Manage Your WooCommerce Stock Easily with ProgramMatek

Sync WooCommerce Products with Google Sheets for Effortless Inventory Management

Are you tired of manually updating your WooCommerce store stock? Editing each product’s stock individually on the WooCommerce dashboard can be dull and time-consuming, affecting your productivity. Thankfully, there’s a better way. With the help of the ProgramMatek stock manager plugin, managing your WooCommerce stock becomes a breeze. Keep your Google Sheets and store inventory in sync effortlessly. Discover the power of the #1 WooCommerce inventory manager in WordPress.

Simplify Inventory Management with Stock Sync for WooCommerce

Stock Sync for WooCommerce with Google Sheets is the ultimate inventory management system that offers two-directional sync with Google Sheets. Whether you own an eCommerce business or a WooCommerce store, keeping track of your inventory is crucial. Why waste time repeatedly accessing your site dashboard for each product when you can easily manage your product stock and data from a Google Sheet?

With the stock manager plugin, you have the freedom to edit almost everything from your linked spreadsheet, and the changes will be automatically updated on your main eCommerce site. This smart inventory management system ensures that your customers are always up to date with the latest stock information. Say goodbye to manual stock updates and embrace the efficiency of the best WooCommerce bulk edit plugin on the market.

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Key Features of Stock Sync for WooCommerce with Google Sheets

  • Two-directional auto-sync: The stock sync plugin automatically syncs product stock and other information in a two-directional manner. Whether you update your Google Sheet or the site dashboard, the changes will be instantly reflected. WooCommerce stock management has never been easier.

  • Update almost everything: Easily update all your stock data from the connected Google Sheet, including product names, details, pricing, on-sale updates, product type, stock status, and more. Take your WooCommerce bulk edit capabilities to the next level with this powerful inventory manager.

  • Export products: Get all your store product details in one organized place with the stock manager plugin. Activate and configure the plugin to access a gorgeous and pre-formatted spreadsheet that enhances your convenience.

  • Variable product sync: Say goodbye to confusion when managing variable products. The stock manager plugin provides dedicated rows for variable products, allowing you to manage their stock effortlessly. Whether your variable product is simple, variable, or a group, you can handle it all in one place.

  • 1-click manual sync from WooCommerce: Need to sync your WooCommerce products manually? With a single click of the manual sync button, you can ensure that your stock information is up to date. This feature comes in handy when you’ve made unwanted changes on the spreadsheet.

  • Manual sync from Google Sheets: While every change on the Google Sheet reflects instantly on WordPress, the plugin offers two additional options on the spreadsheet: “Fetch from WooCommerce” and “Sync on WooCommerce.” Use these buttons when auto-sync doesn’t happen correctly due to server issues.

  • Product removal restriction: To avoid potential mistakes, you cannot remove products directly from the connected Google Sheet. Manual removal from the dashboard ensures accurate inventory management.

  • Freeze Google Sheet Header: Upon activating the plugin and completing the setup wizard, your Google Sheet will automatically be formatted. This includes freezing the spreadsheet header for easy reference. You can remove it from Google Sheets by going to View > Freeze > No rows.

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Unlock the Full Potential with the ULTIMATE Version

Upgrade to the ULTIMATE version of the stock manager plugin to enjoy even more incredible features. With the ULTIMATE version, you can:

  • Sync unlimited products: Enjoy the flexibility of syncing an unlimited number of products with Google Sheets. The free version allows up to 20 product syncs, while the ULTIMATE version has no limitations.

  • Add new products from Google Sheet: Take stock management to the next level by adding new products directly from the connected spreadsheet. The new products will be automatically added to your site dashboard.

  • Display and edit short descriptions: Easily view and edit product descriptions within Google Sheets. Any changes you make will be automatically synced with your WooCommerce store.

  • WooCommerce custom fields sync: Extend the functionality of your WooCommerce store by syncing custom fields or metadata. Edit your custom field data from Google Sheets and keep them in sync with your store effortlessly.

  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) sync: Keep track of your inventory efficiently by updating your WooCommerce product SKUs directly from Google Sheets.

  • Display total sales count: Make informed decisions by accessing the total sales column within Google Sheets. Your WooCommerce stock management has never been this easy.

  • Display product category: Enable this feature to view and manage product categories directly on the connected spreadsheet.

ProgramMatek’s Stock Sync for WooCommerce with Google Sheets is loved by WordPress professionals. Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of this inventory management system today.

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Your Privacy Matters

At ProgramMatek, we prioritize your privacy. We want to assure you that the Stock Sync with Google Sheet for WooCommerce plugin adheres to strict privacy policies. Our plugin utilizes the Appsero SDK to collect telemetry data, helping us troubleshoot any issues and improve our product.

By default, the Appsero SDK does not gather any data. Only after your explicit confirmation via the admin notice does it start gathering basic telemetry data. Rest assured, we collect this data solely to enhance your user experience.

Want to learn more about how Appsero collects and utilizes data? Click here.

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Ready to take your WooCommerce stock management to the next level? Try Stock Sync for WooCommerce with Google Sheets and streamline your inventory process with ease.