Customize Your Woocommerce Invoices with ProgramMatek

Make a Lasting Impression

Creating a unique invoice template is essential for leaving a lasting impression on your customers. With WebToffee’s PDF Invoice and Packing Slip plugin for Woocommerce, you can effortlessly generate custom invoices for your store. This free plugin allows you to customize invoice templates to your preference, ensuring that they align with your brand identity.

Tailor-Made Invoices for Your Business

In order to make your invoices stand out, it’s crucial to have editorial control over your document templates. Unlike default invoice generation capabilities, Woocommerce requires the use of plugins. WebToffee’s PDF Invoice for Woocommerce is a reliable freemium plugin that offers a wide range of customization options.

Get Started with the Plugin

The first step is to install and activate the document generation plugin. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the free and premium versions. While the free version provides several customization options, the premium version takes it to the next level with advanced features and total control.

Follow our installation guide to get started with the free version of the plugin. If you opt for the premium version, make sure to check out the installation guide specifically tailored for premium versions.

Unleash Your Creativity

Woocommerce offers various options for creating a custom invoice. To begin customizing the layout, navigate to the “Invoice/Packing” section and select “Invoice” followed by “Customize.” This section presents both customization choices and a wide range of pre-built layouts to choose from.

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By clicking on the properties from the right-hand side, you can easily customize elements such as the font size, style, color, and other attributes. For those who enjoy coding, there’s even an HTML editor option available.

Customizing Addresses

The plugin offers three address customization options: From Address, Billing Address, and Shipping Address. You can tailor these sections to your requirements by adjusting the size, background color, typography, as well as including additional details like the name, address line, city, postcode, country, contact information, and company tax ID.

Perfect Your Product Table

The product table is where you can display crucial information such as product SKU, name, quantity, and total price. Customize the font size, text alignment, and color to match your brand aesthetic. The table includes both the product table and the summary table, allowing you to include elements such as SKUs and tax items if needed.

Adding the Finishing Touches

No invoice is complete without a signature. With the plugin, you have two options: Image Signature or Manual Signature. You can upload your digital signature and adjust the size accordingly, or create a signature space for manual signing. The choice is yours!

Preview and Finalize

Before activating your customized layout, take advantage of the preview feature. Generate a sample PDF invoice for a recent order and ensure that everything looks perfect. Once you’re satisfied, your unique invoice is ready to go.


Having invoices customized with your own details, such as your company logo and addresses, gives you a competitive edge as a store owner. With WebToffee’s PDF Invoice for Woocommerce and its intuitive features, you can effortlessly create invoices that truly represent your brand.

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