Woocommerce Event Management


ProgramMatek introduces Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce, an exceptional event management solution available in the WordPress directory. With its seamless integration with WooCommerce, it enables users to accept payments through popular payment gateways. This versatile plugin is compatible with all WordPress versions and can be tailored to suit any type of event.

Free Version Plugin Features

The free version of our plugin offers an array of essential features:

  • Support for all payment methods available in WooCommerce
  • Cross-browser support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.)
  • Responsive and SEO-friendly design
  • Multilingual translation support
  • Customizable event shortcodes to display events on any web page
  • Event name and description
  • Comprehensive event ticket management (type, quantity, prices, category, and organizer)
  • Additional services with customizable prices and quantity management
  • Easy integration of Google Maps to showcase event venues
  • Flexible options for event start date, end date, and multi-date and time events
  • One-click event reset functionality
  • Attendee registration viewable in WooCommerce order details
  • Multiple event templates for individual event customization
  • Compatible with any standards-compliant WordPress theme
  • Separate sales of products and events, ensuring no mixing with WooCommerce products

You can experience the live pro version demo for business events on our ProgramMatek website.

Pro Version Plugin Features

The pro version of our plugin provides additional advanced features to enhance your event management experience:

  • Downloadable PDF tickets for event attendees
  • Custom registration forms for event attendees
  • Automatic email confirmation messages and PDF ticket mailing
  • Exportable attendee lists in CSV format
  • Purchase the Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce Pro here.
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Other Available Addons

To further expand the capabilities of our plugin, we offer various addons:

  • QR Code Addon: Generates PDF event tickets with printed QR codes for attendee check-in
  • Backend Order Addon: Enables event booking directly from the WordPress dashboard
  • Coupon Code Addon: Includes event coupon code features
  • Event Duplicator Addon: Allows duplication of events for reusability
  • Event Calendar Pro Addon: Enhances event calendar display with captivating images
  • User Registration Form Position Addon: Provides flexibility in displaying the attendee registration form on the event details page or checkout page
  • Waitlist Addon: Automatically activates when event ticket quantity is finished, allowing subscribers to join the waitlist
  • Related Events Addon: Select and display related events on the event details page
  • Find more details about these addons on our ProgramMatek website.

Shortcodes included with Woocommerce Events Manager

Our plugin offers various shortcodes to customize the display of event lists:

  • [event-list cat='']: Show event lists for a specific category by using the category ID.
  • [event-list org='']: Display a list of events for a specific organization using the organizer’s ID.
  • [event-list style='grid']: Display events in a grid style.
  • [event-list style='list']: Display events in a list style.
  • [event-list style='minimal']: Display events in a minimal style with pagination.
  • [event-list style='native']: Display events in a native style with pagination.
  • [event-list style='timeline' timeline-mode='vertical']: Display events in a vertical timeline style.
  • [event-list style='timeline' timeline-mode='horizontal']: Display events in a horizontal timeline style.
  • [event-list style='title']: Display events with title only.
  • [event-list style='grid' pagination='carousal' carousal-dots='yes' carousal-nav='yes' column=3]: Display events in a grid style with pagination and carousal functionality.
  • [event-list cat-filter='yes']: Show events with a category filter option.
  • [event-list org-filter='yes']: Show events with an organizer filter option.
  • [event-list show='10']: Limit the number of events shown to a specific number.
  • [event-list pagination='yes']: Display pagination with the event list.
  • [event-list style='grid' city='Dhaka' column=3 show=8]: Filter events by city and display them in a grid style.
  • [event-list style='grid' country='India' column=3 show=8]: Filter events by country and display them in a grid style.
  • [event-list sort='ASC/DESC']: Sort the event list by event start date and time in ascending or descending order.
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Explore the diverse customization options available with our shortcodes!

Event Calendar ShortCode

You can add an event calendar to your website using the following shortcode: [event-calendar].

Event Add To Cart Section ShortCode

Display a list of tickets and extra services with the Event Add To Cart Section shortcode. This allows visitors to easily access the necessary information for event planning. Here’s an example of how to use the shortcode: [event-add-cart-section event=EventID]. Feel free to view the PRO Version Demo to see this functionality in action.

Event City List ShortCode

The City List shortcode enables you to display a list of cities where events are taking place. Use this shortcode to enhance the ease of navigation for events in different cities. Example shortcode: [event-city-list].

Event Speaker List ShortCode

Our shortcode simplifies the process of displaying a list of speakers for any event on any post or page. Just use the following shortcode: [event-speaker-list event=EventID]. Check out our demo to see this in action.

Some Other Great Addons Available

In addition to our core features, we offer several other excellent addons:

  • Recurring Event Addon: Sell tickets for recurring events with time selection options.
  • Event QR Code Addon: Print QR codes on PDF tickets for seamless ticket validation.
  • Event Calendar Addon: Enhance event calendar display with images and detailed information.
  • Advanced Coupon Code Addon: Boost event ticket sales with advanced coupon code creation.
  • Event Waitlist Addon: Add a waitlist form to your event page and notify users when seats become available.
  • Event Book an Event From Dashboard Addon: Sell tickets directly from the WordPress admin panel.
  • Event User Registration Form Position Addon: Choose where to display the event attendee registration form.
  • Event Duplicator Addon: Easily duplicate any event for reuse.
  • Related Event Addon: Select and display related events on the event details page.
  • Event Membership Pricing Addon: Set different member prices depending on the user role and membership type.
  • Event Max-Min Quantity Limiting Addon: Create events with limited ticket quantities.
  • Event Global Qty Addon: Manage a common ticket quantity for all ticket types.
  • Event Review and Rating Addon: Enable event review and rating functionality for user feedback.
  • Event Seat Plan Addon: Sell tickets with different seat plans and customizable prices.
  • Frontend Event Submit Addon: Allow event managers and ticket sellers to submit events from their WooCommerce accounts.
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We have full confidence in the compatibility of our plugin with any theme. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please reach out to our support team at support@mage-people.com. We are dedicated to providing excellent support and ensuring a great user experience. Thank you for choosing ProgramMatek!

How to Install & Create Event using Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce

Follow our step-by-step guide to easily install our plugin and create an event in just 10 minutes. You can find the detailed instructions here.

Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce Pro Addons Setup and Functionality

Discover the full functionality and setup process of our pro addons for Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce. Get the most out of our plugin and enhance your event management experience. Learn more here.

How to Configure Event Manager Attendee Registration Form

Learn how to configure the attendee registration form in Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce. Customize the registration process to suit your event’s requirements. Contact our support team if you need any assistance.

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In addition to Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce, ProgramMatek offers a range of other innovative products and plugins. Check them out below:

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Explore Our Themes

Consider exploring our Event Theme for a seamless event management experience.

Privacy Policy

At ProgramMatek, we prioritize user privacy. Our Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce uses the Appsero SDK for telemetry data collection. This data is collected only with user confirmation and helps us improve our product. The Appsero SDK does not collect any data by default. Learn more about how we collect and use data in our comprehensive privacy policy.

Remember, ProgramMatek is dedicated to providing top-notch event management solutions, and we appreciate your support in choosing our plugin!