Displaying Featured Products in WooCommerce

Looking for a simple way to showcase your top WooCommerce products on your website? With the featured product category, you can easily highlight your most important items, improving the user experience and increasing sales. In this article, we will explore three methods to add featured products to your WooCommerce store.

How to Set a Featured Product in WooCommerce

Before you can display featured products on your website, you need to designate certain products as “Featured” in your WooCommerce settings. To do this, go to your WordPress admin area and navigate to “Products » All Products”. From there, you can edit an existing product or create a new one.

Once you’re in the product editor, find the “Publish” panel on the right-hand side. Click on “Edit” next to the “Catalog Visibility” heading. Check the box that says “This is a featured product” and save your changes. Repeat this process for any other products you want to feature.

Alternatively, you can quickly set a product as featured by clicking the star icon next to each product.

How to Show Featured Products in WooCommerce

There are several ways to display featured products on your WooCommerce site. Let’s explore three methods: using SeedProd, utilizing the built-in Featured Products widget, and using a shortcode.

Method 1: Display WooCommerce Featured Products with SeedProd

SeedProd is a powerful WordPress website builder that allows you to create custom website themes, online stores, and high-converting landing pages. With SeedProd, you can easily display multiple featured products per page in WooCommerce.

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To get started, install and activate the SeedProd plugin on your WooCommerce website. You will need the SeedProd Elite plan to access its WooCommerce features. Once activated, go to “SeedProd » Settings” and enter your SeedProd license key.

Next, create a new WooCommerce theme using SeedProd’s prebuilt theme templates or by building individual theme parts. Customize your theme using SeedProd’s page builder and add the WooCommerce Featured Products block to your Shop page template. Adjust the settings to match your preferences and save your changes.

Finally, publish your custom WooCommerce theme by enabling the SeedProd Theme in the “SeedProd » Theme Builder” section. Your featured products will now be displayed on your website according to your design.

Method 2: Use the WooCommerce Featured Products Widget

Another option is to use WooCommerce’s built-in Featured Products widget. This method allows you to add featured products to pages, posts, or your website’s sidebar. While it offers fewer customization options, it provides a simple solution for showcasing your most important products.

To use this method, create or edit a page and add a new block. Search for the “WooCommerce Featured Products” block and choose a product to display. Customize the description, price, overlay, and other settings as desired. You can also drag each product into a column block for an attractive layout. Save your changes and preview the page to see your featured products.

To display featured products in your WooCommerce sidebar, go to “Appearance » Widgets” and add the Featured Products widget to any sidebar area.

Method 3: Using WooCommerce Featured Products Shortcode

If you prefer using the classic WordPress editor or want to integrate featured products within your theme, you can use the WooCommerce Featured Products shortcode. Edit or create a new page and paste the following shortcode into the editor: [featured_products]. Customize the shortcode to display products differently, such as specifying the number of products and columns.

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Play around with the shortcode until you achieve the desired layout for your featured products. While customization options are limited, this method offers a straightforward way to showcase your top products.

In conclusion, displaying featured products in WooCommerce is essential for enhancing your online store’s visibility and boosting sales. Whether you choose to use SeedProd, the Featured Products widget, or the shortcode method, these approaches will help you showcase your best products. For more helpful content on growing your business, follow ProgramMatek on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.