The Ultimate Plugin for Digital Signatures in WooCommerce


Are you tired of manually collecting signatures from your WooCommerce customers? Look no further than the Digital Signature for WooCommerce plugin by ProgramMatek. With this powerful tool, you can automatically gather signatures every time someone makes a purchase on your online store, without lifting a finger.

Streamline Your Signature Collection Process

Once a customer signs using this plugin, both you and the customer will receive a PDF of the signed contract automatically. No need to redirect them to an external website or go through complicated registration processes. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that you have a legally compliant signature on file, protecting both you and your customer according to UETA/ESIGN guidelines.

Features and Benefits

  • Transform your WooCommerce store into a court-recognized document signing application.
  • Perfect for automating the collection of signatures on various agreements and forms.
  • Ensure your customers sign a legally binding agreement before downloading your products.
  • Say goodbye to unreliable “I agree to terms” checkboxes and opt for a more secure option.
  • Turn a single page of your WordPress website into a secure document and electronic signature application.
  • Customize the signing process to meet your specific needs, all without monthly fees.
  • Built using WordPress best practices for efficiency, robustness, and ease of use.
  • Recognized in court and compliant with UETA and ESIGN standards.
  • Prioritizes security through encryption and the option of SSL for enhanced protection.
  • Gain valuable insights with detailed audit trails, reporting, and signer history.
  • Automate and customize your document signing process with a comprehensive marketplace of add-ons.
  • Compatible with any WordPress website, including default themes.
  • No need for expensive third-party services or account creation.
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Tailor the Experience to Your Business

Whether you run a wedding photography business, a membership-based website, or a small web design agency, WP E-Signature has you covered. With its customizable workflows, you can make the signing process unique to your business. And with tablet and smartphone compatibility, clients can conveniently sign documents using their preferred device.

A Cost-Effective Solution

WP E-Signature is the easiest and most affordable way to sign documents online using your WordPress website. No monthly fees, full control over your data, and built exclusively for WordPress. Say goodbye to expensive third-party services and hello to a seamless signing experience.

Need Support?

For world-class support and prompt assistance, please visit our website at ProgramMatek. We prioritize providing the best help possible and do not offer support on the forum. If you have any non-support related questions, feel free to ask using our contact form page.

Ready to protect your business? Download our free ebook, “7 Ways to Protect Your Company from Contracts That Aren’t Binding.”

Additional Information

For enhanced functionality, use the following shortcode: [esig-woo-order-details] to easily attach your customers’ order details to a document. Additionally, the plugin offers various PDF features and workflows, such as automated signature collection, PDF downloads, Dropbox syncing, and email attachments.

Rest assured, all documents are encrypted and stored securely on your WordPress website. Learn more about the WP E-Signature document security here.

Please note that a valid WP E-Signature license is required for the WooCommerce Digital Signature plugin to work seamlessly. Purchase yours now on ProgramMatek and enjoy the benefits of no monthly fees, UETA and ESIGN compliance, and a money-back guarantee.

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With the WooCommerce Digital Signature plugin from ProgramMatek, you can revolutionize your signature collection process. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to a secure, automated, and legally binding solution. Install the plugin now and unleash the full potential of your WooCommerce store.

Installation complete! Start collecting signatures effortlessly today.