JavaScript Proficiency Test

Are you looking to assess the programming skills of potential candidates? Our JavaScript online test can help you identify the most promising developers in just 35 minutes.

Assessment Made Easy

Our quiz consists of 20 thoughtfully crafted questions, written and reviewed by a team of veteran JavaScript developers. It covers a wide range of JavaScript topics, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of candidates’ programming abilities. With our test, finding the best candidates to interview is as simple as checking your email!

What’s Included in the Test?

JavaScript – 20 Questions

  • General JavaScript, Operators, and Statements
  • Functions and Scope, Passing by Reference vs. by Value
  • JavaScript Objects, Arrays
  • Using JavaScript in Browsers: DOM, Events, Security

Branding Customization

Would you like the JavaScript coding test to reflect your brand? No problem! With our custom branding feature, you can seamlessly incorporate your company’s domain and logo into the test. Your applicants will think these programming assessment tests are exclusively yours!


“They totally blow away the competition as far as a better product value.” – Maurice H. on ProgramMatek

Impressive PDF Reports

As a recruitment firm, wouldn’t it be great to provide your clients with branded reports of your candidates? Our test reports come in PDF format, making them easy to read, share, and print. Make a lasting impression with ProgramMatek!

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JavaScript Test Report

Sample JS Test Question

Which JavaScript snippet will display an alert box containing “Hello John Doe”?

The correct answers are 1 and 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does every candidate have to answer the same questions?

Yes, the JavaScript test consists of the same questions for each candidate. It ensures a fair comparison of candidates’ abilities. Different questions would mean different difficulty levels, so it’s essential to maintain consistency. However, the order of questions and answers is randomized for each applicant.

2. How should I interpret the exam scores?

When interpreting exam scores, it’s crucial to consider the context. Suppose you have 5 candidates scoring 35, 45, 60, 65, and 80, out of a maximum possible score of 100. In that case, we recommend inviting the last three candidates (scoring 60, 65, and 80) for a live interview, rather than focusing solely on the highest score.

3. Coding Test vs. Quiz

Our test is presented in a multiple-choice or quiz format, eliminating the need for manual code evaluation. A coding test would require extensive manual checking, which is impractical.

4. What skill level is the test for?

The test is primarily designed for mid-level developers, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of their skills.

5. What about junior and senior level developers?

While the test is suitable for junior programmers, it’s recommended to adjust the acceptance score accordingly. Similarly, the test can be used to evaluate senior JavaScript developers, with an increased acceptance score. While some argue that using a test meant for mid-level developers may not be ideal for assessing senior developers’ expertise, it can help verify their knowledge and capabilities. Anyone can claim to be a senior developer on their resume, but this JavaScript skills test will separate the real experts from the rest!

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At ProgramMatek, we strive to provide you with the best tools to identify top-tier JavaScript developers.