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Before diving into the world of free news website templates, have you ever wondered what really happens on the internet every second? Let’s take a look at some stats on what occurs in one second on major platforms as I write this post:

  • 66,521 Google searches
  • 73,516 YouTube videos viewed
  • 8,009 Tweets

News spreads like wildfire across the globe within a fraction of a second. News websites must be able to share information rapidly. These free news website templates will help you create a website that can share news as it happens.

One of the main challenges news websites face is organizing a massive amount of content. Without proper organization, the site can appear cluttered and disorganized. Grouping content alone does not solve the problem; there are certain pieces that need to be highlighted. Therefore, the default layout must have the option to showcase trending topics. In this list of free news website templates, we have selected templates that offer major options to create an effective news website.

Running a news website requires various tools and custom functionalities. All these free news website templates take care of the basic features so that as a developer, you can focus on creating advanced options. With that said, let’s delve into the free news website templates list.

Best Free and Premium News Website Templates

Magdesign (Bootstrap 5)

bootstrap 5 news website template

Magdesign is a trendy magazine and news website template powered by the latest Bootstrap 5 framework.

This template provides all the goodness of Bootstrap 5, including big sections and a super-responsive layout that delivers an impeccable mobile experience. Simply add your content to the website and share it with the world. For a more dynamic experience, you can easily convert this template into a CMS theme like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, and more. Since this template follows professional code standards, converting it into a CMS theme will be seamless for developers.

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image-rich magazine and news website template

Magaznpro is the best news website template for professional news and magazine sites.

The image-rich layout of this template allows site owners to deliver an immersive experience to their audience. Users can quickly find interesting topics and start reading. This template contains lots of interactive elements, all of which work smoothly from the front-end side, allowing developers to focus on the backend. News sites that focus on video content will also appreciate this template, as it includes sections to showcase videos. Overall, Magaznpro is a smart news website template for the instant news sharing world of today.

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fashion news website template

Fantom is a fashion news website template. Its simple and clean layout makes it a better option for news websites that are just starting out or gradually gaining momentum. On the homepage header section, you have space to list featured articles. This template includes all the basic elements and pages needed for a news website. If desired, you can customize the design to fit your website.

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news and magazine website template

News is a clean news website template with a well-organized layout. All elements and content spaces are intact within the given space. As a result, you get a website template that is easy to use on both large and small screens. Bright colors and content cards are used effectively to highlight important sections and featured content. As most modern news websites need to handle video content, this template also includes a separate video section on the homepage, allowing the audience to easily find and play videos without leaving the page.

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Tech News (FREE)


Tech News is one of the best free news website templates available on the web. Its quality is attested to by over 2000 downloads. The smart design of this template keeps all content inline, resulting in a well-structured layout. The template features plenty of white space, elegantly presenting news content without any distractions.

Different-colored tags are used to easily identify content categories. Each content block includes the option to display share counts and the number of comments. The header provides space for featured content, while the footer includes a widget for integrating Instagram feeds.

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Awesome Magazine

future-proof blog template and magazine template

Awesome Magazine is a clean and interactive magazine and news website template. The ample use of white space and light color shades throughout the template enhances the overall ambiance. All elements and content look crisp on this clean layout. The top navigation bar lists important post categories, allowing users to easily jump to their desired category regardless of their location on the website. For video content, a pulse animation is used for the play button, visually indicating to the audience that videos can be played. Overall, Awesome Magazine is a thoughtfully designed modern magazine website template.

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proper news website template

In the Magnews2 template, the creator has neatly organized and categorized the content, making it easy for users to find the stories they want. The homepage provides space to add ad banners for easy monetization of your website. The top bar allows you to include a weather widget, member login, and signup links. Like other free news website templates, this template includes mega menu options for organizing links. All the basic elements are included in this template, allowing you to concentrate on developing custom elements and pages.

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feature-rich news website template

Aznews is a modern-day news website template designed to handle different types of content. The designer has done a phenomenal job of organizing the content, making it easy for users to find and read the news. The default design itself includes plenty of ad banner spaces, allowing you to focus on news articles rather than rearranging content to make space for ads. All elements work flawlessly, meeting all your front-end needs. Backend work becomes easier with the friendly code structure, and you can even convert this template into a CMS theme if desired.

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easy-to-interact website template

NewsFlex is a clean news website template. The designer has effectively used white space to elegantly present the content, making it easy for users to read and interact with your website. This template recognizes the significance of videos in the modern news industry, providing dedicated space for adding videos and YouTube video collections. The ample space allows you to add banners, newsletter forms, and more. All basic pages are included, allowing you to focus on custom pages as needed.

