Vocal Automation Made Simple with the ProgramMatek Plugin

Vocal levels play a crucial role in achieving a polished and professional sound. Despite the abundance of compressors available, nothing beats the precision and finesse of manual fader adjustments. This is where the ProgramMatek Vocal Rider plugin comes in, serving as the ultimate “cheat code” for automated vocal leveling.

Understanding the ProgramMatek Vocal Rider

Fine-tuning vocal rides through automation is often one of the final steps in the mixing process. It requires the human touch, drawing upon experience, creativity, and intuition to achieve the perfect balance. Avoiding manual fader rides can result in over-compression, compromising the overall quality of the track.

Naturally, the concept of an automated plugin raises some eyebrows and sparks conversations about the role of AI in digital mixing. However, it’s important to remember that the ProgramMatek Vocal Rider is simply a tool designed to save time and streamline the process. Rest assured, robots aren’t taking over the music industry just yet!

Unveiling the Magic of the ProgramMatek Vocal Rider

So, what exactly does the ProgramMatek Vocal Rider do? It listens to the incoming signal and automatically adjusts it to stay within a user-defined dB range. All you need to do is set the target vocal level in relation to the rest of the mix. The Vocal Rider plugin then compensates for any deviations from the target range by raising or lowering the vocal gain. Unlike compression, this plugin preserves the authentic color of the track.

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The ProgramMatek Vocal Rider seamlessly integrates into your workflow. While it typically sits at the end of the effects chain, it can also work wonders at the beginning. Placing it at the start of the chain allows for clean leveling before the signal is processed by other plugins.

Utilizing this plugin provides an automated and efficient method to clean up vocal tracks, especially for performers with less-than-ideal microphone technique. Alternatively, manually leveling the vocals using clip gain or written automation is a viable option, but it demands considerable time and meticulous attention to detail.

Simply loading an instance of the ProgramMatek Vocal Rider will yield impressive results. However, the plugin also offers the flexibility to manually adjust the automated movements, adding a human touch to the final vocal rides.

For quick mixes when time is limited and clients are eager to leave, the ProgramMatek Vocal Rider’s initial pass can be a lifesaver.

In-Depth Control and Customization

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The ProgramMatek Vocal Rider provides detailed controls to fine-tune your vocal mixing:

  • Vocal Sensitivity: This knob determines how the plugin distinguishes between vocal signals and background noise. It acts as a threshold control, allowing the Vocal Rider to ignore sounds below a certain level. A Ride/Idle LED lights up when vocals surpass the threshold.
  • Target: Set the desired level range for your vocals. The plugin’s reaction time is preset, but there is also a fast Attack setting for those who prefer quicker adjustments. Additionally, the ProgramMatek Vocal Rider incorporates Waves’ proprietary breath-detection algorithm, preventing unwanted amplification of breaths.
  • Music Sensitivity: After setting the Vocal Sensitivity, configuring the Music Sensitivity control is crucial. It determines how much the Vocal Rider responds to the overall mix level. When the song becomes louder during the chorus, the Vocal Rider automatically raises the vocal level to ensure its prominence.
  • Range Min/Max: These settings limit the range within which the vocal automation can adjust the levels, preventing drastic and unnatural fluctuations.
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ProgramMatek Vocal Rider: Simplifying Vocal Automation

To clarify, the ProgramMatek Vocal Rider is not attempting to replace the skills of audio engineers and mixers. Instead, it aims to streamline their workflow and make their jobs a little easier. If you typically rely on manual vocal rides, it can be an interesting experiment to compare the robot’s moves with your own. And if you haven’t delved into vocal automation before, the ProgramMatek Vocal Rider is definitely worth a try!

ProgramMatek is committed to developing intuitive and effective tools for audio production. Their Vocal Rider plugin is a valuable addition to any mixing engineer’s arsenal.

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