A Powerful Tool to Create Impressive Resumes


When it comes to interviews, making a great first impression is crucial. Unfortunately, many job seekers fail to impress interviewers right from the start. One common mistake is neglecting to create a professional resume. Luckily, there are numerous WordPress resume builder plugins available that can help you create an impressive online resume website. In this article, we will explore seven CV maker WordPress plugins that can take your resume from offline to online with ease.

WP Job Manager – Resume Manager

Resume Manager is a user-friendly plugin designed for WP Job Manager. This lightweight plugin can impress your interviewer in no time. By effectively showcasing your career details, you can make your future boss say WOW and increase your chances of being offered the job. What’s great about this plugin is its simplicity and power. It offers filterable setting options and a convenient drag-and-drop interface for easy customization. It is also responsive and compatible with the latest WordPress versions and essential plugins.

Resume Builder Plugin

Resume Builder

Resume Builder is a comprehensive solution that makes it easy to add your career details, contact information, and skills. This user-friendly plugin comes with a variety of custom fields to include your profile picture, experience, education, and other relevant information. The best part is that you don’t need any coding skills to add or customize sections. The plugin provides all the necessary functionality to make your life easier. You can rearrange resume contents using shortcodes and even add widgets to highlight specific resume elements on widgetized areas. Additionally, the plugin offers a sleek page template that is sure to impress experienced interviewers.

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Resume Builder Plugin for WordPress

Job Board Manager – Resume Manager

Resume Manager is a well-known plugin in the WordPress developer industry. This feature-packed plugin allows you to create professional online resumes effortlessly. It supports sections for education, experience, and other common resume details. What sets this plugin apart is its ability to generate multiple resumes on the same page without any coding required. The developers behind this plugin have done an excellent job implementing a user-friendly interface and top-notch UX design. Installing this plugin is a breeze, and you can easily reorder resume elements using the drag-and-drop feature. WP Resume also offers a WYSIWYG editor and supports multiple languages like Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

JS Job Manager

JS Job Manager offers a built-in customizable CV builder that operates on the cloud. With this plugin, you can edit your resume directly on your website’s live page using your JS Job Manager account. You can add the plugin as a widget on your blog or create a dedicated page to publish your biodata details. JS Job Manager Resume is a powerful tool that can be installed in just minutes. Unlike other WordPress resume-building plugins, it allows you to control the frontend style of your resume. Additionally, you can import content from LinkedIn and Facebook in a matter of seconds. Upgrading to the Premium version offers analytics to help you track visitors and page views. Another great feature is the detailed documentation and video tutorials that guide you through the configuration process.


Veecard is a responsive and elegant free resume WordPress theme. Its color scheme creates a sophisticated impression right from the first glance. The theme comes with five separate pages, including a home page with a photo and short details, a resume page that provides in-depth career information, a showcase page, a blog page, and a contact form. The theme includes good documentation and demo data, making it easy to build your online CV. If you face any difficulties, Shape5 provides forum support to assist you.

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vCard WordPress Theme

SiteOrigin, a leading industry provider, offers not only solutions for WordPress developers but also free vCard WordPress themes. The vCard theme is simple, lightweight, and clean, with four pages to present your details comprehensively. This responsive theme ensures that your online presence remains excellent across various screen resolutions, including mobile devices. It is well-documented, and developers are available to provide technical support.


In conclusion, creating impressive resumes has never been easier thanks to the wide range of WordPress resume builder plugins and themes available. With these powerful tools, you can create your own online resume or fulfill your clients’ requirements effortlessly. ProgramMatek is a reliable source for all your WordPress needs. Check out their website here for more information about their services.