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interactive website template

Ednews provides a traditional news website experience with a modern touch. It includes all the elements you would expect from a news website template, along with additional modern elements to meet users’ present-day needs. This template is primarily focused on content, with elements utilized effectively to engage your audience. As an HTML5 website template, it flawlessly handles videos and audios. The friendly code structure makes backend work easier, and you can even convert this template into a CMS theme.

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Sports News (FREE)


Sports News is a free template designed exclusively for sports news enthusiasts. With its clean, engaging design, this template showcases hot news effectively. The visual effects are kept simple to meet professional website standards, yet they are strategically placed to catch users’ attention. This well-coded website template has been endorsed by numerous users and developers, as evidenced by over 3000 downloads. The default design includes space for adding ad banners, eliminating the need for rearranging articles.

Segmented news sections on the homepage save time for users, allowing them to easily find the news they are interested in and directly jump to the respective article. Since this is an HTML5 template, videos and audio can be added easily.

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finance news website template

Newsbit is specifically designed for finance niche news websites. Its simple and straightforward design enhances user interaction, and being mobile responsive, you can reach all types of audiences on the go. A dedicated widget is provided to showcase currency values. This HTML template includes all icons, fonts, and other styling elements, simplifying the customization process.

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gaming news website template

Amin is another niche-specific news website template designed for gaming news sites. Stylish fonts and bright colors give this template a typical gaming website look. Elements are sharp and look great on high-resolution screens and mobile phones. A dedicated review page is provided alongside regular news pages, making it easy to create a proper website. If you plan to provide profile pages for users where they can find the news they read and engage with other content, check out our bootstrap profile page examples collection.

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travel news website template

Explore website template is designed for travel stories and travel news websites. The trendy fonts add a cool look to this template. As modern typography becomes more popular in design, content-focused websites like news and blog sites are being refreshed with new designs. Although this is a free template, you have plenty of options, including three homepage variations and three different single post layouts. Using free news website templates like this will save you time and money.

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news website with interactive content blocks

If you’re looking for modern, colorful news and magazine website templates, Eden might inspire you. Content blocks are used to organize content within the given space in an elegant manner. The clean white background ensures that text and blog post images are clearly visible. Like other free news website templates in this list, Eden is also mobile-responsive out of the box. Even on mobile devices, the beautiful design remains intact. Eden is a premium-quality website template.

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news website template with minimal design

Meranda uses a minimalistic design to provide a distraction-free environment for your readers. Trendy fonts give this template a stylish look. Proper sizes for H1, H2, and paragraph text enable easy highlighting of important content. The entire code script is available for your convenience. Using CSS3, this template can handle all modern colors and fonts. Customizing this template is a breeze for developers.

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Hikers is an elegant, simple website template for magazines and blogs. Its straightforward design provides a distraction-free environment for your readers. Big sections and image holders allow you to present content engagingly. Different color tags are used to organize content and help users easily find what they are looking for. Visual effects are minimal, allowing for faster loading times. The absence of a sidebar on the homepage streamlines the content, while a sidebar is available on single post pages. If you monetize your website with ads, you may need to rearrange the homepage slightly to accommodate them.

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Vizew is a dark-themed website template for magazines with rich multimedia content. It’s perfect for websites that focus on video content or have an active YouTube channel. The contrast of red colors against the dark theme enhances the visibility of important web elements. From the homepage, users can see details such as comments, views, and likes for each post. Overall, Vizew is designed to keep your readers engaged.

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Bold (FREE)


Bold is a simple website template for agencies and small news sites. Minimal website design enthusiasts will appreciate this template, as it focuses on providing a clean environment. With plenty of white space, this template elegantly presents news content without any distractions. Bold, clean texts improve readability on both small screens and large desktop monitors.

It’s important to note that this template is not suitable for large news sites. However, developers can customize the template to suit their needs. Bold uses HTML5, CSS3, and the Bootstrap framework. With its global code standards, developers will find it easy to work with this template.

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Mag offers a three-column design, providing ample space for adding numerous contents. Well-organized sections give the website a clutter-free appearance. Users can easily find the topics they are interested in without spending much time. The header features a large image slider, which can even showcase videos. You can use the slider to highlight important and latest news articles.

Since video content is in high demand, the developer has created room for adding videos. Being an HTML5 template, it natively supports multimedia content such as video and audio. The sidebar space allows you to add ad banners, monetizing your website. Other useful features include a mega menu option and user login functionality. If you plan to build a community on your news site, this template is ideal. It is highly flexible and can be integrated with various modern platforms and tools.

