Introducing the Indesign Translation Plugin: Achieve Seamless Document Translation with Redokun

If you’re looking for a tool that allows you to translate an entire document while preserving its design, look no further. As an InDesign workflow expert, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Redokun, an innovative cloud-based InDesign translator and plugin that will revolutionize your translation process.

Redokun: The Ultimate InDesign Translator & Plugin

Redokun is a cloud-based InDesign translator that anyone can use on their browser, regardless of their InDesign proficiency. With Redokun, you can effortlessly translate your entire InDesign document in just five simple steps:

  1. Export your INDD file as an IDML document.
  2. Create an account on Redokun and upload your document.
  3. Set your target language(s) and invite your translators.
  4. Translate the text in context using the Web Editor, which is integrated with Google Translate and DeepL.
  5. Download the completed translation in IDML format for each target language.

But wait, there’s more! Redokun also offers a free plugin for Adobe InDesign that enhances the translation experience even further. By adding enhanced metadata to your IDML file, Redokun generates page previews for in-context translating and properly parses the text in the correct order for your translators. To download Redokun’s free plugin for Adobe InDesign, click here.

Why Choose Redokun?

Redokun is not just a translation tool; it’s a comprehensive translation management system (TMS) that brings connectivity and automation to your InDesign workflow. Here are some key benefits of using Redokun:

  • Automatic Text Extraction and Parsing: Redokun automatically extracts and parses the text from all InDesign layers, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Translation Memories: Approach your translation process like expert translators and localization teams by using Translation Memories (TM). Save your confirmed translations for later reuse and reference past translations quickly.
  • Instant Translation Suggestions: Translate the text without switching to another tool. With Redokun, you can click a button and instantly get translation suggestions from Google Translate and DeepL.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with your team. Share the same screen while translating a file, tag each other at precise points within the text for troubleshooting, and communicate effectively outside of InDesign.
  • Effortless Revisions: Implement revisions to all language versions quickly. Simply upload the updated version of your original file, and Redokun handles the rest, from adding new text to informing your translators about any new segments to be translated.
  • Progress Tracking: Easily oversee the progress of all languages without confusion. From the project dashboard, view the progress of all target languages and download auto-generated IDML documents for each language upon completion.
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The Limitations of Standalone InDesign Translation Plugins

While a translation plugin may suffice for individual tasks in InDesign, it falls short when it comes to large-scale and long-term translation projects executed by teams. Here’s why:

  • Limited Features: Plugins lack important features that ramp up translation speed, such as Translation Memories and basic collaboration tools.
  • Translator Training: Not all translators are trained in InDesign. For successful collaboration, quick extraction of InDesign text and the ability to put translations together seamlessly are essential. A plugin can’t support both needs, but a translation management system can.
  • Maintenance and Support: Plugins are not always well-maintained or supported. Relying on third-party developers for bug fixes and updates can lead to frustration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you may have about Redokun:

  1. How do I install Redokun InDesign Translator? You don’t have to install anything! Redokun is a cloud-based solution. Simply create an account here and start uploading your documents.
  2. Does Redokun InDesign translation plugin work on Windows? Yes, the plugin is compatible with both Windows and macOS systems.
  3. What if I want to translate documents other than InDesign? Redokun supports various file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SRT subtitles, HTML, XLIFF, and more. The process of uploading and translating documents remains the same.

In Conclusion

Although an InDesign translation plugin may seem like the obvious choice, it falls short when it comes to continuous translation work or larger content marketing strategies. Consistency in output and processes is paramount in such projects. That’s where a dedicated InDesign translation management system like Redokun shines. Experience the power of Redokun by starting a free trial today, with no strings attached, and transform your translation workflow.

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