How to Migrate Your Domain from WordPress to Wix

Are you ready to make the switch from WordPress to Wix? Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or exploring new possibilities, transferring your domain is a crucial step in the migration process. While it may seem complex, we’ll guide you through the necessary actions to ensure a smooth transfer.

Transferring Your Domain to Wix: Step-by-Step Guidelines

When becoming a Wix user, it’s recommended to transfer your domain directly to Wix to avoid the risk of losing access details. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Seek Professional Help: Hiring experts from ProgramMatek is the simplest and most reliable solution. Their team of niche professionals understands the nuances of the transfer process and will handle all the details for you.

If you prefer to tackle the task independently, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Service: Visit the Wix website and familiarize yourself with the general instructions.
    Step 1 - General transfer domain information

  2. Enter Your Domain: Type in your domain name and click the “Submit” button.
    Step 2 - Enter Domain name

  3. Choose Your Registrar: Select the registrar where you purchased your domain from the drop-down menu.
    Step 3 - Select Domain Registrar

  4. Follow the Guidelines: Carefully follow the step-by-step instructions, selecting the required checkboxes along the way.
    Step 4 - Unlock Your Domain

  5. Choose the Extension Period: Keep in mind that when choosing Wix, you’ll need to extend your existing domain by at least 1 year.
    Step 5 - Extend Your Domain

  6. Update Your Contact Info: Enter or edit your contact information.
    Step 6 - Update Contact Info

  7. Choose Your Privacy Option: Decide between private or public registration.
    Step 7 - Choose Privacy Protection of the Domain

  8. Complete the Purchase: Select your preferred payment method, submit the required information, and finalize the purchase. Make sure to activate the confirmation link in the email you receive and review the details.

Transferring a Domain to Wix Name Servers

If you plan to keep your domain hosted with an external provider while migrating from WordPress to Wix, you’ll need to connect your domain name to the Wix server. Here’s how:

  1. Upgrade to the Premium Plan: Before connecting your domain to Wix, ensure that you have subscribed or upgraded to the Premium Plan.

  2. Access the “Domains” Page: Go to the Wix dashboard and navigate to the “Domains” section.

  3. Connect Your Domain: Choose the option to connect the domain you already own. If the domain is already connected to your account, click the “Add Domain” button and connect it.

  4. Select Your Website: Choose the website you want to connect with your domain.

  5. Enter Your Preferred Domain Name: Provide the domain name you wish to connect.

  6. Follow the Instructions: Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the process.

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Transferring a Subdomain to a Wix Site without a Connected Primary Domain

If your WordPress website is connected to a subdomain like site.wordpress[.]com and you want to connect it to Wix, follow these steps:

  1. Upgrade to a Premium Plan: Ensure that you have upgraded to the Premium Plan.

  2. Add the Subdomain: Add the existing subdomain to your Wix account.

  3. Set Up the Subdomain: Set up the subdomain by adding the specified DNS records via your external domain host. Make sure to add the subdomain to the My Domains Wix account page.

  4. Complete the Process: Follow the instructions provided to complete the process.

These are the most common scenarios you might encounter when transferring your WordPress domain to Wix. If it seems confusing, don’t worry! ProgramMatek is here to help. They are the most reliable experts in the field. However, you can also explore the three other options discussed below.

Connecting a Subdomain to a Wix Site

If you have two related websites managed under the terms of the Premium Plan, you can connect the domain of the second website to the first website via a subdomain. This is particularly useful for websites published in multiple languages. To complete this task:

  1. Access Your User Panel: Go to your Wix account user panel.

  2. Navigate to “Domains”: Select the “Domains” section.

  3. Add the Domain: Add the domain you want to connect and link it to the second website.

  4. Specify the Domain: Under the “What’s Your Domain Name?” section, specify the domain you want to connect.

  5. Follow the Instructions: Follow the provided instructions to successfully connect the domains.

Connecting a Subdomain to a Wix Site with a Connected Primary Domain

In situations where a primary domain is connected to Wix via pointing, follow these steps to connect a subdomain to Wix:

  1. Register with Wix: Register with Wix and add the subdomain to your Wix account.

  2. Set Up the Subdomain: Set up the subdomain by specifying the DNS records via your external domain name host. You will receive the necessary records after signing in.

