HIPAA-Compliant WordPress Forms: Ensuring Privacy and Security of Medical Data

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a legislation in the United States that safeguards the privacy and security of individuals’ medical information. It sets specific standards and requirements for protecting individuals’ protected health information (PHI) collected online.

Why are HIPAA-Compliant forms necessary?

HIPAA compliance is crucial for anyone collecting health information online. It ensures the secure collection, storage, and transmission of public health data. By following HIPAA regulations, you protect individuals’ private medical information from exposure, mishandling, or misuse by third parties.

To meet HIPAA requirements, your form must:

  1. Use secure channels for data collection and transmission.
  2. Obtain signed Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) from third-party vendors with access to PHI.

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant WordPress Forms

When it comes to WordPress forms, it’s important to note that most forms don’t come with built-in HIPAA-compliant features. However, several plugins and extensions can help you make your forms compliant. Here are the top five options:

1. The best free HIPAA-Compliant WordPress Form: WordPress Contact Form 7

WordPress Contact Form 7 is a reliable free option for creating HIPAA-compliant forms on your WordPress site. Although it requires a bit of extra work, you can make it HIPAA-compliant by using the “Contact Form 7 – Encrypted Fields” plugin. This extension enables data encryption and ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations. Additionally, you’ll need to obtain a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

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2. The best beginner-friendly HIPAA compliant WordPress Form: WP Forms

WP Forms is an excellent choice for beginners. It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder interface, pre-built templates, and seamless integrations. To achieve HIPAA compliance, you’ll need to upgrade to the “WP Forms Elite” plan, which includes form encryption and allows you to sign a BAA. Make sure your website uses an SSL certificate for secure data transmission.

3. The best HIPAA-Compliant WordPress Form with great features: Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a powerful plugin with advanced options, a user-friendly form builder, and many add-ons and integrations. To make it HIPAA-compliant, you’ll need to install the “Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields” add-on and follow specific procedures, including encryption, signing a BAA, and using an SSL certificate.

4. The best versatile HIPAA-Compliant WordPress Form: Jotform

Jotform is a versatile online form builder that offers a wide range of form types and templates. While it’s not initially HIPAA-compliant, you can upgrade to the “Gold Plan” and sign a BAA to make your forms compliant. Jotform integrates seamlessly with popular platforms, providing a secure and compliant way to collect, process, and manage PHI data.

5. The best value HIPAA-Compliant WordPress Form: Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is an affordable option with extensive features and customization options. You can use the base plugin for free, but for HIPAA compliance, you’ll need the premium WebMerge add-on and a signed BAA. Ninja Forms offers competitive pricing and integrations with CRMs, email marketing tools, and payment platforms.


Ensuring HIPAA compliance on your WordPress forms is essential for protecting individuals’ medical data. Remember that achieving compliance is an ongoing process that requires regular monitoring and updates. Consult with HIPAA experts or legal counsel to ensure your implementation meets all necessary requirements.

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