Import Amazon Reviews to Woocommerce


Are you looking to import product reviews from AliExpress and Amazon to your Woocommerce store? Look no further than IRivYou, the best reviews importer for Woocommerce. With IRivYou, you can easily add real reviews with authentic images to your website, boosting your chances of making more sales. Whether you’re involved in dropshipping or affiliate marketing, this plugin is the perfect choice for maximizing your business potential.

How Does the Plugin Work?

AliExpress and Amazon Reviews by IRivYou allow you to effortlessly import reviews from both AliExpress and Amazon to your Woocommerce store. This plugin supports almost all Amazon and AliExpress domains, giving you the flexibility you need. With IRivYou, you can edit and display all the review details on your Woocommerce store. If you’re in the dropshipping or affiliate business, this plugin is a game-changer, providing you with valuable social proof to optimize your business.

Enhance Your Sales with Real Reviews

As a dropshipper or affiliate marketer, having an efficient and reliable plugin like iRivYou is a must. By importing and creating your own dropshipping Woocommerce reviews, you can establish trust and increase conversation rates effortlessly. With iRivYou Reviews for Amazon and AliExpress, you’ll have all the tools you need to boost sales and credibility.

Boost Your SEO with IRivYou

AliExpress and Amazon Reviews by IRivYou not only helps you increase sales but also optimizes your dropshipping store’s SEO score. Instead of considering Woocommerce reviews solely as feedback, think of them as valuable content. Search engines like Google see customer reviews as fresh content to crawl. These reviews often contain keywords that are relevant to your business, products, services, or location. By leveraging the power of customer reviews, you can improve your search rankings and overall SEO efforts.

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What Does IRivYou Offer?

IRivYou consists of a WordPress plugin and a chrome extension. To get started, download the chrome extension for free from here. This dropshipping plugin is an excellent alternative to Ryviu.

Features of IRivYou

  • Import reviews from AliExpress, including images, review content, rating, author name, country of the review, and product specification.
  • Import reviews from Amazon, including images, review content, rating, author name, country of the review, and product specification.
  • Customize all the review details before importing.
  • Filter reviews by images or text.
  • Replace keyword occurrences with SEO links.
  • Add manual reviews from scratch.
  • Add tags to reviews.
  • Remove keywords from reviews.
  • Add keywords to reviews.
  • Replace keywords inside reviews.
  • Scale review images to fit your needs.

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To get started with IRivYou, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the chrome extension from here.
  2. Connect the extension to your store.

Next, install the WordPress plugin:

  1. Install the iRivYou Reviews for Amazon and AliExpress plugin from the WordPress directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


For any support requests, please use the contact form on the ProgramMatek website or send an email to