Introducing the Advanced Sermons Plugin for WordPress

A New Era in Sermon Management

Now presenting Advanced Sermons 3.0! Say hello to a sleek and modern sermon plugin that seamlessly integrates with any WordPress theme. With its user-friendly interface, adding video and audio sermons to your website has never been easier.

Witness the Power of Advanced Sermons

Would you like a sneak peek of Advanced Sermons in action before making the leap? Explore our demo website, where you can experience all of its incredible features!

Multiple Sermon Layouts to Fit Your Style

Choose from two stunning design options to showcase your sermons. Whether you prefer a grid view or a compact list view, Advanced Sermons has got you covered. Customize these layouts effortlessly using the built-in design modules, ensuring a perfect match with your church’s branding.

Unleash Your Creativity with 80+ Built-in Design Modules

Your brand identity matters, and Advanced Sermons understands that. That’s why we’ve equipped this plugin with over 80 design modules, putting the power of customization at your fingertips. No coding skills required! Any team member can now effortlessly style and brand your sermons.

Developer-Friendly for Ultimate Customization

If you’re a developer seeking complete control over your sermons, we’ve got you covered too. Dive into the plethora of hooks available in Advanced Sermons to further customize and enhance your experience. From adding custom metabox fields to expanding filter options and creating new sections on the single sermon template, the possibilities are endless. Need a custom feature? Our expert developers are always here to assist you.

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The Free Version Comes with Amazing Features

  • Video & Audio Sermons: Upload your media via WordPress or import from popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. The Pro version provides Embed and Facebook Live functionality.
  • Beautiful Grid View: The default layout in Advanced Sermons, the grid view, presents your sermons in a clean and elegant design that seamlessly integrates with any WordPress theme.
  • Filter By Keyword, Series, Speakers, Topics & Books: Effortlessly filter your sermons with our user-friendly filter bar. Choose your favorite series, speakers, topics, or books with ease.
  • Campus & Service Type Addons: Want to incorporate a campus or service type filtering functionality into your church’s website? No problem! Download and install our free addons.
  • Drag And Drop Ordering: Our intuitive drag and drop feature allows you to effortlessly arrange your sermon taxonomies, like series, speakers, topics, and books.
  • Multiple Pagination Types: Customize your sermon archive by selecting from three pagination types: Numeric, Load More, and Infinity Scroll.
  • Attach Files & Media: Supplement your sermons with attached media and other files for users to download and utilize at their convenience.
  • 80+ Built-in Design Modules: Seamlessly control the appearance of your sermons without the need for coding expertise.
  • General Settings: Modify the function, style, and appearance of your sermons through our comprehensive and user-friendly settings pages.
  • Track View Counts: Gain insights into your congregation’s interests by tracking sermon view counts.
  • Superior SEO: Experience faster loading times and improved SEO with optimized image sizes and alt text integration.
  • Easy To Use & Manage: Designed to empower every staff member, volunteer, or pastor, Advanced Sermons ensures easy sermon and series addition and editing.
  • Compatible with any Theme: We’ve put in the effort to ensure Advanced Sermons is compatible with almost all WordPress themes on the market.
  • Developer Friendly: Customize Advanced Sermons to your heart’s content using the extensive hooks and customization options available.
  • Podcasting: Seamlessly connect your sermons to your favorite podcasting platforms through PowerPress integration.
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Elevate Your Sermons to Pro-Level with Advanced Features

Upgrade to the Pro version to unlock an array of powerful features:

  • Video Embeds: Enjoy the flexibility of embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other popular hosting services.
  • Facebook Videos: Seamlessly incorporate Facebook and Facebook Live videos into your sermons, perfect for churches looking to broadcast live sermons while adhering to COVID-19 regulations.
  • Shortcodes & Widgets: Utilize our full-featured shortcode system to precisely display the content you desire, wherever you desire.
  • Sermon Carousels: With the enhanced sermon shortcode, present your sermons in a stunning carousel format anywhere on your website.
  • Archive Shortcode: By using the new sermon archive shortcode, display the sermon archive template on any WordPress theme.
  • List View Layout: Opt for the compact list view layout, catering to churches with minimal sermon images or a preference for a more condensed display. View Example.
  • Default Series Image: Automatically default sermon images to series images when no specific sermon image is applied.
  • Series & Speaker Details: Enhance your archive page by showcasing series and speaker images, titles, descriptions, and links above your sermons.
  • Scriptures: Seamlessly add multiple passages to your sermons, with various translations and the option to link automatically to
  • Bible Version and Translation: Customize the version and translation of your bible passages.
  • Language Settings: Tailor Advanced Sermons’ default text to your preference. For example, replace “Bible Passage” with “Scripture.”
  • Custom Labels: Personalize the verbiage for terms such as Sermons, Speakers, and Topics to suit your specific needs.
  • Sermon Bulletins: Attach sermon bulletins to your sermons, enabling users to download and utilize them at their convenience.
  • Customize Filter Bar: Take full control of the archive filter bar, displaying only the elements that are relevant to your website.
  • Search Sermons: Fully integrated with WordPress’s native search features, Advanced Sermons ensures that your visitors can easily find the sermons they’re looking for.
  • Social Sharing: Enable your visitors to share their favorite sermons with a single click, spreading the word effortlessly.
  • Related Sermons: Display related sermons from a series at the bottom of each sermon’s single page.
  • Navigation: Enhance user experience with a navigation section embedded in the single sermon template, complete with “previous” and “next” buttons for easy sermon navigation.
  • Sermon Sidebars: Complement your sermon’s single page with a beautiful sidebar, customizable using any WordPress widget.
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Learn more about the incredible features available with Advanced Sermons Pro here.

Discover the Power of Advanced Sermons Today!

Thank you for choosing Advanced Sermons! We appreciate your support and strive to provide you with the best experience possible. If you have any suggestions for new features or any other feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or suggestions.