Woocommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses

Convenience for your customers should be a top priority for any eCommerce retailer. With the Woocommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses feature, you can provide a seamless shopping experience by allowing customers to ship individual items to different addresses from one order. This is especially useful during the holidays when customers are shopping for gifts for multiple people.

Setting Up Multiple Shipping Addresses

To set up the multiple shipping addresses feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Configure the plugin: Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Multiple Shipping to set up the extension. Here, you can customize settings such as the title displayed at checkout, enable cart duplication for shipping the same items to multiple addresses, add delivery notes for each address, set character limits for delivery notes, enable a date picker for desired delivery dates, choose valid shipping days, and exclude specific delivery dates.

  2. Enable gift packages: You can also enable the option for customers to choose that the products sent to each address are a gift. This feature is useful when customers don’t want an invoice included in the shipment to keep the gift cost hidden.

  3. Customize the checkout process: Tailor the prompts and buttons displayed to customers during checkout. You can customize the checkout notification text and the button text for item addresses.

  4. Send email notifications: Optionally, you can enable email notifications to be sent to customers when the order has been partially completed. Customize the email subject and message to create a personalized experience for your customers.

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Adding and Managing Shipping Addresses

Customers can easily add and manage shipping addresses in two ways:

  1. Shipping Addresses page: Customers can access the Shipping Addresses page, which is automatically created as a child page under the checkout page. Here, they can set up and save multiple shipping addresses. Any page set here should use the [woocommerce_select_multiple_addresses] shortcode.

  2. My Account > Addresses: Customers can also save new shipping addresses and manage existing ones through the My Account section. They can edit their default billing and shipping addresses, add new addresses, and import default information from billing or shipping fields.

Customizing Templates for Multiple Shipping Addresses

If you want to override or update templates for Shipping to Multiple Addresses, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new multi-shipping directory inside your active theme’s root directory.

  2. Copy the template files from plugins/woocommerce-shipping-multiple-addresses/templates and paste them into the new multi-shipping directory you created in your theme directory.

  3. Edit these files as you would any template file. The plugin will automatically use the template files from the multi-shipping directory you created by default.

What Customers See on the Order Confirmation

After completing the checkout process, customers will receive an order confirmation that includes a breakdown of the order shipping to multiple addresses. The order receipt will show the products and quantities shipped to each address.

Taxes will be collected according to the tax rules set in WooCommerce. The order details will display the taxes applied to each destination address.

Compatibility with Other Plugins

Please note the following compatibility information:

  • The Ship to Multiple Addresses plugin is not compatible with the Stamps.com API integration plugins or the ShipStation integration plugins at this time.

  • The Ship to Multiple Addresses plugin is not compatible with the TaxJar plugin at this time. If multiple addresses are used for shipping, TaxJar will not calculate the tax, or if a single address is used, TaxJar will return the tax.

  • The Ship to Multiple Addresses plugin is compatible with version 3.6.1 and above.

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Have Questions or Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or need assistance with the Woocommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses feature, you can reach out to our friendly support team. ProgramMatek is committed to providing you with top-notch service and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Contact us via the Help Desk, and our Happiness Engineers will be happy to assist you.

Don’t miss out on the convenience of Woocommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses. Download the app today and start providing an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.