The Best WooCommerce Product Comparison Plugins

If you’re running an eCommerce business on WordPress, having a reliable WooCommerce product comparison plugin is essential. These plugins allow your potential customers to compare and contrast products, making it easier for them to find the perfect fit. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 8 WooCommerce plugins for product comparison.

Why Use a Product Comparison Plugin?

Product comparison plugins enable customers to compare products of the same category side by side using detailed comparison tables. With these plugins, you can provide a seamless shopping experience and help your customers make informed decisions.

ShopEngine for WooCommerce

ShopEngine Features Products Compare Module Along with Variation Swatches, Quick View, and Product Wishlist

Let’s start with ShopEngine for WooCommerce. This plugin is not solely for product comparison but rather a complete WooCommerce page builder with over 50 widgets and 4 modules. The product comparison module is just one of its many features.

With ShopEngine, you can enjoy variation swatches, quick view, and product wishlist functionalities. These tools, combined with the product comparison module, allow you to create stunning WooCommerce pages using just one plugin.

Key features of ShopEngine’s product comparison module include:

  1. Easy addition of products to the comparison list.
  2. Ability to remove products from the list.
  3. Side-by-side comparison of attributes.
  4. Toggle function to enable or disable the product comparison module.
  5. Simple setup for all types of products.

Products Compare for WooCommerce

Add Comparison Tables with Product Compare for WooCommerce Plugin

Next up is Products Compare for WooCommerce, a lightweight and user-friendly plugin by BeRocket. This plugin allows you to add products of your choice to a list and compare them effortlessly.

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Key features of Products Compare for WooCommerce include:

  1. Dedicated compare page with a custom URL for comparison.
  2. Button for adding products to the comparison list.
  3. Customizable button text.
  4. Choose from “show all” and “only difference” buttons for comparison.

WooCommerce Compare Products Premium

If you’re willing to invest in a premium plugin, WooCommerce Compare Products Premium is a great option. This plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and popular themes.

With WooCommerce Compare Products Premium, you can:

  1. Choose the categories and features to display during product comparison.
  2. Manage your entire product archive with ease.
  3. Customize the look and layout of the comparison widget and table.
  4. Enjoy a free trial before committing to the plugin.

WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce

WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce is another feature-rich plugin that offers an AJAX-based interface for a seamless user experience. This plugin allows customers to add or remove attributes and customize their comparison table.

Other features of WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce include:

  1. Custom and predefined attribute fields.
  2. Option to show the comparison table as static or as a popup.
  3. Improved user experience with sticky columns or rows.
  4. Choose from a variety of background colors.

Compare Products for WooCommerce

Compare Products for WooCommerce Free Plugin

Compare Products for WooCommerce is a lightweight plugin that lets customers explore product variations in your shop. Customers can easily compare products by filling up a widget basket and clicking the compare button.

Key features of Compare Products for WooCommerce include:

  1. Ability to save the comparison table as a PDF.
  2. Printable comparison table.
  3. Option to show or hide product comparison for specific products.
  4. Lightweight and easy to use.
  5. Flexible placement of the compare product option.
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WooCommerce Better Compare

WooCommerce Better Compare offers various display options to help your customers find the right product. With this plugin, you can use shortcodes to create a comparison table on your WordPress website.

Key features of WooCommerce Better Compare include:

  1. Extensive documentation for easy learning.
  2. Four different demos to choose from.
  3. AJAX-based product loading.
  4. Drag-and-drop functionality for comparing products.
  5. Over 50 settings to customize the comparison tables and compare bars.

WooCommerce Products Compare

If you prefer a plugin developed by WooCommerce itself, WooCommerce Products Compare is a reliable choice. This plugin allows you to add a product compare feature to specific pages in your WooCommerce shop.

Key functionalities of WooCommerce Products Compare include:

  1. Easy customization options.
  2. Simple configuration process.
  3. Display the product comparison option on any page you choose.
  4. Side-by-side presentation of chosen products.

Compare Products with WooCommerce

Compare Products with WooCommerce Plugin

Lastly, Compare Products with WooCommerce provides a drag-and-drop interface for easy product comparison. This plugin allows you to display product features via a comparison table, with the option to customize the display style.

Additional features of Compare Products with WooCommerce include:

  1. Display product features as a separate tab on the single product page.
  2. Real-time updates without page refresh.
  3. Add custom attributes or modify existing ones.
  4. Manage product features and categories.
  5. Convenient shortcodes for displaying product features on any page.

Final Thoughts

Product comparison plugins are valuable tools that guide customers in finding the right products for their needs. Now that you’re familiar with the top 8 WooCommerce compare products plugins, it’s time to choose the one that best suits your eCommerce store.

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If you’re looking for a complete WooCommerce solution that includes a product comparison feature, consider trying ShopEngine. With its extensive range of modules and widgets, ShopEngine is sure to impress.

Remember, helping your customers make informed decisions is key to driving sales and building customer loyalty. So, make use of these fantastic WooCommerce product comparison plugins and enhance the shopping experience on your website.