Boost Your Business with Custom WooCommerce Subscription Reminder Emails

Are you searching for a way to enhance your customers’ experience with WooCommerce subscription reminder emails in WordPress? It’s important to keep your subscribers informed about their renewal dates to avoid confusion and surprise charges. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a personalized WooCommerce reminder email in WordPress, ensuring smoother recurring payments and happier customers.

How to create a WooCommerce subscription reminder email in WordPress

Why Create a WooCommerce Subscription Reminder Email in WordPress?

Subscriptions are a fantastic way to generate consistent revenue for your business, whether you sell physical products like subscription boxes or digital items such as online memberships and courses through WooCommerce. By utilizing the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, you can efficiently sell subscriptions. To get started, follow our step-by-step guide on how to add subscriptions to WooCommerce.

Once you have set up WooCommerce Subscriptions, it’s beneficial to create subscription reminder emails. These automated emails notify customers in advance that their subscriptions are about to renew. By doing so, you provide them with an opportunity to update their payment details, contact information, or make any necessary changes before their subscription automatically renews. This proactive approach helps you avoid administrative headaches, refund requests, and customer complaints.

Another advantage of sending reminder emails is that they offer your customers the option to cancel their subscription if they no longer wish to continue. While maximizing your subscribers is ideal, tricking customers into renewing their subscriptions can result in negative reviews or complaints. To maintain a positive relationship with your customers, it’s important to give them the freedom to manage their subscriptions.

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Now, let’s dive into how you can create subscription reminder emails in WordPress using the powerful combination of the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension and FunnelKit.

How to Create a WooCommerce Subscription Reminder Email in WordPress

The easiest and most effective way to create a subscription reminder email is by utilizing FunnelKit Automations. FunnelKit Automations is a top-of-the-line marketing automation tool specifically designed for WooCommerce websites. It enables you to effortlessly set up various automated emails, including abandoned cart recovery, lead nurturing, post-purchase education, next order coupons, subscription reminders, and more.

Step 1: Set Up FunnelKit Automations

To get started, install and activate the FunnelKit Automations Pro plugin. You will also need the free FunnelKit Automations plugin, as the premium plugin builds upon it to provide advanced features. After activation, access FunnelKit Automations » Settings and enter the license into the ‘FunnelKit Automations Pro’ field. Retrieve your license information from the FunnelKit website, then click ‘Activate.’

Now you’re ready to implement a variety of WooCommerce automations designed to boost your sales.

Step 2: Create a FunnelKit Email Reminder Automation

To create a subscription reminder email, navigate to FunnelKit Automations » Automations (Next-Gen) and click on the ‘Add New Automation’ button. Here, you’ll find pre-built email campaigns for WooCommerce, including abandoned cart sales recovery and online course promotions. To create a WooCommerce subscription reminder, select ‘Start From Scratch.’

Give your automation a name for easy reference, then click ‘Create.’ This will launch FunnelKit’s user-friendly email automation builder, ready for you to craft your WooCommerce workflow.

To begin, click on ‘Select Trigger.’ Choose the appropriate action that will trigger the automated workflow in WordPress. Under the ‘WooCommerce’ tab, select ‘Subscriptions Before Renewal.’

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Define when the reminder email should be sent, and consider creating follow-up emails as well. For instance, you might send an email five days before the subscription renewal, followed by another reminder on the day before. Input the desired number of days before renewal in the corresponding field.

It’s crucial to consider the timing of your emails. Sending reminders at times when subscribers are most likely to be online and receptive to messages increases the chances of them engaging. By using Google Analytics in WordPress, you can gather valuable insights about your subscribers’ behavior, including their time zones and when they’re most active.

Once you’ve set up the trigger, click ‘Save.’

Step 3: Design the WooCommerce Subscription Reminder Email

Now, it’s time to create the email that will be sent to your subscribers. Click the ‘+’ button and select ‘Action.’ From the popup, choose ‘Send Email’ and click ‘Done.’

Compose an engaging subject and preview text, utilizing merge tags to personalize the content. Merge tags allow you to dynamically insert relevant information, grabbing your subscriber’s attention. For example, consider incorporating the subscriber’s name into the subject line or the renewal date into the body of the email.

To add a merge tag, click the ‘{{.}}’ icon next to the desired field. This opens a popup displaying all available merge tags. Simply click ‘Copy’ to insert the desired tag into the email.

Compose the body text by typing directly into the editor. You can also add dynamic tags by selecting ‘Merge Tags’ and following the same process described earlier. The text editor offers standard formatting options, enabling you to add links, change font sizes, and more.

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Preview your email by clicking the ‘Show Preview’ button. Once you’re satisfied with the content, click ‘Save & Close.’

Step 4: Create Follow-up Emails

Consider adding one or more follow-up emails to your campaign. Typically, you’ll want to include a delay between each email. To achieve this, click the ‘+’ icon and select ‘Delay.’ Set the desired duration and determine when the email will be sent by checking ‘Delay until a specific time of day.’

Create additional follow-up emails by following the same process outlined above. Repeat these steps for as many emails as you’d like to include in your automation sequence.

When you’re ready to activate the automation, switch the ‘Inactive’ slider to ‘Active.’ This will enable FunnelKit to send automated subscription reminder emails for your online store.

By diligently monitoring and fine-tuning your custom WooCommerce emails, you’ll be able to improve open rates and conversion rates, resulting in increased sales. For additional guidance, check out our guide on creating a WooCommerce popup to boost sales, or explore our hand-picked selection of the best WooCommerce plugins for your store.

And that’s it! You’re now equipped with the knowledge to create custom WooCommerce subscription reminder emails that will elevate your business. If you found this article helpful, please consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel for more WordPress video tutorials. You can also stay updated by following us on Twitter and Facebook.