WordPress Certification: Fact or Fiction?

The Truth About WordPress Certifications

Is there such a thing as a WordPress certification? Can you become a certified WordPress developer? The short answer is no. Unfortunately, there is no official WordPress developer certification. In fact, claiming to be certified in WordPress on your resume or during a job interview may do you more harm than good. Savvy interviewers can easily identify such certifications as bogus.

Fact or Fake?

Anybody can sell you a phony WordPress certification

Got a printer? Great! That’s all you need to become a “certified” WordPress developer. Anyone can print a certificate and sell it to you as a WordPress certification, without any requirement to pass a legitimate WordPress developer certification exam. There is no official governing body monitoring the process or ensuring the credibility of any WordPress certifications.

The real deal vs. worthless certifications

While it’s possible to obtain certifications for various technology products, that’s because their creators have established standards and testing protocols. As the developers of these products, they are the most qualified to assess competence.

A prime example of a valuable certification is the Quickbooks certification provided by Intuit, the creators of Quickbooks. The certification process involves training classes and materials from authorized instructors, followed by an exam administered by an independent testing center. This type of certification holds weight because it’s recognized as legitimate.

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However, with WordPress, there is currently no official governing body responsible for training and assessing competency. Even the WordPress Foundation, the nonprofit organization behind the free WordPress software, does not endorse any WordPress certifications.

Invest in professional WordPress development courses

While official certifications may not exist, investing in WordPress training from expert professionals can greatly enhance your skills and knowledge. It’s a valuable investment if you aim to improve your WordPress proficiency or become a professional website developer.

By learning from WordPress experts, you gain the confidence to effectively manage your business and website. With comprehensive training in WordPress website development, SEO, business consulting, marketing, and management, you can take your business to the next level.

One-on-One Training for Optimal Results

At Emily Journey, we offer one-on-one WordPress training that allows you to save time and money. With the guidance of a professional, you can make real-time adjustments to your website and develop a solid digital strategy. Additionally, you’ll gain SEO knowledge to attract and retain more customers to your website.

Team Training for Enhanced Collaboration

For business owners, IT departments, administrative staff, and marketing teams, we provide in-person team WordPress training. Before the training, we’ll discuss your business goals and equip you with the necessary resources. Our expert instructors will empower your team to efficiently run, manage, and update your company website.

Choose the Right Path: Expert Guidance

Avoid falling into the trap of shady organizations that promise more than they deliver. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and work with reputable WordPress consultants. Find a mentor who can guide you towards WordPress expertise and help you navigate this sometimes complicated platform. When considering prospective instructors, I recommend having a conversation with them over the phone to ensure a good fit.

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While an official WordPress certification may not be available, you can still acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a proficient website developer. Whether you’re seeking to learn website development or enhance your website maintenance skills, ProgramMatek is here to help you gain confidence with this powerful platform.