Expanding Your Business with eBay and Amazon: A Profitable Move

It’s natural to focus your efforts solely on your WooCommerce store. After all, you get to maintain control, connect with loyal customers, and steer clear of additional fees and third-party platforms. But here’s the thing – you’re missing out on a world of opportunities!

By utilizing marketplaces like eBay and Amazon alongside your WooCommerce store, you can tap into new audiences, expand your reach, and create an additional stream of revenue. Not only that, but these marketplaces also offer a range of useful tools, especially beneficial for new store owners.

Why eBay and Amazon Should Be Part of Your Strategy

1. Reach a Built-In Audience

Building an online audience takes time and effort, particularly if you’re just starting. It requires marketing, content development, and establishing a reputation. However, by leveraging platforms like Amazon or eBay that already have a ready-made audience, you can jumpstart your customer base and start generating revenue right away.

What kind of audience are we talking about? Well, over 40% of Americans make a purchase on Amazon at least once a month, and more shoppers begin their online shopping journeys on Amazon than anywhere else. Additionally, eBay sees over 250 million searches each day. So, by using these platforms, you can easily reach a larger audience than starting from scratch with a brand new website. Furthermore, the people searching on eBay and Amazon are actively looking for what you have to offer, making them more likely to convert into paying customers compared to cold leads from advertising.

But why should you encourage customers to buy from platforms that charge fees instead of your WooCommerce store? The truth is, these platforms attract distinct customer bases that may not overlap with your website’s audience. According to CNBC, 57% of Amazon users primarily make their purchases on the platform. So, it’s crucial to have a presence on eBay and Amazon to reach and retain these potential customers.

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2. Unlock an Additional Stream of Income

Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” stresses the significance of creating multiple income streams to increase overall revenue and minimize risk. In fact, it can be quicker to establish many smaller income streams rather than relying solely on one large source.

Having additional income can serve various purposes, such as paying off business debts, saving for major purchases (equipment or a new facility), investing in more inventory for wholesale orders, or even hiring new employees. Keep in mind, though, that your profit margins on eBay and Amazon may be lower due to seller fees.

3. Harness Powerful Tools

Both eBay and Amazon provide a range of tools that can immensely benefit new businesses:

  • Shipping Calculators: These tools assist in setting the correct shipping rates by allowing you to input the weight and dimensions of your products. They then compare shipping rates across different carriers and methods.
  • Price Recommendations: Determining the right pricing for your products can sometimes be challenging. eBay offers pricing recommendations based on recently sold items similar to yours. You can even delve into more data by searching sold items and filtering based on condition, model number, and more.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): FBA enables you to store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, which then handles packing and shipping. This saves you time and effort, while also making your items eligible for Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping.
  • Shipping Discounts: eBay has negotiated shipping rates with major carriers, allowing you to save up to 25% when shipping through their platform. You can also print discounted labels for your packages.
  • Advertising Opportunities: While you can quickly connect your WooCommerce store with platforms like Google Ads and Facebook, advertising on eBay and Amazon offers unique advantages. eBay Promoted Listings help your products stand out among competitors, and you only pay if your item sells. Amazon allows you to promote your products, brand, or store, with payment per click.
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4. Enjoy Seller Protection

Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon have seller protection policies in place to assist you with issues like unfair claims and unpaid items.

On eBay, if a customer fails to pay for an item, you can file an Unpaid Item Case, and eBay will refund the fees you paid and allow you to relist the item. Additionally, eBay offers various settings for added protection, such as requiring immediate payment via PayPal or only allowing buyers with no history of unpaid item cases to purchase your products.

As for Amazon, customers must provide a valid reason to file a claim, such as a misrepresented item condition, late or non-delivery, or a damaged product. Amazon also removes reviews with inappropriate language, personally identifiable information, or those that focus on the platform itself rather than your product or company. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) further protects sellers by taking responsibility for shipping and handling, including reimbursing you for any errors on their end.

Nevertheless, it’s important to stay vigilant against scammers who may attempt to exploit these marketplaces. Learning how to identify warning signs and handle difficult customer situations is crucial.

5. Leverage Customers’ Price Checking Habits

Nowadays, many customers begin their product search on Amazon rather than Google, with approximately 55% of them heading straight to Amazon. Even if customers ultimately make their purchases on your website, they often compare prices on Amazon first.

A CNBC study revealed that around 90% of customers check Amazon’s selection and pricing before making a purchase. This is primarily due to Amazon’s excellent search and filtering capabilities. If your product isn’t listed on Amazon, customers may decide not to buy from you or even choose a competitor’s offering found on Amazon.

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6. Instant Customer Trust

Gaining initial customer trust can be challenging, particularly for new businesses or those without strong brand recognition or a localized presence. Customers need to feel comfortable entrusting you with their personal information and money, which takes time to establish.

However, eBay and Amazon already enjoy widespread recognition and trust among potential customers. Many people already have accounts on these platforms, making the checkout process fast and easy. Moreover, customers appreciate the sense of security that comes with knowing eBay and Amazon have their backs.

How to Get Started with eBay and Amazon

Integrating your online store with eBay and Amazon is a breeze with ProgramMatek’s Amazon and eBay Integration for WooCommerce. Not only is the setup process straightforward, but this free extension also offers the following benefits:

  • Lists all your WooCommerce store products on Amazon and eBay within minutes.
  • Creates new listings on Amazon and eBay individually or in bulk.
  • Links existing Amazon and eBay products to corresponding items on your WooCommerce store.
  • Sets pricing rules, fulfillment rules, and product details for Amazon and eBay listings based on your existing WooCommerce products.
  • Syncs inventory, orders, pricing, and product details in real-time.

Simply install the extension, select the Amazon and eBay marketplaces you wish to use, and follow our Setup Wizard’s steps. With just one click, you can bulk list all your existing products on Amazon and eBay!

Think of eBay and Amazon as powerful tools that can help you expand beyond your WooCommerce store. While it’s true that you’ll earn more profit and have greater control on your own platform, these marketplaces provide an excellent way to find new customers, establish your reputation, and eventually build a loyal base of repeat purchasers!

Begin your journey today with a free 30-day trial of our Amazon and eBay for WooCommerce integration. Visit ProgramMatek to learn more.