Woocommerce Grouped Products


ProgramMatek offers a powerful solution called WPC Grouped Product for WooCommerce that allows you to combine different products into a unified group, creating a new product type. Whether it’s simple products, variable products, or variations, you can effortlessly create grouped products and set predefined quantities for each item. This plugin not only enhances cross-selling and revenue for your WooCommerce online shop but also provides suggestions for related items, giving your customers a seamless shopping experience.

But that’s not all! WPC Grouped Product also enables you to offer zero or low-price gifts, giveaways, or free services as part of your product offerings. The possibilities are truly endless with this innovative plugin.


  • Easy search and addition of simple, variable products, or specific variations
  • Intuitive drag and drop functionality for rearranging items
  • Customizable price formats at both system and product levels
  • Optional links to individual products
  • Enable or disable the addition of zero-priced main products to the cart
  • Editable text above or below the item list
  • Ability to set varied predefined quantities for items
  • Various custom positions for the grouped product list
  • Compatibility with WPC Variations Radio Buttons for a visually appealing interface
  • Integration with WPC Smart Quick View for quick customer attention
  • Editable “Add to Cart” labels on archive and single product pages
  • Option to show or hide product details such as price, description, and thumbnail
  • Advanced search settings including ID, SKU, exact phrase, and search limit
  • Allow a product to be added multiple times
  • Ability to change the main product’s image and price based on variation selection
  • Compatibility with other WPC plugins, most WooCommerce addons, and WordPress themes
  • Premium version offers unlimited addition of products to the grouped product
  • Prompt customer support and free lifetime updates for premium users
  • Customization service available for free to match your site’s design
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The Power of Product Grouping for WooCommerce Stores

A grouped product is a unique product type that consists of individual items grouped together without any promotion or discount methods. To offer discounts on grouped products, users usually resort to creating coupons or vouchers for customers to use during checkout. However, with WPC Grouped Products, you can easily create and manage grouped products without the need for extensive documentation.

While WooCommerce only allows the creation of grouped products from simple products by default, WPC Grouped Product takes it a step further by allowing the inclusion of variable products and specific variations. This exciting feature makes our plugin a must-try for professional site builders and store owners alike.

Items within a grouped product list can have common attributes or themes, such as being best sellers, new arrivals, or part of a favorite series. Each item is treated individually, giving customers the freedom to adjust the quantity based on their preferences. Grouped items are optional, allowing buyers to choose which items to include in their purchase. Essentially, a grouped product serves as a suggestion for buyers to consider purchasing multiple items at once.

Practical Uses of WPC Grouped Products

Here are some common scenarios where you can leverage the full potential of WPC Grouped Product:

  1. Manage different versions or choices of a product as separate simple products, simplifying stock management.
  2. Group related products together, like textbooks and workbooks for grade 1 subjects.
  3. Include products in multiple categories to offer buyers more choices, such as a CD belonging to categories like “Best-sellers,” “Great Hits of the 90s,” and “Best Songs of Michael Jackson.”
  4. Predefined quantities serve as suggestions for buyers, but they are not obligatory.
  5. Offer low-priced or free products as incentives to encourage customers to make a purchase.
  6. Introduce low-priced grouped products for products that come with warranties, support, or maintenance services.
  7. Set up “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” deals or “Force Sells” combinations to boost sales and encourage customers to buy more.
  8. Provide free gifts or giveaways along with a purchase to make the deal more appealing.
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Zero Price Main Product

With WPC Grouped Product, you can offer a main product at zero price, creating attractive deals for your customers. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to make a purchase when they perceive they are saving money or receiving additional benefits. By offering the main product for free, you can capture their attention and increase the likelihood of making a sale.

Furthermore, WPC Grouped Product seamlessly integrates with other plugins such as WPC Frequently Bought Together or WPC Force Sells. When configuring the plugin, simply enable the option to include the main product, and it will be added to the cart alongside the Bought Together or Force Sell items.

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