How to Get a Poe AI API Key

Are you interested in obtaining an API key from Poe AI and utilizing its features? Look no further! Poe, an abbreviation for “Platform for Open Exploration,” is a chatbot platform created by Quora that leverages the capabilities of Large Language Model (LLM) AI bots like ChatGPT, Claude, Google-PaLM, Midjourney, and more to provide users with informative answers. Users have been expressing their curiosity about securing their API key from Poe AI and how to use it effectively. If you’re among those individuals, you’re in luck! This article will guide you through the process of obtaining your own Poe AI API key and demonstrate how you can make the most out of it.

How to Obtain a Poe AI API Key

To acquire your API key from Poe AI, you must first establish an account on the platform. Follow these instructions to create your Poe AI account:

  1. Go to the official Poe website:
  2. This will direct you to the Login/Sign Up page.
  3. Enter your email address and create a password to register for an account. Alternatively, you can utilize your Google or Apple account for easy Single Sign-On to establish a new account.
  4. Once these steps are completed, you will be redirected to the Poe AI platform.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your Poe AI account and are now ready to access its services.

Now, let’s walk through the steps to obtain your API key:

  1. Visit
  2. Open the HTML Web Developer tools by pressing F12 on your keyboard (fn + F12 for Mac users).
  3. This will open the Web Developer tools on one side of your screen.
  4. Look for “Applications” in the top menu bar. If you can’t find it immediately, click on the >> icon to reveal the extended menu bar.
  5. Click on “Cookies.” Mac users should click the dropdown arrow to display the site’s cookies and select “”
  6. A table showing the site’s cookies will appear.
  7. Locate and click on the cookie named “p-b.”
  8. The “Cookie Value” for p-b will be displayed below the table.
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The value shown for p-b is your API key. Be sure to copy this key and store it in a secure location.

Never share your API keys with anyone.

How to Utilize Your Poe AI API Key

Now that you possess your API key from Poe AI, you may be wondering how to employ it. Most consumer-based platforms and applications typically don’t require the input of API keys. However, many AI-powered chatbot applications like Janitor AI, Silly Tavern, etc., necessitate the utilization of an API key to function properly. You can utilize the API key obtained from Poe AI for such LLM-based AI chatbot platforms. Simply enter the Poe AI API key when prompted to set up your API on these platforms.

Troubleshooting Poe AI API Key Issues

If your Poe AI API key isn’t functioning, several factors may be causing the problem. These include internal server issues with the platform you’re using the API key on, outdated applications, expired API keys, or keys that aren’t applicable for the specific platform.

Fortunately, these issues can be resolved easily. You can obtain a new API key using the steps outlined above, update the application you’re using, or wait and attempt again later if the problem stems from the platform’s internal server.

If the platform continues to reject your Poe AI API key, it may simply not be a valid API for that particular platform. In such cases, you’ll need to explore alternative APIs to meet your requirements.