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When it comes to successful web comics, there are certain elements that stand out and contribute to their long-term success. In this article, we will explore these elements and show you how WordPress can help you achieve the best practices for your own web comics site. Let’s dive in!

1. Newest Comic on the Front Page, Up Top

Schlock Mercenary

The most important aspect of a web comics site is to make your newest comic easily accessible to your readers as soon as they visit your site. WordPress provides various methods to achieve this. You can use ordinary posts, where each installment of your comic is a post with the strip or panels as the featured image. Alternatively, you can utilize slider modules or plugins that display the comic image and link to the post itself. Another option is to create a custom post type specifically for comics. There are plugins like Comic Easel and Manga+Press that offer display options for custom post types. You can also explore ComicPress, an entire theme designed for this purpose.

2. Make Sharing Easy

Sharing Buttons

To maximize the reach of your web comics, it is crucial to make social sharing effortless for your readers. Implement social sharing buttons, such as Monarch or Social Warfare, to make it convenient for your fans to spread the word. Additionally, consider listing the permalink below each comic to make sharing even easier. By encouraging word-of-mouth promotion and ensuring your audience can easily credit your work, you increase the chances of your web comics going viral.

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3. Blogrolls and Shout-Outs to Friends


Supporting your friends’ work is essential in the web comics community. By sharing your audience and featuring links to other content creators you admire, you foster collaboration and establish yourself as a trustworthy source. Blogrolls, while a bit old-school, are still effective for showcasing friends’ work. You can use text or HTML widgets to display these links on your site. For a more dynamic approach, consider using the Divi accordion module or the Divi Widget Builder to promote your friends and expand your reach.

4. Monetize with Merch and Membership

Merch and Membership

Web comics creators often generate income through merchandise sales or Patreon campaigns. WordPress offers excellent solutions for both avenues. For a merch store, WooCommerce is the recommended choice. With WooCommerce, you can sell printed copies of your collections or use integration plugins like WZoneLite or Printify for tees and other merchandise. To build a subscription base and offer exclusive content to your fans, Patreon is a popular crowdfunding platform. The official Patreon plugin, along with premium options like CodeBard, seamlessly integrates Patreon functionality into your WordPress site.

5. Easy Navigation Between Web Comics and Archives

Easy Navigation

Providing smooth navigation is crucial for a pleasant reading experience on your web comics site. Ensure readers can easily navigate between comics and access your archives. Plugins like Manga+Press or Comic Easel handle this for you by incorporating navigation arrows and links. If you prefer a more customized approach, WordPress offers functions like next_post_link() and previous_post_link() to manually add navigation options to your single.php file. Additionally, you can use the get_recent_posts() function to retrieve the most recent post or oldest post, enhancing navigation capabilities.

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6. Use Alt-Text in Fun Ways


Alt-text is not only essential for SEO and accessibility; it can also add an extra layer of creativity and humor to your web comics. Take inspiration from XKCD and use alt-text to deliver secondary punch-lines, continuations, or special commentary. This fun feature surprises and delights readers, encouraging them to explore your archives for hidden gems.

Other Cool Ideas

Besides the key elements mentioned above, there are additional ideas to enhance your web comics site:

  • Community Forums: Create a space for your readers to interact using plugins like bbPress. It allows for deeper engagement within your ecosystem.
  • Cast of Characters: As your story grows, consider introducing a page that provides information about the characters. Page builders like Divi offer flexibility for creating visually appealing character profiles.
  • Wiki: Let your fans contribute to a wiki page that documents your story’s intricate details. This not only encourages engagement but also adds value to your readers’ experience.

Launching a web comics site requires creativity and a strong community. With WordPress, you have the tools to bring your vision to life. If you’re looking for a reliable platform that supports up-and-coming and seasoned creators alike, ProgramMatek suggests using WordPress. Share your favorite web comics in the comments below and let’s celebrate the art of storytelling together!

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