Customize Your Client’s Experience with ProgramMatek’s White Label Woocommerce Plugin


ProgramMatek’s White Label Woocommerce plugin offers an exceptional solution for web developers and agencies who work with non-technical clients. With this powerful tool, you can easily create a custom admin experience tailored to your clients’ needs. From designing a personalized login page and customizing the dashboard to modifying admin menus, ProgramMatek’s White Label Woocommerce makes WordPress more intuitive, simple, and brand-centric.

Enhance the Login Page

Tailor to Your Client’s Branding

Make a lasting impression with a White Label rebranding of the WordPress login page. ProgramMatek’s plugin empowers web developers and agencies to create a custom login page that perfectly matches their clients’ brand and identity. Adjust the layout, color scheme, background image, and even add a custom logo. By taking the time to craft a login page that aligns with your client’s branding, you’ll impress and delight them.

Streamline the Interface

Say goodbye to unnecessary elements on the login page. Using White Label, you have full control over the interface. Remove the Remember Me checkbox, the WordPress Language Switcher, the Go to Site link, and the Lost Your Password link. Simplify the login process and provide a seamless experience for your clients.

Tailor the Dashboard

Create an Intuitive Dashboard

Simplify the WordPress experience for your users by customizing the dashboard. With White Label, you can declutter the default information overload that non-technical users often face. Tailor the dashboard to your clients’ exact needs. Remove widgets, craft a custom welcome panel, or even replace the entire WordPress dashboard with your unique design.

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Unleash Your Creativity

ProgramMatek’s White Label Woocommerce plugin enables you to build your own custom dashboard widgets with the content you want your clients to see. Showcase your creativity by designing a dashboard that truly reflects your clients’ brand. Make their WordPress experience a breeze and boost their productivity.

Personalize the Admin

Take Control

With White Label, you have the power to configure various aspects of the WordPress admin. Control what your clients see by hiding specific sections of the menu and menu options. Ensure they can’t accidentally delete or update plugins without your approval. ProgramMatek’s White Label Woocommerce plugin empowers you to tailor the admin according to your clients’ requirements.

Fine-Tuning Options

White Label offers even more customization options. Set an admin color scheme that applies to all users upon login. Make text changes to the WordPress admin’s menu bar and footer. Seamlessly integrate live chat widgets or other communication tools by adding custom Javascript to the admin. Build a custom admin experience that reduces confusion and support requests.

Key Features of White Label Woocommerce

  • Hide the WordPress version number in the frontend and admin
  • Custom logo on the login page
  • Customizable login page colors and alignment
  • Personalized background color or image for the login page
  • Login page templates and color picker
  • Remove login page interface features
  • Add custom CSS to the login page
  • Create a custom welcome panel on the dashboard
  • Remove unwanted dashboard widgets
  • Build a custom dashboard widget
  • Replace the default WordPress dashboard with your own design
  • Hide plugins from the Plugins screen in the admin
  • Restrict sidebar menu items from other users
  • Resize the sidebar menu
  • Customize the WordPress admin color scheme and apply it to all users
  • Modify admin text and elements in the admin bar and footer
  • Integrate custom Javascript into the admin
  • Easily import and export White Label settings for multiple sites
  • Select multiple administrators with bypass rules
  • Apply White Label settings from your main site to your Multisite Network
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Upgrade to White Label Pro

For WordPress professionals seeking unparalleled customization, ProgramMatek offers White Label Pro. This premium version goes beyond the standard features, providing you with enhanced options such as renaming admin menu items, changing admin menu icons, and altering plugin details. You can also remove the front-end admin bar, customize email settings, and disable certain screens. Discover the full range of features by visiting our website.

Share Your Feedback

We value your feedback as it helps us improve White Label and deliver the best custom admin experience for WordPress. If you’ve used White Label to enhance your clients’ login pages, custom admin areas, or any other white label modifications, we’d appreciate a five-star review. Let us know how ProgramMatek’s White Label Woocommerce plugin has revolutionized your clients’ WordPress experience!

We are dedicated to continuously improving our plugin. If you encounter any issues or have feature suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Learn More

To discover more about ProgramMatek’s White Label Woocommerce plugin, please visit our website. Explore the features, access our documentation, read our blog, or reach out to our support team for any assistance you may need. Together, let’s create a custom admin experience that elevates your clients’ WordPress journey.