ProgramMatek: A Comprehensive Guide to Setting up the Woocommerce UPS Extension

Are you looking for a reliable shipping method for your WooCommerce store? Look no further than the Woocommerce UPS Extension! In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up this extension, step by step. With UPS Shipping Method, you can easily get accurate shipping rates from the UPS API for both domestic and international parcels.

Download and Install the Extension

To get started, download the Woocommerce UPS Extension from your WooCommerce dashboard. Once downloaded, go to “Plugins > Add New > Upload” and select the ZIP file you just downloaded. Click “Install Now” and then “Activate” the extension.

Create an Application on UPS Developer Website

To integrate UPS shipping capabilities into your business, you need to create an application on the UPS Developer website. Simply go to and click “Create an Application.” If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to sign up or log in. After logging in, click “Create an Application” again.


In the application modal, select “I want to integrate UPS shipping capabilities to my business” and choose the UPS account you want to associate with the app. Fill out the contact details and click “Next.”

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Next, enter a name for your app (e.g., UPS Shipping Method for WooCommerce). Search for and add the “Authorization (OAuth)” and “Rating” products, then click “Save.” Copy the “Client ID” and “Client Secret” keys, as they will be required in the next step.


Configure the Extension in WooCommerce

In your WooCommerce store admin area, go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > UPS” and input the following settings:

  • UPS API type: REST
  • UPS Account Number: Sent to you after signup
  • UPS Client ID: Displayed on the UPS website in step 9
  • UPS Client Secret: Displayed on the UPS website in step 9

Make sure to also set the “Customer Classification” and “Debug Mode” according to your preferences. Click “Save changes” to apply the settings.

Obtain your UPS API Credentials

To create a UPS account and obtain your UPS API credentials, sign up at the UPS Developer Kit. After signing in, select “Manage Access Keys” in the Access and Administration section, then click “Request New Access Key.”


Fill out the form fields, indicating that you need an access key for WooCommerce. Enter “WooCommerce” as the Software/Vendor Name. Complete the rest of the form and submit it.

Complete the Configuration

In your WooCommerce store admin area, go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > UPS” and fill out the following fields:

  • UPS API type: XML (legacy)
  • UPS Account Number: Sent to you after signup
  • UPS User ID: Set by you during signup
  • UPS Password: Set by you during signup
  • UPS Access Key: Sent to you after signup
  • Customer Classification: Determines what rates are returned
  • Debug Mode: Enable/disable debug mode for debugging information on your cart/checkout
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Click “Save changes” to save your settings and proceed to the configuration section below.

Configure the Shipping Method

Go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping” and select the Shipping Zone you want to add the UPS method to. Press the “+ Add shipping method” button on the right, select “UPS” from the dropdown, and click “Add shipping method.”

Configure the settings within the Method & Origin Settings and Services and Packaging sections. Set the method title, origin city, origin postcode, and origin country. Choose additional services and packaging options according to your requirements.

Edit UPS shipping method

You can also set up custom boxes for packing your products. Define the dimensions of the boxes in the Custom Boxes section.

Box Packer Method for Accurate Quotes

To ensure accurate shipping quotes, we recommend using the box packer method. Add a new product and scroll down to Product Data > Shipping to enter the product dimensions. The extension will calculate the shipping estimate based on the weight and dimensions of the products added to the cart.

Additional Configuration Options

In the Advanced Options section, you can specify the origin address, indicate deliveries as residential or commercial addresses, request insurance coverage, set a fallback amount for shipping, and choose the weight/dimension units.

Handling Fees and Price Adjustments

You can add handling fees to shipping calculations using the Price Adjustment columns in the Services section. The Price Adjustment ($) column allows you to add a flat amount to the shipping quote, while the Price Adjustment (%) column increases the quote by a percentage.

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Customer Quotes and Checkout Options

Customers can get shipping quotes from the shipping calculator on the cart page and the shipping and billing forms during checkout.

Available UPS Services

The UPS Shipping extension supports various domestic and international shipping services provided by UPS. Some of the services include:

  • Domestic: 3-Day Select, Ground, 2nd Day Air, Next Day Air
  • International: Standard, Worldwide Express, Worldwide Expedited

Multiple UPS Methods and Currency Considerations

You can set up multiple UPS methods in the same zone with different origin addresses. The appropriate rates will be returned for each method.

UPS will use the currency enabled on your account. If your site uses a different currency, the rates may not be returned. To convert rates to the correct currency, consider using the Multi Currency extension.

Troubleshooting and Support

If you encounter any issues, here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow:

  • Check your API credentials and ensure they are correct.
  • Enable development mode or turn on WP_DEBUG to see debugging information on the cart page.
  • Make sure your products have sizes and weights set for accurate calculations.

If you need further assistance, reach out to a Happiness Engineer via the Help Desk.

We hope this guide helps you set up the Woocommerce UPS Extension for your online store. Enjoy the benefits of accurate shipping rates and a seamless customer experience. Get started with ProgramMatek today!