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VideoMag is a dark-themed website template suitable for both magazine and news websites. If you focus on video content, including exclusive interviews and live coverage, this template is an excellent choice. The full-width layout and generous white space allow you to effectively present multiple contents on a single page. Big, bold texts separate sections, keeping them organized.

This template caters well to video content, and special attention has been given to integrating videos into the design. The contrast of red colors against the dark theme effectively highlights important web elements. From the homepage, users can view details such as comments, likes, and date of each post. Video single post layouts are included, making it convenient to create video review posts, similar to CNET or The Verge.

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Smashed is a cool and trendy news and magazine website template. Its futuristic design makes it perfect for revamping existing news websites or designing websites that cover a wide range of categories. The bright red color scheme stands out on the dark theme, effectively highlighting important web elements. The header features a tile-like design that showcases important and latest news in each category.

Hover effects are used to present images interactively to users. The absence of a sidebar on the homepage is compensated by its presence on single post pages. The professional fonts used in this template ensure easy readability. White texts on the clean, dark background are easily legible and easy on the eyes. The footer provides space for an about section, quick links, and hot news.

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Techmag is specifically designed for technology-based news websites. If you aspire to create a website similar to Engadget or 9to5Mac, this template is perfect for you. With this template, you have ample space for images and text on the homepage, allowing you to curate content and present it engagingly to users. The template includes designated spaces for ad banners, making monetization seamless. Tags of different colors are used to help users easily identify the topics they are interested in. Social media profile links are provided in both the top bar and footer. A separate page for categories and single blog posts is included. Each article has a special bar for users to share your content.

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Sensive features a full-width layout, but the designer has skillfully arranged the contents, creating a neat boxed-width appearance. This clean layout enhances the overall look of your magazine website. No matter how many contents you add to the homepage, the neat layout ensures a visually pleasing presentation to your audience. Texts are perfectly sized for easy readability, even on small screens. Since this is a mobile-responsive website, the chosen fonts ensure legibility on small screens. Sensive is a perfect fit for magazine websites that are gradually gaining momentum.

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Revive is similar to Sensive but offers different elements. The header features a creative image slider designed using HTML5 script. By keeping the elements within the code, plugin usage is minimized. The template follows industry code standards, making it easy to convert to a CMS theme such as WordPress. Revive is a great choice for beginners and small magazines, as it provides all the basic elements and fundamental features.

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Quitelight is a creative and trendy news and magazine website template. It offers a premium-quality design for free. The code is clean and well-written, making it easy for other developers to customize the template. The full-width layout is effectively used to display big content blocks and interactive web elements.

As video content becomes more popular, Quitelight provides ample space for videos. Being an HTML5 template, it can handle all kinds of multimedia content. Texts are bigger and bolder, enhancing user interaction. You can even integrate this template into your existing project or use it as a base to create your own custom template.

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Viral is the most colorful template in this collection of free news website templates. It includes a complete website with pre-designed pages and options. Simply add your content and launch your website. You can convert this template into other popular CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla. The template follows industry coding practices, ensuring seamless integration with modern web tools. The top bar includes a text-rotating web element that can be used to display a welcome message or the latest news links.

If you plan to cover other topics on your news website with contributors, you can utilize the submit post option. Take a look at our admin dashboard template collection for easy content management and publishing. Viral employs a trendy gradient color scheme throughout the template. If you aspire to have a theme color similar to TNW, you’ll be impressed with the default color scheme.

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Newspaper is a proper news website template that meets all expectations. This template includes modern web elements to cater to users’ needs. The homepage displays news content as soon as users land on your site. Between sections, you’ll find full-width carousels for displaying some of your YouTube channel videos. The default red color scheme enhances the visibility of required web elements. In the top bar, you can include flash news to keep users updated about the latest events. Member login and register options are also available. If you plan to implement a paywall strategy, the member access links will come in handy. The footer provides ample space to add all page links, widgets, and contact details. Mega menu options allow for organized categorization of news and inclusion of promotional banners.

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Avision is a modern news website template. It features modern web elements for effectively handling multiple content elements within the given space. Ample space is provided between elements and texts to prevent a cluttered appearance. The homepage includes a sidebar for sharing related content, tags, latest posts, and ad banners. A weather widget is also present. Please note that since this is an HTML template, you’ll need to manually implement the weather widget for accurate results.

Content blocks with rounded corners fit in well with other modern web elements. Carousels are available in various sizes for added content within the given space. This template provides the homepage design and single post design. If you require more options, you can use this template as a base to create a complete website to your liking.