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How to Transfer Your Domain from Bluehost to Wix

Transferring your domain name from Bluehost to Wix requires a series of steps. The process involves preparing your Bluehost domain for transfer and completing the transfer process itself. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  1. Prepare Your Bluehost Domain for Transfer: Log in to your Bluehost control panel and navigate to the Domains tab. Select the domain you want to transfer.

  2. Review Contact Info: Check your contact information to ensure its accuracy. This information will be emailed to the new Wix registrar, so it must be up to date.

  3. Check Domain Transfer Validity: Note that not all domain names can be transferred based on ICANN policies. Confirm that your domain is eligible for transfer.

  4. Update Contact Data: If your domain is valid for transfer, update the necessary contact information. Save the changes.

  5. Update Name Servers: To minimize downtime during the transfer process, update the name servers. This step must be completed prior to starting the transfer. It can take up to 24-72 hours for the changes to propagate globally.

  6. Unlock the Domain: By default, all domain names are locked to prevent unauthorized transfers. Unlock your domain by accessing the Security options in your Bluehost account and disabling the Transfer Lock.

  7. Get the EPP Code: Your Wix registrar will require the EPP (Authorization) code for the transfer. Obtain the code from your Bluehost account’s Security settings and enable the Send Code option. You will receive the code via email.

  8. Create a Wix Account: If you don’t already have one, create a Wix account or log in to an existing one.

  9. Initiate the Transfer: In your Wix account, follow the instructions provided to start the transfer process.

  10. Complete the Transfer: Enter your domain name and select the source from which the domain was purchased. Confirm that your domain is unlocked.

  11. Provide the EPP Code: Enter the Authorization Code obtained from Bluehost and select the extension period (recommended at least one year).

  12. Review and Submit Information: Take the time to review and edit contacts, select the privacy option, choose a payment method, and submit the purchase.

Once all the steps are completed, the Wix team will send a confirmation email. The transfer process typically takes up to 7 days to complete successfully.

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Connecting Email Purchased Outside of Wix

When migrating from WordPress to Wix, it’s essential to ensure the proper migration of your email, especially if your mailbox was registered outside of Wix. To avoid any disruption, you’ll need to add the required records in your Wix account. Here’s how:

  1. Choose Your Email Provider: Access the “My Domains” page and expand the arrow next to your domain (if you have multiple domains). Select the domain you want to connect.

  2. Access the “Mailboxes” Tab: Click the “Mailboxes” tab in your Wix account.

  3. Change Settings: Find the “Change Settings” or “Configure Your MX Records” tab and follow the instructions.

  4. Choose Your Email Provider: Select your email provider from the drop-down list. If your provider isn’t listed, proceed to the next step to manually add DNS records.

  5. Add DNS Records: Contact your email host to obtain the necessary DNS records.

  6. Add DNS Records in Wix: Go back to the “My Domains” page, select your domain, and access the “Advanced” tab. Click “Edit DNS” and add or edit the required DNS records. Save the changes.

  7. Configure MX Records: Return to the “Mailboxes” tab and click “Configure Your MX Records” or “Change Settings.” Pick the “Other” option from the “Your Email Provider” drop-down list.

  8. Edit, Delete, or Add MX Records: Customize your MX records as required and save the changes.

If your domain is connected to Wix via name servers, your existing DNS records will be automatically added to minimize mailbox downtime.

Connecting Your Google Workspace Email to Wix

If you have a business email registered with Google Workspace, you can manage it through your Wix account. Here’s how to connect your Google Workspace email with Wix:

  1. Sign In to Wix: Log in to your Wix account.

  2. Navigate to My Sites: Click on the “My Sites” tab.

  3. Connect to Google Workspace: Choose the option to connect to Google Workspace.

  4. Enter Your Google Workspace Email: Provide your email address and password.

  5. Allow Access: Agree to let Wix access your Google Workspace account.

  6. Select Features to Connect: Choose the features you want to connect to your Wix website, select the desired checkboxes, and save your preferences.

Congratulations! Your Google Workspace email is now connected to your Wix account.

In Conclusion

Wix is a user-friendly website builder that simplifies the web design process. If you’re considering migrating from WordPress to Wix, transferring your domain is an important step. While the transfer process can be complex, following the steps outlined in this article will ensure a successful transition. If you prefer expert assistance, rely on ProgramMatek for a hassle-free transfer.