Studio Rack Plugin


When top producers, music makers, and engineers approach a session, they don’t think about individual effects. Their focus is on building entire processing chains that are tailored to each vocal or instrumental track. This level of creativity and control is now easily accessible to everyone with StudioRack.

The new StudioRack features a sleek and intuitive interface that allows you to effortlessly create chains of up to 8 plugins per chain. Whether your chains are simple or complex, turning your mixing and production ideas into reality has never been easier, more powerful, or more enjoyable.

Create Your Own ‘Custom Plugins’ with Macros

Once your chains are in place, you may wonder how to quickly dial in the exact sound you want without wasting time or hindering your creative process. StudioRack’s new Macros come to the rescue.

Macros enable you to combine different parameters from any or all plugins in your chain and assign them to a single macro control. With 8 powerful macros per chain, you can achieve the desired sound of entire plugin chains with just a few well-selected macros. This essentially allows you to create your own signature ‘custom plugins.’

Parallel Processing Made Easy

Parallel processing, which involves mixing a dry signal with the processed audio, can help you achieve sharp attacks alongside compression, stereo imaging in reverbs that mix their input to mono before processing, and much more to add punch, depth, and presence to your mix.

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With StudioRack’s new parallel racks, you can bring this power to any plugin chain you desire. You can open up to 8 parallel mono, stereo, and even M/S (mid/side) racks from any slot within any chain. StudioRack eliminates complex routing and lets you create parallel chains effortlessly. These configurations can be saved for easy recall.

Multiband Magic

Have you ever wanted to turn your favorite plugins into multiband compressors or explore the classic sound of R-Vox with full multiband control? StudioRack’s new multiband racks allow you to unleash every multiband trick in the book.

You can split any signal into up to 5 frequency bands, with complete control over your crossover points. Then, you can assign your plugins of choice to any or all bands, giving you precise control over your mixes and production effects.

Seamless Integration with Any DAW

Switching between DAWs is something many of us have to do regularly for collaboration purposes, working across different studios, or mixing sessions originally created on different platforms. With StudioRack, you can save entire plugin chains and effortlessly move them between Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Studio One, FL Studio, REAPER, or any other major DAW. This eliminates time-consuming transfers and allows you to maintain your focus and creative energy.


  • New supercharged version of Waves’ plugin chainer
  • Build powerful plugin chains using any Waves plugins
  • Move entire plugin chains between DAWs in seconds
  • NEW: 8 macros per chain to create your own ‘custom plugins’
  • NEW: Easy parallel processing with mono, stereo, and M/S parallel racks
  • NEW: Turn any plugin into multiband with multiband split racks
  • NEW: Easy plugin search
  • NEW: Floating plugin windows for convenient plugin control
  • NEW: Over 170 presets for complete plugin chains
  • StudioRack is compatible with Waves V12 and V11 plugins
  • Optional: Offload your plugin processing to a SoundGrid server
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Studio Rack Plugin

To learn more about StudioRack and its features, visit ProgramMatek.