The Best Image Hosting Sites for Html Email


Mailchimp offers a seamless experience for uploading and hosting images. It provides an array of design tools that allow you to customize your photos effortlessly. Whether you want to add text, a footer, or other elements to your images, Mailchimp’s design tools make it easy to create and manage your customized images. Users can take advantage of these design tools to enhance their blogs, photo albums, or websites.


Imgur is a fantastic image hosting website known for its captivating GIFs. It supports various major photo formats and enables you to easily add captions to your pictures. You can even upload your images directly through email. With Imgur’s user-friendly interface, uploading and sharing images on social media becomes a breeze, expanding your reach to a wider audience. Best of all, all the features Imgur offers are completely free.


Photobucket stands out as one of the top image hosting sites, primarily due to its user-friendliness. Within minutes, you can set up your account and start generating links and editing your images. This platform is perfect for those without image editing software, as it offers convenient editing tools. Additionally, Photobucket includes slideshow features and provides options to upgrade your account.


When it comes to online photo hosting, Flickr takes the lead. It’s highly popular among businesses seeking high-quality images for their websites. Aside from photos, Flickr also grants access to videos. You can use Flickr free of charge, with a monthly limit of 100 MB and no storage restrictions. Add titles, tags, and upload photos anytime and anywhere. Rest assured, your photos remain safe and secure even if your computer crashes or gets hacked.

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Google Photos

Google Photos serves as an excellent image hosting site that allows you to customize the quality of your photo uploads. Opting for smaller photo sizes helps save storage space. The free version of Google Photos offers 15GB of storage for your photos. If you need more space, you can extend it to 100GB, 200GB, 1TB, or even more.

Not only does Google Photos offer customization options, but it also provides animation, movie, and collage-making features. The platform automatically categorizes people and things. You can easily share photos through links and social media, including sending photos via SMS. Furthermore, Google Photos automatically backs up your images into Google Drive, providing additional storage to manage your photo library effectively.


Dropbox goes beyond storing photos; it allows uploads of various file types, including documents and videos. The free service offers 2GB of storage capacity, and you can access your uploads from any device. Privilege sharing options are available for individuals or groups, with different privacy levels to choose from.

By subscribing to paid Dropbox plans, you can enjoy an even greater amount of storage space. Individual image storage services range from 1-3TB for up to six users. Higher-tier plans offer advanced file locking security, file recovery for an extended period, and file history. Dropbox also provides Standard and Advanced HIPAA compliance features for when high security is required. Additionally, Dropbox serves as an excellent collaboration tool, allowing you to enhance your team meetings with built-in screen capture for recordings.


ImgBox is an image hosting site that facilitates effortless storage and sharing of your uploads. With ImgBox, you can upload files up to 10MB each, and you receive unlimited space and time. This platform allows you to customize the size of your uploads and create galleries. ImgBox also offers hotlinking, enabling you to embed images in emails using image links, HTML code, or BB Code (forum image format). The simplicity of ImgBox ensures that photos load quickly, and sharing galleries or individual images on social media is a breeze.

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With Internxt, you can enjoy secure cloud storage and military-grade privacy protection for your photo uploads. Despite its advanced security, Internxt remains user-friendly and allows seamless sharing of photos across multiple devices. Store up to 100GB of photos for free without worrying about ads or user data being sold.

Internxt prioritizes photo privacy and offers a new “send” feature that enables private file delivery via links or email. The “Drive” feature provides advanced storage options, allowing you to keep image files separate from documents and view files by type. Internxt is compatible with different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Android. With its exceptional security measures, Internxt is one of the most sophisticated consumer photo hosting providers, ensuring the safety of your passwords, encryption keys, and unhashed forms.


If you require photos for forum websites, ImgBB is an ideal image hosting option. The free account allows for file sizes of up to 32MB, while the paid tier increases this limit to 64MB per file. Both the free and paid versions offer unlimited storage space. ImgBB provides API access, a plugin, and various sharing options, including direct links, HTML, and BBCode.

The ImgBB plugin is especially useful for using images in blog posts, websites, or forums. By installing it on your domain, users can easily add images to their content on the front end. The plugin offers image resizing and drag-and-drop features, making it even more convenient to integrate with your website and seamlessly blend with its design.


PostImage provides support for hosting photos on Facebook and offers versatile website plugins for platforms like phpBB or SimpleMachines forums. It also provides a Windows app and allows you to upload images via URL. PostImage is an excellent option for businesses that need to upload a large number of images at once, as it supports batch upload of up to 1000 images.

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