ProgramMatek: A Comprehensive Overview of the Onetrust WordPress Plugin


In the world of website compliance, navigating the cookie consent requirements of the EU GDPR and CCPA regulations can be a daunting task. This is where the Onetrust WordPress Plugin steps in. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Cookie Compliance, the plugin offers a simple yet customizable solution to help your website comply with the latest updates to existing consent laws. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the Onetrust WordPress Plugin, and how it enables websites to take a proactive approach to data protection and consent laws.

Cookie Notice: A User-Friendly Banner

The Cookie Notice component of the Onetrust WordPress Plugin provides a user-friendly banner that can be easily customized to meet your website’s specific needs. Its purpose is to ensure compliance with cookie consent requirements in a seamless manner. With the ability to set multiple cookie expiry options and synchronize with your WordPress Privacy Policy page, the Cookie Notice banner offers an excellent solution for complying with GDPR and CCPA regulations. Additionally, it is both WPML and Polylang compatible, ensuring a smooth integration with multilingual websites.

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Cookie Compliance: Taking Data Protection to the Next Level

The Onetrust WordPress Plugin goes beyond just a simple banner with its powerful Cookie Compliance web application. This fully featured Consent Management Platform (CMP) empowers websites to stay compliant with various data protection laws and regulations across more than 100 countries and legal jurisdictions. Let’s dive deeper into the features that make Cookie Compliance an essential tool for any website owner:

Intentional Consent: Empowering Visitors with Equal Choice

Cookie Compliance introduces the innovative concept of Intentional Consent. This feature provides site visitors with three equal buttons, allowing them to accept none, some, or all cookies through packaged choices called Data Access Levels. By offering equal choices in the first layer of consent, Intentional Consent complies with the equal choice principle prescribed by GDPR and other data protection laws.

Consent Duration Selector: Granting Control to Visitors

To align with the latest guidelines from EU Data Protection Authorities, Cookie Compliance includes a Consent Duration Selector. This feature allows visitors to control how long their consent remains valid for your site, ensuring compliance with the recommended consent validity period of up to six months.

Cookie Purpose Categories: Customizing Consent

Cookie Compliance makes it easy for website visitors to customize their consent by providing cookie purpose categories. This feature aligns with the affirmative, opt-in consent requirements prescribed by GDPR and other data protection laws, allowing visitors to have more control over their data privacy.

Consent Metrics: Transparency and Insights

With the Consent Metrics feature, Cookie Compliance displays the visitor’s consent record and a list of blocked or allowed third parties directly in the expanded level of the banner. This complies with the latest guidance from EU Data Protection Authorities, providing transparency and insights into the data privacy decisions made by site visitors.

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Customizable Privacy Paper: Enhancing Understanding

Cookie Compliance offers a customizable Privacy Paper that provides helpful information to improve visitor comprehension and understanding of the risks and benefits of data sharing. This feature allows you to summarize the core components of your site’s privacy notice and aligns with the informed principle prescribed by GDPR rules for valid consent capture.

Configurable Privacy Contact: Easy Access to Data Privacy Resources

To ensure compliance with GDPR rules for valid consent capture, Cookie Compliance allows you to provide contact information for a business’s data privacy admin. Additionally, it offers helpful links to data subject request forms and other data privacy resources, enhancing transparency and aligning with the informed principle.

Consent Analytics Dashboard: Monitoring Consent Activity

The Consent Analytics Dashboard provides website owners with valuable event data, including the number of visits and a “trust score” to track how site visitors are setting their consent. With this information, you can make adjustments to your banner to improve your cookie acceptance rate and monitor progress via the consent activity graph.

Default Configurations: Easy Deployment

Cookie Compliance comes with default configurations for GDPR, CCPA, and more. These configurations remove dark patterns and allow for quick and easy deployment of the consent banner, without any guesswork. You also have the flexibility to customize the design of any default configuration to match the look and feel of your site.

Automatic Script Blocking: Ensuring Compliance

To be compliant with GDPR and other data protection laws, Cookie Compliance includes automatic script blocking for all non-essential cookie scripts and iFrames by default. This ensures that your site records visitor consent before setting or sending cookies, protecting the privacy of your visitors.

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Consent Record Storage: Proof of Consent

Cookie Compliance automatically stores a record of each consent, providing proof-of-consent as required by GDPR and other data protection laws. These records are also available for export, allowing you to meet compliance obligations with ease.

Multilingual Support: Consistency Across Languages

With the Multilingual Support feature, Cookie Compliance automatically translates all banner text strings. You can also provide custom translations for every text field, ensuring that visitors receive a consistent consent experience, regardless of their preferred language.

Multidomain Management: Streamlined Control

Cookie Compliance allows you to manage additional domains under a single account. This feature is particularly useful if you own multiple websites or have subdomains. With multidomain management, you can customize banner configuration and design for each domain independently while maintaining a centralized control panel.


In an increasingly complex landscape of data protection and consent laws, the Onetrust WordPress Plugin offers a comprehensive solution to help your website comply with regulations and build trust with your visitors. With the user-friendly Cookie Notice banner and the powerful features of the Cookie Compliance web application, ProgramMatek provides a proactive approach to data privacy and consent. Stay ahead of the latest regulations, remove the risk to your business, and ensure a transparent and compliant online presence with the Onetrust WordPress Plugin. To learn more about ProgramMatek, visit their official website here.