Introducing the Vocal Alignment Plugin: Take Your Audio to the Next Level

VocalAlign Project 5

Are you tired of spending hours manually adjusting vocal performances? Look no further — the VocalAlign Project 5 is here to revolutionize your audio editing experience. This groundbreaking plugin effortlessly aligns the timing of two separate vocal tracks, saving you precious time and allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your creative process and meeting deadlines.

Tight Vocals Made Easy

Regardless of your musical genre, the VocalAlign Project 5 is a must-have tool for working with stacked vocals. It seamlessly brings your performances together, resulting in clean and focused sound. Additionally, if you’re in the audio post-production field, this plugin is an essential asset for ADR, enabling instant dialogue replacement.

Using VocAlign with your DAW is a breeze. Simply capture a ‘Guide’ signal with the desired timing, record a ‘Dub’ signal to be aligned to the guide, and let VocAlign handle the rest. The plugin performs the alignment, generating a perfectly synchronized Dub track that seamlessly integrates into your project.

Cutting-Edge Audio Alignment Technology

VocAlign Project 5 GUI

VocAlign Project 5 boasts the latest alignment algorithms from Synchro Arts’ award-winning flagship software, Revoice Pro. With unprecedented accuracy and ease, you can align longer and more complex vocal sections in just seconds. This time-saving feature allows you to dedicate more hours to your creative tasks, enhancing your overall productivity.

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Fine-Tune Your Alignment with Ease

VocAlign Project 5 Tightness Control

VocAlign Project 5 empowers you with complete creative freedom. Its new tightness control enables you to decide how much alignment to apply to your vocals. If an ultra-tight sound doesn’t suit your project, simply loosen the setting in VocAlign Project 5, and more of the original double or harmony performance will be retained for a natural and organic result.

SmartAlign: Aligning Made Effortless

VocAlign Project 5 SmartAlign

VocAlign Project 5 introduces an all-new SmartAlign control that streamlines the alignment process. With this cutting-edge feature, you can effortlessly line up your vocals without having to manually tweak any settings. Let the plugin do the work for you, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your project.

Alignment Presets for Ultimate Convenience

VocAlign Project 5 Presets

Unsure about which alignment settings to use? Don’t worry. VocAlign Project 5 offers a range of carefully designed and labeled presets to cover all common alignment scenarios. Simply choose the preset that suits your needs, and start aligning. You can even customize and save your own presets for future projects, ensuring consistent results every time.

Enhanced Waveform Displays for Visual Inspection

VocAlign Project 5 Waveform Display

To facilitate quick and easy visual inspection of alignment results, VocAlign Project 5 features a brand-new waveform display. This display presents your audio in a format that matches your DAW, allowing for effortless comparison between the guide and output signals. Get a clear visual representation of the changes and ensure a perfect alignment every time.

Fully Resizable GUI for Optimal Workflow

VocAlign Project 5 Resizable GUI

We understand that screen real estate is invaluable. That’s why VocAlign Project 5 offers a fully resizable GUI. Once you have adjusted your settings, you can reduce the plugin to a compact size, displaying only the key controls necessary for operation. Customize the size of the GUI according to your preferences and focus on what matters most — your music.

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Unleash the Power of ARA2 Integration

VocAlign Project 5 ARA2 Integration

VocAlign Project 5 seamlessly integrates with compatible DAWs through ARA2 (Audio Random Access) support. Experience the revolutionary communication between ARA-enabled plugins and DAWs, eliminating the need for real-time audio capture. Audio files can be instantly captured, updated, and returned to your DAW, saving you precious time and streamlining your workflow.

Features at a Glance

  • Instantly match the timing of two or more signals.
  • Perfect for vocals, instruments, and sound effects.
  • Includes the renowned Revoice Pro alignment algorithm.
  • Fine-tune the tightness of alignment for a natural result.
  • SmartAlign feature simplifies the alignment process.
  • Align multiple tracks (ARA2 hosts only).
  • Choose from a variety of alignment presets.
  • Enhanced waveform display for visual inspection.
  • Fully resizable GUI for optimal screen usage.
  • Full ARA2 support for enhanced workflow with compatible DAWs.
  • Two activations included with each license.
  • All iLok Copy Protection options supported (no iLok USB dongle needed).

ProgramMatek is proud to bring you the VocalAlign Project 5, the ultimate vocal alignment plugin that will take your audio to the next level. Experience seamless, effortless, and precise vocal alignment, saving you time and unlocking your creative potential. Upgrade your audio editing capabilities with VocAlign Project 5 today.