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JavaScript is a versatile programming language that adds interactivity to static HTML pages. It’s lightweight and interpreted, with object-oriented capabilities.

HTML and CSS are the foundation of web development. HTML provides page structure, while CSS handles layout and style. JavaScript, combined with graphics and scripting, enhances web pages and web applications.

ProgramMatek’s Algorithm Training Institute offers comprehensive JavaScript training in Hyderabad, led by real-time experts. We provide online and classroom training, corporate training, and job support. Our training is available in India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, UAE, and Malaysia.

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Advantages of using JavaScript:

  • Minimal server interaction
  • Immediate feedback to visitors
  • Enhanced interactivity
  • Richer interfaces

Why Choose Algorithm Training Institute:

  • Training by Real-time Expert Trainer
  • Live Online Classes
  • Free Study Material
  • Flexible Class Schedules


All attendees should have a basic understanding of HTML elements.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 40 hours
  • Time: 8:30 AM or 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM
  • Mode: Classroom or Online
  • Project: Yes
  • Course Fee: Contact Us



Course Content:

HTML Lessons

Basic HTML Elements

  • The main HTML elements: HEAD, TITLE, BODY, and the general structure of an HTML document.

Building and Editing HTML Webpage

  • Learn how to build and edit a HTML webpage using a simple text editor.

HTML Headings and Comments

  • Understand HTML headings: h1, h2, … h6, and how to add comments to an HTML document.

Paragraphs, Line Break, Horizontal Rule

  • Create paragraphs, add line breaks, and horizontal rules in your HTML content.

HTML Text Formatting

  • Use formatting tags such as bold, italic, underline, strike, and more.

HTML Lists (UL, OL, LI, DL)

  • Create unordered, ordered, and definition lists in your web page.

Adding Images

  • Easily add images to your web page using the IMG tag and its attributes.

Hyperlinks – Links

  • Increase the interactivity of your web page by adding hyperlinks.

Image Map

  • Create image maps with multiple areas and links within a single image.

HTML Tables

  • Work with tables, including table elements, rows, cols, thead, tbody, caption, and attributes.

Forms and Input

  • Learn how to create forms and utilize various input fields and form elements.

New Form Elements and Attributes in HTML5

  • Explore new form input types and attributes introduced in HTML5.
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CSS – Cascading Style Sheets in HTML

  • Apply formatting to your HTML using CSS rules in internal and external style sheets.


  • Understand and use the DIV and SPAN HTML tags, along with CSS styles.

Using Frames

  • Work with frames using FRAME, FRAMESET, and IFRAME.

HTML Meta tags for Search Engines

  • Optimize your web pages for search engines using meta tags like content, description, keywords, author, and alternate.

HTML Object Tag

  • Embed media content such as images, Java applets, movies, audio, SWF Flash, PDF files, or even another HTML file on your web page.


  • Learn the differences between XHTML and HTML, including XHTML syntax rules.

Colors – Codes and Names

  • Understand and utilize colors in web pages using hexadecimal and RGB codes.

HTML Symbol Entities

  • Explore symbol entities supported by HTML, including mathematical symbols, Latin characters, Greek letters, and more.

JavaScript Course Content

Introduction to JavaScript

  • Discover the basics of JavaScript and how it’s used to create interactive webpages and web applications.

JavaScript Syntax

  • Learn the code structure and syntax of JavaScript, including writing and using JS code within an HTML page or an external file.

Variables and Operators

  • Understand the fundamentals of variables and operators in JavaScript.

Conditional Statements if, else, switch

  • Use conditional statements like if, else, and switch to make decisions in your scripts.

For Loops

  • Utilize the for…in and for each…in loops to repeat sections of code a certain number of times.

While Loops

  • Learn how to use while loops and do-while loops in JavaScript.

Alert, Confirm, and Prompt

  • Utilize pre-defined JavaScript windows like Alert, Confirm, and Prompt.
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  • Declare and call functions with or without parameters in JavaScript.

Functions – Scope, Arguments, and Recursive

  • Explore different ways to declare functions and understand variable scope, arguments, and nested and recursive functions.

JavaScript Strings

  • Create and manipulate strings in JavaScript, and learn about the properties and methods of the string object.

JavaScript Arrays

  • Work with arrays in JavaScript, including creating and manipulating arrays and accessing array elements.

Associative Arrays

  • Create and use associative arrays in JavaScript, and learn how to access and traverse their elements.

The Number and Math Objects

  • Perform calculations and complex operations with the Number and Math objects in JavaScript.

Date Object

  • Set and retrieve time values using the Date object in JavaScript.

Global Object

  • Learn about the Global object in JavaScript, along with its properties and methods.

Window Object

  • Introduction to the Window object in JavaScript, including its properties and methods.

Document Object – DOM

  • Access and manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM) with JavaScript, and learn about the properties and methods of the Document object.

Document Object and Forms

  • Access and modify form data using the Document object and the DOM hierarchy.

Navigator and History Objects

  • Explore the navigator and history objects in JavaScript and their properties, methods, and examples.

Location and Screen Objects

  • Discover the location and screen objects in JavaScript, along with their properties, methods, and examples.

Anchor and Link Object

  • Learn about the anchor and link objects in JavaScript, representing HTML hyperlink tags.

Form, Text, Textarea, File Objects

  • Explore form sub-objects, including text, password, hidden, textarea, and file, along with their properties, methods, and events.

Buttons, Checkbox, Radio, Select, Option Objects

  • Understand buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, select, and option objects in JavaScript forms.

JavaScript Events

  • Add events to your HTML page, including a list of JavaScript events for the window, mouse, form elements, and keyboard.

Register Event Handlers and Detect Events

  • Register event handlers and detect events using the addEventListener method in JavaScript.

Image Object

  • Create simple image effects and preload images using the Image object in JavaScript.

Frame / IFrame Object

  • Access frame elements, navigate frames, and utilize the properties of the Frame and IFrame objects.


  • Create, read, and delete cookies in JavaScript, and work with data from cookies.

Working with getElementById

  • Use the getElementById DOM method to access and manipulate data in an HTML document.

Working with getElementsByTagName

  • Use the getElementsByTagName DOM method to work with HTML tags and elements.

createElement and insertBefore

  • Create and add HTML elements to your web page using the createElement and insertBefore methods in JavaScript.

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