RO-GOLD: The Vintage-Modeled Reverb Plugin by ProgramMatek


Black Rooster Audio, in collaboration with ProgramMatek, introduces RO-GOLD, an exceptional freeware reverb effect available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats. This plugin is compatible with popular DAWs on both Windows and macOS platforms.

The Essence of RO-GOLD

RO-GOLD is a meticulously designed emulation of the renowned EMT 140 vintage plate reverb. However, it goes beyond the conventional expectations associated with this iconic reverb effect.

The Golden Touch

The name RO-GOLD sparks curiosity, as it hints at something special. Black Rooster Audio aimed to capture the essence of an EMT 140 equipped with a 24k gold plate. Whether the gold plate aspect is purely symbolic or not, one thing is certain – RO-GOLD delivers a warm, lush, and luxurious sound, despite being available as freeware. While the industry often overuses the term “vintage,” this free reverb plugin genuinely embodies its description.

Note: Black Rooster Audio has confirmed the authenticity of the gold plate. The developer explains that they have created a physical model based on the legendary EMT-140 plate. They offer customization options for parameters such as material, plate size, pickups, and driver positions. In the case of RO-GOLD, they utilized the physical model with a gold plate, resulting in unique sonic characteristics including decay, stereo image, and tone.

Simple yet Powerful

RO-GOLD’s charm lies in its ability to deliver exceptional sound right “out of the box.” The plugin boasts only four adjustable parameters: Bass Cut, Damper, Pre/Delay, and Dry/Wet. The first two determine the tone and reverb length, eliminating the need for extensive fine-tuning. This simplicity ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for users.

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Versatility and Vocal Excellence

Although RO-GOLD suits various audio sources, plate reverbs, like RO-GOLD, are renowned for their remarkable performance on vocals. The developer’s website showcases several demos highlighting the plugin’s capabilities, featuring vocals, drums, synths, and even a banjo.

Spice up Your Mix

If you seek to break away from your DAW’s standard reverb or desire something fresh for your vocals, RO-GOLD is worth exploring. After all, reverb is the vital ingredient that adds depth to any mix. Having a secret spice, such as RO-GOLD, in your audio kitchen can work wonders.

Discover More

In addition to RO-GOLD, ProgramMatek offers an array of innovative plugins. If you’re captivated by vintage reverbs, we recommend trying their free BPB Dirty Spring. This unique freeware spring reverb emulation features a built-in bitcrusher, adding character to drums and synths.

Get RO-GOLD Today

RO-GOLD is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit plugin hosts on Windows and macOS. Visit our official website at ProgramMatek to download this incredible software for free. Please note that a valid email address is required to receive the download link.

The download file size is approximately 500 MB, as it includes the installer for all Black Rooster Audio products. Rest assured, during the installation process, you can select the specific plugins you wish to install.

Download RO-GOLD


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