Introducing the Ultimate Plugin Bundle: ProgramMatek for Komplete 14 Standard

Native Instruments recently released the highly anticipated Komplete 14, an extraordinary collection of software instruments and effects. With each iteration, the Komplete bundles have consistently pushed the boundaries, and this time is no exception. The new Komplete 14 includes a lineup of powerful plugins from their allies in the music production industry. In particular, the ‘Soundwide group’ alliance brings together heavy hitters Brainworx, Plugin Alliance, and the renowned masters of mastering and effects, iZotope. This partnership ushers in a new era for Native Instruments and makes the Komplete bundles even more desirable.

Komplete 14 Select – $199 USD

Let’s start with the entry-level bundle, Komplete 14 Select. Don’t underestimate this package, as it’s an excellent choice for both newcomers and those looking to upgrade from older Komplete bundles. For just $199 USD, you get a selection of four synthesizers, eight sampled instruments, two percussion tools, four effects, and eight expansions, including the exciting new additions Backyard Jams and Neo Boogie. The only thing missing in this bundle is the new and improved Kontakt 7 player. If Kontakt 7 is vital for your production needs, this might be a dealbreaker. However, Komplete 14 Select still offers a robust toolkit to spark inspiration and elevate your tracks. Check it out here.

Komplete 14 Standard – $599 USD

Next up is the highly recommended Komplete 14 Standard. Priced at $599 USD, this bundle offers the best value for your money. It’s perfect for producers looking to upgrade from previous Komplete versions or those seeking a versatile collection of instruments, expansions, and effects. With Komplete 14 Standard, you not only get the improved Kontakt 7 player, but you also receive Ozone 10, the ultimate plugin for mastering, and the remarkable Plugin Alliance Effects. Additionally, Brainworx brings you the BX_Oberhausen, a powerful recreation of a legendary 70s analog synth. With 15 synthesizers, 37 sampled instruments, 9 percussion tools, 19 effects, and 38 expansions, Komplete 14 Standard truly excels as an all-rounder. Explore the full details of this bundle here.

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Komplete 14 Ultimate – $1,199 USD

Moving up the ladder, we have Komplete 14 Ultimate. This bundle adds 21 orchestral and cinematic instruments to the elements included in the previous two bundles. If you’re a film composer, game developer, or simply want to add an extra touch of drama to your music, this selection is perfect for you. Although the price tag of $1,199 USD may seem steep, the additional sampled instruments, including the breathtaking Piano Colours, Ashlight, and Action Strings 2, make Komplete 14 Ultimate worth considering. Dive into the extensive list of what’s inside here.

Komplete 14 Collector’s Edition – $1,799

Last but not least, we have the grand finale: Komplete 14 Collector’s Edition. This bundle is a dream come true for those who crave the full Native Instruments experience. It includes the enormous Choir Omnia, a vocal ensemble of 40 expressive performers, and Lores, a diverse collection of organic instruments with unique articulations. With an astounding 27 orchestral and cinematic instruments, 19 synthesizers, 48 sampled instruments, 15 percussion tools, 32 effects, and a whopping 103 expansions, the Collector’s Edition lives up to its name. Additionally, you’ll receive every expansion released by Native Instruments thus far. Discover the extensive contents here.

Kontakt 7: The Industry Standard Sampler

Kontakt, the renowned sampler, has received a significant update with Kontakt 7. The latest version introduces exciting features that the Kontakt community has been eagerly awaiting. The interface now boasts beautiful HiDPI support, perfect for larger screens. The improved browser experience allows for quick and efficient searching by library and sound, with the ability to preview each sound before loading an instrument. However, the real game-changer is the new ability to create your own unique instruments by simply dragging in a single sample. With cutting-edge sampling tools and effects modules, Kontakt 7 solidifies its position as the industry standard. Upgrade and enhance your music production capabilities with Kontakt 7.

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Ozone 10: Mastering Made Easy

As part of the Native Instruments and iZotope merger, Ozone 10 is now included in the three upper-tier bundles of Komplete 14. Widely recognized as the standard for mastering in studios worldwide, Ozone 10 empowers you to achieve professional-grade masters with ease. Its groundbreaking matching technology allows you to reference chart-topping hits and apply their tone, dynamics, and width to your own tracks. An exciting addition is the new “assistant mode,” known as the Master Assistant. Powered by AI, it suggests a customizable starting point for your mastering process. Ozone 10 is a game-changing addition to Komplete 14, providing you with the tools and efficiency to take your music to the next level.

Soundwide Group: Brainworx, iZotope, and Plugin Alliance

The Soundwide group, consisting of Brainworx, iZotope, and Plugin Alliance, brings a selection of their exceptional plugins to Komplete 14 Standard and above. These plugins further enhance your sonic capabilities and offer endless creative possibilities. Noteworthy additions include Brainworx’s Oberhausen, a powerful analog synth recreation, Plugin Alliance effects like Unfiltered Audio’s LO-FI AF, and Brainworx bx_crispytuner for achieving your favorite rapper’s signature sound. These plugins complement the Native Instruments offerings and ensure that there is something for every music producer, regardless of their expertise.

When it comes to choosing the right bundle, it ultimately depends on your personal preference and musical goals. Komplete 14 Select and Komplete 14 Standard provide more than enough firepower for both novice and seasoned producers, while Komplete 14 Ultimate and the Collector’s Edition cater to those who demand the utmost in quality and variety. Don’t hesitate to explore these bundles and unleash your creative potential. Visit ProgramMatek to get your hands on Native Instruments’ remarkable Komplete 14.

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