Ocean Way Studios Plugin: Taking Convolution to the Next Level

Universal Audio’s Ocean Way Studios for their UAD platform is not your average room emulation plugin. While it captures the sound of multiple rooms in a single studio facility, it goes beyond simple convolution. The boffins at Universal Audio took it up a notch by capturing the sound from various positions in the rooms, using a wide range of mic pairs. This groundbreaking plugin was developed in collaboration with Allen Sides’ legendary Ocean Way Studios, known for its impeccable acoustics and prestigious history.

The Power of Convolution and Impulse Responses

Convolution technology allows us to capture the unique audio characteristics of a place or piece of gear. Universal Audio’s Ocean Way Studios combines convolution and impulse responses with innovative algorithmic reverb techniques. The result is a plugin that brings unparalleled realism to tracks that lack proper room miking. It’s a mature and incredibly useful technology that takes reverbs to new heights.

Ocean Way Studios

Realistic Room Emulation with a Twist

The Ocean Way Studios plugin provides a variety of dispersion patterns for different instruments. Whether it’s drums, strings, piano, or even guitar cabinets, there’s a dispersion pattern to suit your needs. These patterns come with meticulously chosen mic setups for near, mid, and far positions. You have the flexibility to continuously adjust the type of mics and distances within each location. This level of control significantly influences the final result, allowing you to create the perfect room sound.

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Two Modes of Operation: Reverb and Re-Mic

Ocean Way Studios offers two modes of operation: Reverb and Re-Mic. The Reverb mode functions as a traditional send effect, allowing you to control the amount of signal sent to the virtual space. On the other hand, the Re-Mic mode is a fully “wet” setting that should be used as an insert. The Re-Mic mode processes the dry signal to emulate the studio space itself, incorporating the characteristics of the room acoustics, source dispersion patterns, and microphones. It’s a lifesaver for recordings made in less-than-ideal environments.

Unleash the Power of Ocean Way Studios

As an experienced user of Ocean Way Studios, I’ve found it to be an indispensable tool in my workflow. Whether I’m working with Studio A or Studio B, the plugin’s sonic capabilities never fail to impress. Studio A, with its loft area above the control room, adds a beautiful sense of size and distance to drum recordings. The Mid mics, including the beloved RCA KU-3As, bring a tighter, early-reflection sound that adds depth to the kit. And when it comes to adding room ambience to recordings made in less-than-perfect spaces, Studio B comes to the rescue, transforming the sound into a whole new acoustic environment.

Experience the Magic of Ocean Way Studios

Universal Audio’s Ocean Way Studios is not just another reverb plugin. It’s a gateway to realistic room emulation that transports your recordings to extraordinary sonic landscapes. With its unrivaled attention to detail, this plugin delivers an experience unlike any other. While a resizable interface would be a welcome addition, it’s a small price to pay for the immense power and musicality that Ocean Way Studios brings. Don’t just take my word for it—discover the wonders of Ocean Way Studios for yourself. Visit ProgramMatek to learn more and unleash the magic within your music.

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