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digital signage journey easier

Experts and amateurs alike have utilized WordPress as a website builder, blog platform, and content management system (CMS). However, the introduction of WordPress into the world of digital signs and advertising is a fresh concept. Not many have considered using it as a CMS platform for signage systems.

The Power of WordPress for Digital Signage

You can catch a glimpse of the free version of the WordPress theme for digital signage on GitHub. It offers custom widgets and icons, which can be easily tailored to meet your specific needs.

Pocket-friendly and User-friendly

WordPress significantly reduces the cost of entrepreneurship, cutting it to less than half. Acting as a combined CMS and site builder, it allows you to upload media and text, and optimize them for outdoor viewing. As the world of digital signage software evolves, WordPress keeps strengthening its backend UI to enhance security. This continuous improvement is advantageous for advertisers seeking reliable options in out-of-home advertising platforms.

Traditional Hosting with Modern Customization

This version of WordPress offers traditional hosting options, making it useful for creating two-way interactive ads. Opting for private hosting ensures not only faster performance but also improved security compared to public hosting. Cloud hosting mechanisms allow easy access to update on-screen display components. Yale University Art Gallery, as well as many schools, colleges, and small businesses across the US, currently utilize the free version of this platform. Although customization may require some additional time and effort, a premium version of the theme is available on GitHub.

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Updating Content on the Go

If you already have a WordPress website and want an easy way to optimize data for digital signage, the new WordPress plugin for digital signage called Digitalsignagepress Lite can fulfill your needs in under 10 minutes. With this plugin, you can connect your website to Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, enabling you to update your display sign with content such as calendar events, time, and weather information. This is ideal for parties looking to engage a wider audience with purchasing power. Interactive digital signage empowers companies to create unforgettable customer experiences, fostering customer loyalty, boosting brand value, and measuring preference.

The new DigitalSignagePress Lite features:

  • On-screen management
  • Font variations in size, color, and style
  • Digital signage dashboard
  • Multiple layout templates
  • Picture slideshows and carousels
  • Automatic live updates for displays
  • WordPress digital signage theme

Many digital signage plugins tend to complicate matters, but plugins like DigitalSignagePress Lite allow you to create signage content effortlessly using a drag-and-drop interface. You can incorporate text, videos, YouTube content, images, and logos to create a comprehensive presentation or source for your display.

Creating the Perfect Content for Your Digital Display

How is WordPress making the digital signage journey easier?

Having a robust platform is the first step; the next is to create content without wasting resources. Let’s explore some guidelines:

Ideal Composition

Follow popular layout formations like the Z-Layout, Rule of Thirds, or the Golden Ratio. Emphasize the main message by making it bold and large, while using smaller fonts for subsidiary points. Maintain an adequate font size, ensuring readability from a distance. Consistency in hierarchy helps people grasp the main message at a glance.

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Effective Use of Negative Space

Negative space can be turned into a positive when displaying ads. Utilize white space to make your main information stand out. Avoid cluttering the screen with excessive text that may overshadow important headlines.

Choosing Fonts Wisely

For a minimal and casual narrowcasting approach, opt for San Serif fonts, while Serif fonts are commonly used in print ads and newspapers. Since displays generally have a lower DPI, San Serif gives a more modern feel.

Incorporating Images

Similar to textbooks, an ad overloaded with text fails to attract attention. Enhance your content with relevant images. Maintain synchronization between the text and images using one of the recommended ratios. Ensure that background pictures do not obstruct the readability of your text.

Colors and Contrast

Select complementary colors that make your text bright and visible from a long distance against your chosen background. Consider the display device while choosing colors; commercial grade screens usually have higher color contrast ratios. Tools like Adobe Color CC can assist you in finding complementing and contrasting colors.


Did you know that animated content tends to attract five times more viewers compared to conventional images and text? People of all ages love animation. You don’t need Pixar-grade animation to captivate viewers; simply ensure that it aligns with your target audience’s taste. If you plan to integrate your WordPress platform with a two-way interface, make sure your options are straightforward and that users can easily understand the message throughout the process.

Creating captivating digital displays for your company might have seemed daunting in the past. However, with the introduction of WordPress, a versatile CMS platform, and accompanying plugins, most businesses can now manage their own out-of-home advertising efficiently and effectively.

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