Is Outsourcing PHP Development the Right Choice?

PHP, a server-side scripting language, has been around since 1994 but has gained significant popularity in recent years. In fact, 71% of today’s websites use PHP in some capacity. So, why do people still choose PHP? Are those who question its relevance wishing for its demise?

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A Technical Overview

If you’re unfamiliar with PHP, let’s start with a brief introduction. PHP is widely used for web app development. It excels in creating dynamic pages and seamlessly integrating with HTML code. It runs on various operating systems and is free and open-source.

Now, let’s explore its technical details.

What Sets PHP Apart?

Now that you have a basic understanding of PHP, let’s answer the burning question: What makes PHP a worthy competitor against modern development technologies like Ruby or Node.js?

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Numerous Frameworks

One of PHP’s strengths lies in its powerful frameworks. These frameworks provide developers with a solid foundation for building complex applications. They speed up development by offering extensive libraries, features, and templates for custom and out-of-the-box solutions. Some well-known examples include Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Zend, and Symfony.

Plenty of Ready-to-Use Tools

PHP offers a wide range of tools and resources for integrating custom functionality into your software. These resources, including frameworks, dependency managers, editors, and extensive documentation, are readily available online. PHP developers have easy access to various resources covering every aspect of PHP software development. Additionally, a multitude of extensions enhances the language’s power.

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Platform & Server Independence

PHP is a universal scripting language that can run on any platform. It seamlessly integrates with major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, or macOS. Furthermore, PHP is compatible with all major web servers, including Apache, IIS, and Nginx. This flexibility allows developers to create websites on any preferred platform without worrying about compatibility issues.

Crowds of Expert PHP Developers to Hire

Thanks to its popularity, PHP boasts a large community of developers, making it relatively easy to find experts for hiring and outsourcing. With numerous options, competition in the market is high, keeping development costs affordable. However, it is crucial to choose your outsourcing partner wisely.

While PHP empowers even junior developers to create functional applications, for high-quality results and fast turnaround, experienced professionals are the way to go.

Annual PHP Developer Salaries — Experience Level, US


Open-Source Language

One major advantage of PHP is its open-source nature. PHP and its extensive ecosystem, including frameworks, documentation, and editors, can be accessed and used for free. This makes PHP an excellent technology choice for those looking to reduce development costs without compromising quality.

Content Management System Support

PHP plays a significant role in three of the most popular content management systems: WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. As the backbone of these platforms, PHP enhances their functionality, simplifying the development process.

So, if you’re planning to build high-end web solutions with CMS functionality, PHP can be your gateway to success.

Fast & Easy to Learn

One cannot overlook the fact that PHP offers a simple and fast development experience. PHP projects do not require years to complete, thanks to its user-friendly learning curve. Even newcomers find PHP easy to grasp, thanks to its flexibility and straightforward syntax.

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However, it’s worth noting that while PHP’s ease of learning is a boon, for large-scale projects, it’s best to outsource PHP development to experienced professionals instead of relying solely on freelancers or junior developers.

Infographics of popular websites built with PHP: Spotify, Slack, Facebook, Upwork, Tumblr

PHP-Based Websites You’ve Definitely Heard Of

Although PHP may not be as flashy as newer technologies, it remains a popular choice for powering thousands of web pages and applications worldwide. Let’s take a look at some notable websites built using PHP. From social media giants to eCommerce powerhouses, these services demonstrate PHP’s versatility and capabilities.

With this in mind, does outsourcing PHP development seem like a convincing option?

What Can PHP Developers Create?

Dedicated PHP developers can create remarkable things, including responsive websites, scalable web applications, desktop and mobile solutions, and more. Thanks to various frameworks and libraries, they can tackle even the most complex enterprise-level software projects. Let’s dive deeper into the services provided by PHP development experts.

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Web Development

PHP’s primary purpose is web development. It excels in various areas, including server-side back-end code, real-time web apps, WordPress plugins and themes, REST and web services, website cybersecurity, cloud integration, and database integration.

Since PHP serves as the backbone of websites, it easily connects with databases, making it an ideal choice for developing scalable software solutions, CMS, online stores, game apps, social networks, and more.

Mobile App Development

Contrary to popular belief, PHP is powerful enough to handle the back-end functionality of progressive mobile applications. It collects data from mobile devices, saves user settings, analyzes user behavior patterns, and more.

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Frameworks like Laravel and Symfony, combined with other PHP tools, provide an excellent foundation for building reliable and efficient mobile solutions.

Enterprise Software Development

PHP’s robustness allows it to scale to meet the demands of large organizations. PHP development companies can create high-quality enterprise-level software, including customer relationship management (CRM), content management (CMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and other services for enterprise asset management. The choice to adopt an existing PHP-based solution or build a new platform from scratch depends on the specific requirements of each project.

PHP Development Outsourcing? A Promising Plan!

While outsourcing development may not be a widespread practice, it is undoubtedly the future of how businesses search for IT talent. Therefore, when embarking on a PHP project, consider turning to outsourcing companies. Outsourcing can be a smart business decision that saves you time, money, and allows you to focus on your core responsibilities.

Here are a few key benefits you’ll enjoy when collaborating with a PHP development outsourcing company:

  • Cost-effective alternative to an in-house team
  • Access to the latest technology and a global talent pool
  • Faster time to market
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Transparent development process
  • Streamlined business processes

What About Hourly Rates?

Offshore PHP developers with expertise often charge between $32-45 per hour. However, rates can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and project requirements. Let’s take a closer look at the cost based on the location of a PHP outsourcing company.

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Ready to Outsource PHP Web Development Services?

You may come across criticism of PHP on the internet. However, it is essential to note that PHP has come a long way and is now a viable option for outsourcing development projects. With a thriving developer community and a vast ecosystem of libraries and tools, PHP continues to evolve. If you’re looking to reduce overhead costs, hiring a skilled PHP outsourcing partner for your next big project is a wise choice.

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