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World is an interactive news and magazine website template. With its neat animation effects and clean design, it allows you to share world news in an engaging way. Visual effects help highlight important news among hundreds of other articles. All news items are neatly categorized on the homepage, making it easy for users to find the news they’re interested in. This template places equal importance on images and text content. Effective use of white space ensures neat presentation of content, regardless of the number of articles you share on the homepage. Like other modern free news website templates, World is also mobile-optimized, allowing readers to conveniently access news on their mobile devices.

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Magnews is the best news website template for sharing current events as they happen. If your news site is known for providing timely news, you’ll find this template extremely useful. With big, bold content blocks and texts, this template easily highlights important news among hundreds of other articles. Magnews does not follow a uniform size for content blocks, allowing you to easily highlight important news in larger blocks.

The header includes an image slider, and images can be displayed in both landscape and portrait mode. You can add news titles, dates, and category tags to the slider. Hover effects add an interactive feel.

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The Gazette


The Gazette is a premium-class news website template available for free. Its default design allows you to create a versatile news website. You can share headlines, stock market values, and highlight featured news. These options are typically expected from a premium template, but The Gazette offers them for free. You’re welcome to thank us in the comments section below 😉

The top bar provides space for live stock market values. The header features an image slider, and a flash news slider is present just below the header. Visual effects are simple and neat, thanks to HTML5, CSS3, and the Bootstrap framework.

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Stuff is a modern news website template that deviates from traditional news website design. With bold texts and neat content categorization, this template allows you to create a unique-looking news website. The mixed-sized content blocks are an advantage of this template, enabling you to easily highlight important news. As an HTML5 website template, it can accommodate your video content, whether it be exclusive videos or those from popular platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. This multi-page template allows you to provide detailed information in separate pages without any hassle.

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Original is a magazine-style blog website template. With its creative design and modern web elements, this template helps you create a news site that stands out from the rest. Original is a brand-focused website template that ensures a consistent design flow and clear branding, leaving a lasting impression on your visitors.

The top bar provides an attention-grabbing scroll message that can be used to display the latest news. The template reserves a separate row for your logo, with space below for navigation menu options. The smart navigation bar remains sticky as users scroll down. A subscription call-to-action button can also be included in the navigation menu bar. The featured image slider highlights trending news, and the footer section includes a full-width Instagram feed widget.

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Sasha is more than just a magazine website template. With five homepage designs to choose from, each with a different layout, there’s an option that closely matches a news site. Sasha offers a minimalistic news website layout with subtle animation effects. Moreover, this template provides many web elements that may prove useful as your site grows.

With big, bold fonts, Sasha easily highlights important texts. As a blog website template, Sasha employs great font selection, ensuring visitors have an excellent reading experience. The sidebar allows you to include promotional content and ad banners. The only thing missing is ad banners within the content. This template supports different post formats, including galleries, videos, and audio.

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Article is a potential news website and travel website template with a feature-rich design. This template offers the basic framework, providing ample options for creating an effective news site. The header showcases featured news with an image slider, hot topic action, and neat carousels. Beneath each content on the homepage, you can display the number of likes and comments. Article is recommended for developers, as it offers all the basic features and options required for a news site. It uses HTML5, CSS3, and the Bootstrap framework. All the groundwork is already in place, so you can focus on adding the required elements.

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Blogger is a feature-rich news website template that can also be used for travel websites. It provides the basic framework from which you can create your own custom news website template. Hence, this template is recommended for developers. It includes all necessary features and options for creating an effective news site. The featured news section in the header includes an image slider, while hot topic sections allow you to highlight trending news. The template uses gradient colors to provide a lively feel.

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Yummy is primarily a food website template, but its flexible layout closely matches that of a news site. The default design makes it suitable for photography websites as well, as it emphasizes images. Visual effects play an important role in this template, where images take precedence. Hover effects are used to display text content. Another unique feature of this template is the background option, which allows you to choose between a clean background or an image background.

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Bona is a news board website template that effectively manages a large amount of content. Its grid-like layout maximizes the amount of content displayed on a single page. This Pinterest-style design allows you to present images and content elegantly. Rather than using pagination, this template employs AJAX-style loading. If you’re looking for free news website templates with interactive designs, Bona may be just what you need.

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Dorne is a directory website template that can be adapted for news websites. Its default design makes it suitable for news and review websites. To help users easily find content, all articles are grouped into different sections. This template provides a premium-quality design for free, with pixel-perfect attention to detail. The template is fully mobile responsive, and all basic aspects are already taken care of. Developers simply need to add the required elements.

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Now that you have explored various free news website templates, it’s time to