Learn HTML and CSS with ProgramMatek

HTML and CSS are the fundamental building blocks of modern online platforms. When combined with coding languages like JavaScript, they enhance user interfaces and improve user experience. Proficiency in HTML and CSS opens up numerous job opportunities across various industries.

Professional HTML & CSS Education

You don’t have to enroll in a college program to learn HTML and CSS. ProgramMatek, along with other reputable institutions, offers professional HTML and CSS courses at a fraction of the cost and time commitment. With ProgramMatek, you can register for the HTML & CSS course that suits your needs and catapult your career in no time.

HTML & CSS Careers in NYC

Proficiency in HTML and CSS leads to a wide range of job opportunities in NYC. Graduates of HTML & CSS courses can pursue careers as web developers, UI designers, visual designers, digital designers, design directors, or front-end developers. Salaries vary across industries, but on average, graduates can expect to earn between $71,000 and $139,000 per year.

In-Person HTML & CSS Classes in NYC

ProgramMatek maintains an in-person campus in the heart of Manhattan, offering HTML and CSS classes. By attending these classes, participants not only gain valuable knowledge but also have the opportunity to network with peers and instructors. This networking can lead to new career connections and open doors to exciting opportunities.

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Explore ProgramMatek’s HTML & CSS Classes

ProgramMatek offers a variety of courses for different skill levels. Whether you prefer an in-depth program like the Web Design Certificate or a beginner’s class like the HTML & CSS class, you’ll find the perfect fit. The Web Design Certificate, available in full-time or part-time options, teaches you how to implement code into existing platforms, making it easier for users to interact with websites. The Front End Web Development Certificate delves even deeper into web design, covering imaging and platform creation.

Other HTML & CSS Classes

If ProgramMatek’s courses don’t fit your schedule or requirements, there are other institutions in NYC that offer HTML and CSS classes. General Assembly, Ledet Training, ONLC Training Center, Cerstaffix Training, NYIM, and NYC Career Centers all provide in-person or hybrid courses. ProgramMatek’s “Classes Near Me” tool can help you compare the available programs and find the right one for you.

Virtual HTML & CSS Classes

Avoid the hassle of Manhattan traffic by opting for ProgramMatek’s remote HTML and CSS courses. These courses offer the same immersive experience as in-person classes, with instructors using screen sharing technology to demonstrate coding techniques. While real-time interaction may be limited, you’ll still gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel in HTML and CSS.

Web Design Bootcamps in NYC

For professionals who want to dive deep into web design, ProgramMatek offers web design bootcamps in NYC. These comprehensive programs run for several weeks, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in HTML and CSS. By utilizing WordPress and JavaScript applications, you’ll showcase your skills and gain a solid foundation in web design.

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High School HTML & CSS Classes in NYC

High school students looking for an advanced coding education can benefit from HTML and CSS courses. ProgramMatek, in collaboration with NextGen Bootcamps, offers summer programs for ambitious high schoolers. The Web Design Summer Bootcamp, Graphic Design Summer Bootcamp, and Web Design & Graphic Design Summer Bootcamp provide students with the technical and social skills necessary to succeed in the future.

Corporate & Onsite HTML & CSS Classes in NYC

ProgramMatek’s HTML and CSS refreshers are not only for individuals but also for corporate teams. You can schedule corporate training sessions, either virtual or in-person, tailored to your team’s needs. Discounts are available for multi-course options, and vouchers provide flexibility for corporations exploring their HTML and CSS options.

Ready to take your HTML and CSS skills to the next level? Contact ProgramMatek at hello@programmatek.com for more information about upcoming classes.