Migrating Email Accounts in Cpanel

Are you unsatisfied with your current hosting service provider and considering a switch? One of the main concerns when switching providers is the task of moving your email accounts, especially if you have numerous emails stored on the server that you cannot afford to lose. So, when you move your hosting account from one server to another, the most pressing question is how to transfer all the emails stored on the old server to the corresponding email accounts on the new server.

If your hosting cpanel allows you to take a full backup of your root directory, a simple option is to download a full backup from the old server and restore it on the new server. This method will automatically create all your email accounts on the new server with the same passwords and copy all the old email files. However, if you don’t have access to this facility or prefer not to do a full backup-restore (to avoid disturbing your website files on the new server), then this article will guide you on how to move emails from one hosting server to another. The process is relatively straightforward if both your source and destination accounts use cPanel.

If you find yourself in a situation where your source and destination hosting accounts use different types of control panels, refer to another article on how to move your email accounts from one hosting provider to another without losing any mails.

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Step 1. Creating Email Accounts on the New Server

The first step is to create all your email accounts on the new server, just as they exist on the old server. You can do this from your cPanel control panel on the new server. To access this option, click on the iconized link labeled Email Accounts.

Moving Email accounts from one cPanel server to another

Step 2. Downloading Emails from the Old Server

Next, you need to connect to your old hosting account via FTP and download all your email-related directories and files. Once you establish an FTP connection using any standard FTP client, navigate to the root directory of your hosting account. You will see a directory structure similar to the one shown below.

Moving Email accounts from one cPanel server to another

All your emails are located under the mail directory. When you navigate to the mail directory, you will find a structure similar to the one shown below. Make sure to download everything under the mail directory.

Moving Email accounts from one cPanel server to another

Just for the sake of understanding …

Drill down to the directory yourdomainname.com. In our example, it is how2lab.com. You will find a directory structure as shown below. Each listed directory corresponds to an email account on your old server.

Moving Email accounts from one cPanel server to another

Drill down further into any one of the listed sub-directories. You will see a structure like the one shown below. These are your email folders, and some or all of them will contain your email files that need to be moved to the new server.

Moving Email accounts from one cPanel server to another

Instead of moving emails directory by directory, it’s easier to download the entire set of directories and folders under the mail directory. So, download everything under the mail directory onto your local computer.

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Step 3: Moving Emails to the New Server

Now, disconnect from the old server and connect to the new server via FTP. Navigate to the mail directory on the new server and upload everything that you downloaded from the old mail directory. This will copy everything to the new server. If you already had some emails on the new server (in case you decided to move emails from the old server after operating the new one for some time), there’s no need to worry. The existing emails will remain intact, and your old emails will be added to the corresponding directories on the new server.

Once all the files are uploaded, you’re done! To verify that your old emails have successfully been moved into your newly created email accounts, log into your new email accounts using a webmail interface.

Remember, migrating email accounts between cPanel servers is a relatively straightforward process. By following these steps, you can seamlessly transfer all your important emails from one server to another with ease.