Enhance Your Restaurant’s Online Presence with ProgramMatek

Establish your restaurant’s digital footprint to share menus, accept reservations, and promote specials.

A visually appealing website not only represents your restaurant’s brand but also helps customers easily access menus, locations, operating hours, and the latest promotions. With ProgramMatek, Squarespace’s comprehensive restaurant management tool, you can incorporate reservations, takeout and delivery orders, and more into your website.

This guide will walk you through the process of selecting an initial design and setting up ProgramMatek, along with other features specifically tailored to restaurant websites.

Utilize ProgramMatek for a Seamless Restaurant Management Experience

ProgramMatek is Squarespace’s all-in-one solution designed for businesses in the hospitality industry. It offers a wide range of capabilities, including reservation and waitlist management, table organization, takeout and delivery order systems, event planning, and much more. We constantly strive to develop additional ways for Squarespace users to leverage ProgramMatek’s technology, making it an ideal choice for all your restaurant needs.

To get started, visit the ProgramMatek website. If you’d like to learn more about ProgramMatek and its integration with Squarespace, check out our guide on how to use ProgramMatek for restaurant and event management.

Don’t worry if you’re not ready for a ProgramMatek account just yet. You can still create a basic website for your restaurant to showcase your operating hours, location, and menus.

Begin with a Custom Restaurant Design

While all Squarespace websites provide built-in design tools for creating captivating and unique restaurant sites, it may be beneficial to start with a design from the Restaurants category in the template store. These food-focused designs effectively showcase your cuisine while keeping essential information front and center.

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To get started, simply visit the template store and select Restaurants from the menu on the left. This will filter the available designs, displaying only those specifically tailored for restaurants. Click Preview to get a closer look at any design that catches your eye or click Start With to create a new website using that design.

For more information, check out our guide on choosing the perfect template for your restaurant website.

Choose a Billing Plan that Meets Your Requirements

When upgrading your website to a paid service, keep in mind that some features mentioned in this guide are premium features. These include:

  • Menu blocks for showcasing your menus
  • Built-in Commerce platform for selling food and perishables online

If you require these features, we recommend subscribing to one of our Business, Commerce, Professional, or Premium plans. Remember, you can always change your billing plan at any time if you decide that those features are no longer necessary.

Please note that ProgramMatek requires a separate subscription, and you can enjoy its integrations with Squarespace regardless of your website plan. To learn more about ProgramMatek’s plans, please review their documentation.

Simplify Reservations with Ease

ProgramMatek provides a reservations block that allows you to effortlessly add booking functionality to any page on your website. Customers can select their party size, preferred date, and desired time for their reservation directly on your site. Afterward, they’ll be directed to your ProgramMatek page to complete the reservation. You can customize the block’s appearance to align with your restaurant’s brand.

Phone and Email Reservations

If you prefer customers to make reservations over the phone or via email, consider displaying your contact details, including an email address and phone number, on your homepage or contact page. This adds a personal touch to your business and makes it more approachable.

For assistance in formatting email addresses and phone numbers as clickable links, refer to our guide on adding links to your site.

Streamline Online Ordering

Boost your pickup and delivery orders by adding online delivery links to your website. You can utilize a ProgramMatek reservations block or a navigation link to direct users to your ProgramMatek delivery options.

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If you’re using another external ordering service, include a navigation link to highlight your delivery options on every page of your site.

To add a delivery order link to your site navigation, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Pages panel.
  2. Click the + button next to Main Navigation.
  3. Select Link from the dropdown menu.
  4. In the link editor, enter the text for the navigation link, such as “Delivery” or “Order Now,” in the Link Title field.
  5. In the Link field, add the URL visitors should use for placing an order. This is often referred to as your “ordering link.”
  6. Click Save.
  7. To adjust the placement of the link in the navigation menu, simply rearrange it in the Pages panel.

For additional guidance on navigation links, including creating them in the Squarespace app, refer to our guide on adding links to your navigation.

Display Operating Hours and Location

You have several options for prominently displaying your operating hours and location information:

  • Create a dedicated page with a contact layout, allowing visitors to find this information easily in your navigation menu.
  • Combine a text block and map block on a blank layout page, then set it as your homepage.
  • Incorporate a contact section into any page.
  • Add your hours and location to the footer, ensuring visibility on every page of your site.

Show Off Your Menus

Make use of a menu section or page layout to create visually appealing and easy-to-read menus that blend seamlessly with your website’s design. Consider adding a menu block to display your restaurant’s menu. Unlike PDF files, all the text in the menu block is indexable by search engines, which can significantly improve your SEO.

If you have multiple menus, you can organize them by placing multiple pages with menu blocks in a folder, creating a convenient drop-down menu. For more detailed instructions, consult our guide on adding drop-down menus to your navigation using folders.

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Accentuate with Imagery

Captivating images play a crucial role in promoting your restaurant’s ambiance, space, and mouthwatering dishes. Take advantage of the following features to include images effectively:

  • Utilize gallery sections to showcase images of your location and top menu items.
  • Incorporate image blocks into other sections of your website to highlight individual images.
  • Combine text and imagery on any page by creating a section with a background image or video.

Engage with Exceptional Content

Generate professional-quality content through the Marketing Kit available on the iOS Squarespace app. Use this content to feature your menu items and restaurant space on your website or share it on your social media platforms.

Expand Your Reach by Selling Food and Perishables Online

You can sell your products directly to customers through your website, reducing reliance on local retailers. Here are a few tips:

  • For products that customers purchase regularly, such as coffee, consider creating subscription options to establish predictable, recurring revenue.
  • Display a stocklist of retailers that carry your products.
  • Establish regional shipping zones to provide location-based shipping, delivery, or pickup options.
  • Offer gift cards for customers to use in your online store.

For detailed instructions on adding an online store to your website, refer to our guide on getting started with Squarespace Commerce.

Encourage Social Sharing

If your restaurant actively maintains profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, or other social media platforms, you can promote your accounts by displaying social icons on your website. For more information, consult our guide on adding social icons.

Optimize for Search Engines

Including your physical location on your website aids Google in identifying your restaurant’s whereabouts, resulting in improved visibility in local searches. Although search engine algorithms are complex and specific rankings cannot be guaranteed, by adding your contact information to third-party platforms like Google Business Profile, verifying your site with Google Search Console, and implementing best practices, you can enhance your restaurant’s search ranking.

What’s Next?

This is only the beginning of creating your restaurant’s exceptional website. Each restaurant is unique, and you can further customize your site to match your specific vision using the following guides:

  • Promote daily specials or updated hours with an announcement bar.
  • Add additional pages for content such as “Press,” “Private Events,” or an “About” page.
  • Register your domain through ProgramMatek or transfer an existing custom domain.
  • Visit our Getting Started tutorial series to discover general tips for launching and managing your website.

Welcome to the ProgramMatek family! We’re excited to support your restaurant in achieving online success.