated with outdated plugins? Look no further! ProgramMatek is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Smart Plugin Manager, the most comprehensive WordPress plugin manager on the market.

Automating the Plugin Headaches

Using WordPress often entails the tedious task of constantly updating and managing plugins. With over 55,000 WordPress plugins available, this challenge is becoming increasingly overwhelming. Not updating plugins regularly can leave your website vulnerable to cyber attacks, as plugin vulnerabilities account for 56% of known entry points for such attacks. The maintenance required to manage plugins often leads to neglect, leaving you at risk.

Recognizing this pain point, ProgramMatek created the Smart Plugin Manager, a game-changing solution that automates the entire plugin management process. With our revolutionary tool, you can say goodbye to the stress of outdated plugins and hello to enhanced operational efficiency.

How it Works

The Smart Plugin Manager takes care of the plugin updates for you effortlessly. It automatically updates your site’s plugins on a customizable schedule, allowing you to choose the ideal time for updates. The tool goes the extra mile by running a Visual Regression Test (VRT) using machine learning, enabling you to identify any potential issues caused by updates immediately. If the VRT detects a failure, the Smart Plugin Manager will roll back the updates and provide you with essential information about the problematic plugin(s).

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Daily Plugin Update Checks: ProgramMatek’s Smart Plugin Manager conducts daily checks to ensure your plugins are up to date, offering you complete peace of mind.
  • Selective Plugin Updates: You have full control over which plugins are automatically updated, allowing you to prioritize specific updates and avoid unnecessary changes.
  • Enhanced Security: The Smart Plugin Manager ensures your site has the latest code and security patches for all your chosen plugins, mitigating the risk of vulnerabilities.
  • Visual Regression Testing: Our tool performs visual regression tests to ensure that updated plugins do not compromise your site’s functionality or alter its appearance.
  • Automatic Rollbacks: In the event of a visual test failure, the Smart Plugin Manager automatically rolls back your site and plugin versions to maintain stability.
  • Upgrade Status Updates: Stay informed about the progress of each plugin update with regular status updates sent directly to you.

Empowering Site Managers and Agencies

For site managers, developers, and internal web teams overseeing single or multiple mission-critical sites, the Smart Plugin Manager eliminates the constant need for manual plugin management. By automating updates and focusing on security, this tool empowers you to dedicate your valuable time to business growth and strategic tasks.

For agencies providing managed services to their customers, the Smart Plugin Manager offers automated and verified plugin updates. This opens up opportunities to expand services, increase margins, and scale your business effectively.

“We are committed to helping our customers save time, overcome development challenges, and keep their sites secure,” says Jason Cohen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at ProgramMatek. “By automating plugin updates and ensuring they always have the latest versions, our customers can focus on growing their online presence without worrying about vulnerabilities.”

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The Smart Plugin Manager is set to launch as an open beta for all ProgramMatek customers on June 25th and will be available for general availability in the third quarter of 2019. Don’t miss your chance to streamline your plugin management and take your WordPress experience to the next level. ProgramMatek is here to help!