ProgramMatek: The Ultimate Solution for Launching Your Freelance Marketplace

The freelance labor market has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade and is expected to continue expanding in the years to come. As more and more people embrace remote work, many are leaving traditional office jobs to pursue freelance careers. In response to this trend, numerous freelance platforms have emerged, offering opportunities for both freelancers and platform creators.

If you’re considering creating your own freelance platform, one of the easiest ways to do so is by using WordPress. With WordPress, you can build a fully functioning website in just a few hours, even if you have a limited budget. However, to create a successful service marketplace, you’ll need a well-coded WordPress theme specifically designed for freelance marketplaces. That’s where ProgramMatek comes in.

The Most Popular Freelance Marketplace WordPress Themes

ProgramMatek is proud to offer a detailed overview of the most popular freelance marketplace WordPress themes available. These themes are specifically designed to help you launch service platforms similar to Upwork or Freelancer. Let’s dive in and explore the top themes in the market.

TaskHive: The All-in-One Solution for Your Freelance Marketplace

TaskHive, a modern freelance marketplace WordPress theme.

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We’ll start with TaskHive, a modern freelance marketplace WordPress theme that serves as an all-in-one solution for building websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer using WordPress. TaskHive boasts a sleek and modern design without any unnecessary or redundant elements. It offers a wide range of functionality to meet your platform’s needs.

Some notable features of TaskHive include:

  • Front-end Listing Submission: Allow anyone to register on your platform and list their services
  • Pricing Tiers & Price Extras: Enable freelancers to add different pricing tiers and extra services, just like on Fiverr
  • Requests: Empower clients to create custom requests with detailed descriptions and desired budgets
  • Offers & Bids: Enable freelancers to make offers and bid on requests
  • Rating & Reviews System: Allow customers to leave reviews and rate freelancers
  • Messages: Enable users to communicate and send attachments to each other
  • Payouts: Set up manual, direct, or automatic payouts to freelancers

Keep in mind that TaskHive offers complete flexibility in terms of customization. You can create your own custom fields for listings, freelancer profiles, and requests, as well as custom search filters. Additionally, the theme is compatible with Gutenberg, the native WordPress page builder, which provides you with incredible flexibility in designing your website.

Making money with TaskHive is a breeze, thanks to its built-in monetization options. You can take a commission from every successful deal, charge freelancers for listing their services, or mark certain services as featured for better visibility and an additional fee.

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Please note that TaskHive is fully integrated with HivePress, a free multipurpose directory plugin that powers TaskHive’s marketplace functionality, and WooCommerce, which offers a wide range of payment gateways worldwide. These integrations provide all the necessary features for launching a freelance marketplace.

If you prefer to start with pre-made layouts, you can easily import the TaskHive demo content and get your freelance marketplace up and running in just a few clicks.

TaskHive Extensibility

TaskHive is designed to be highly extensible. Currently, there are 15+ free and premium add-ons available for TaskHive. These add-ons provide additional functionality to enhance your freelance marketplace. Some notable extensions include:

  • Tags: Allow users to set listing tags
  • Memberships: Charge users for viewing listings or accessing certain listing details
  • Social Login: Enable users to sign in via third-party platforms like Facebook or Google
  • Statistics: Provide freelancers with stats on daily, weekly, and monthly listing views and visits
  • Favorites: Allow users to bookmark services
  • Geolocation: Enable location-based search filters

All the extensions are easily accessible in the WordPress dashboard and can be installed with just a few clicks.

TaskHive Pricing and Support

TaskHive is available for $89 per license, which includes premium support for 6 months and unlimited updates. If you wish to purchase any of the add-ons, prices range from $29 to $39 per single add-on.

TaskHive offers top-notch support from its developers for a duration of 6 months. If you encounter any issues during the setup process or while using the theme, you can visit the community forum or contact the theme developers via email. Additionally, there is a knowledge base, video tutorials, and a collection of CSS and PHP code snippets available for your reference.

ExpertHive: The Perfect Choice for On-Demand Service Marketplaces

ExpertHive, a modern freelance marketplace WordPress theme.

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Next on our list is ExpertHive, a modern freelance marketplace WordPress theme tailored for building on-demand service marketplaces akin to Thumbtack and TaskRabbit. ExpertHive offers all the essential marketplace features, including front-end listing submission, user dashboards, requests, payouts, commissions, and more.

ExpertHive seamlessly integrates with the HivePress plugin, ensuring smooth operation and compatibility. The open-source nature of the theme guarantees flexibility and the ability to retain your data even if you choose to switch themes.

With ExpertHive, customization is a breeze. The theme doesn’t have hardcoded fields or categories, allowing you to create a service marketplace for any niche. You can create custom fields and search filters tailored to your platform. Thanks to full compatibility with the Gutenberg page builder, you can easily design your marketplace pages using layout blocks.

It’s important to note that ExpertHive has a more vendor-oriented style compared to TaskHive, which is designed for websites like Fiverr or Upwork with an emphasis on fixed-price services.

ExpertHive Extensibility

ExpertHive can be enhanced with 15+ different add-ons to further extend its functionality. These add-ons, available in the WordPress dashboard, offer various features, including location-based search, social login, statistics, bookings, and more. You can find the complete list of available add-ons on the official website.

ExpertHive Pricing and Support

ExpertHive can be purchased for $89, which includes 6 months of premium support and unlimited updates. If you’re interested in add-ons, prices range from $29 to $39 per single-site license.

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Support for ExpertHive is provided directly by the developers. The theme comes with extensive documentation for self-setup. In case you encounter any issues, you can create a topic on the community forum or contact the support team via email.

FreelanceEngine: The Perfect Fit for Your Upwork-Like Platform

FreelanceEngine service marketplace WordPress theme.

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FreelanceEngine is a dedicated freelance marketplace WordPress theme designed specifically for building service platforms similar to Upwork. It offers all the essential features you need to launch your own freelance website, including front-end job posting, project submission, bidding system, review system, and on-site notifications.

Monetization options with FreelanceEngine are plentiful. You can set up commissions on your website, charge freelancers for listing their services, or even charge clients for featuring their listings. The theme supports multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout, ensuring seamless payment processing on your freelance marketplace.

FreelanceEngine Extensibility

FreelanceEngine is designed to be extensible, and you can enhance its functionality with a range of available add-ons. Premium extensions include payment gateways for different regions, membership subscriptions, project milestones, and more. It’s important to note that some basic features, such as “Private Messages,” are also available as premium extensions.

FreelanceEngine Pricing and Support

FreelanceEngine offers different membership plans to suit your needs. The Basic plan is priced at $89 and includes the theme itself. The Plus plan, priced at $159, includes three premium extensions, while the Pro plan, priced at $299, includes all available add-ons.

All plans come with basic child themes, 12 months of updates, and premium support. To receive future updates after the initial period expires, you’ll need to continue your subscription.

FreelanceEngine support is available for 12 months from the date of purchase. Extensive knowledge base documentation is available on the official website. If you encounter any issues, you can create support tickets or access the community forum.

Exertio: Your Premium Choice for a Freelance Marketplace

Exertio, a premium freelance marketplace WP theme.

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Exertio is a premium freelance marketplace WordPress theme designed to launch service marketplaces similar to Upwork. It includes essential features for peer-to-peer platforms like user dashboards, freelancer ratings, service add-ons, and milestone creation.

Exertio integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, ensuring that users can choose from a wide range of payment gateways. The theme supports two commonly used monetization models for freelance service marketplaces: commissions and paid listings.

When it comes to customization, Exertio offers five pre-made demos that you can import with ease. However, if you prefer to start from scratch, you’ll be pleased to know that Exertio is fully compatible with the Elementor page builder, which allows you to design your site using the intuitive drag-and-drop feature.

Exertio Extensibility

Exertio does not currently offer any official add-ons. However, the theme is already packed with various useful features for launching a fully functional freelance platform.

Exertio Pricing and Support

Exertio is available on ThemeForest for $79 per standard license. This includes customer support for 6 months and free lifetime updates. Support can be extended to 12 months for an additional fee.

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Support for Exertio is provided directly by the developers. Detailed documentation is available on the website, and a support ticket system is available for any issues that may arise.

Workreap: Your Path to Launching an Upwork-Like Marketplace

Workreap, an Upwork-like WordPress theme.

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Workreap is a premium freelance marketplace WordPress theme that simplifies the creation of a freelance platform where service providers can offer their skills online. The theme offers a wide range of essential features, including service selling, project bidding, real-time chat, reviews, and statistics.

Workreap offers several ways to monetize your marketplace. You can charge flat fees for listing services, take a commission on each transaction, and even display ads for additional revenue. The theme seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing for smooth payment processing.

In terms of customization, Workreap is fully compatible with popular page builders like Divi, Elementor, and WPBakery. You can leverage pre-built templates or create a unique look and feel for your freelance marketplace using layout blocks.

Workreap Extensibility

Workreap offers a variety of premium extensions to further enhance your marketplace’s functionality. These extensions include project disputes, live chat, project milestones, and more.

Workreap Pricing and Support

Workreap is available on ThemeForest. The theme can be purchased for $89, which includes 12 months of updates and premium support. Support is available via support tickets and provides assistance for all theme-related issues.

Create Your Freelance Marketplace with ProgramMatek

ProgramMatek is your go-to solution for launching a successful freelance marketplace. With a wide range of themes designed specifically for freelance marketplaces, you can find the perfect fit for your platform. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one solution like TaskHive or a more customizable option like ExpertHive, ProgramMatek has you covered.

Remember, when choosing a theme for your freelance marketplace, consider factors such as functionality, customization options, and support. With ProgramMatek, you can rest assured knowing that you have access to top-notch themes and premium support to help you along your journey.

To learn more about ProgramMatek and explore the various freelance marketplace WordPress themes available, visit ProgramMatek.

Start your freelance marketplace journey today with ProgramMatek and build your dream platform with ease!

Key Takeaways


  • Price: $89
  • Extensibility: 15+ add-ons available
  • Extensions Included: No
  • Support Included: 6 months


  • Price: $89
  • Extensibility: 15+ add-ons available
  • Extensions Included: No
  • Support Included: 6 months


  • Price: Varies based on membership plan
  • Extensibility: 10+ premium extensions available
  • Extensions Included: Basic extensions included based on plan
  • Support Included: 12 months


  • Price: $79
  • Extensibility: No official add-ons available
  • Extensions Included: No
  • Support Included: 6 months


  • Price: $89
  • Extensibility: Premium extensions available
  • Extensions Included: No
  • Support Included: 12 months


  • Price: $59
  • Extensibility: No official add-ons available
  • Extensions Included: No
  • Support Included: 6 months


  • Price: $89/year or $239 lifetime access
  • Extensibility: 25+ premium extensions available
  • Extensions Included: No
  • Support Included: 12 months


  • Price: $79
  • Extensibility: No official add-ons available
  • Extensions Included: No
  • Support Included: 6 months

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of these top freelance marketplace WordPress themes, you can make an informed decision based on your specific requirements. Choose the theme that suits your needs best and start building your freelance platform today!

If you’re interested in exploring more options for micro-jobs or service finder WordPress themes, be sure to check out our other articles.

That wraps up our overview of the best freelance marketplace WordPress themes. We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you towards the perfect theme for your freelance platform. Remember, ProgramMatek is here to help you succeed. Good luck on your freelance marketplace journey!