Discover the Perfect Guesty Alternative for Your Property Management Needs

If you’re on the hunt for top-notch property management software (PMS), Guesty might have caught your attention. However, it’s important to note that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in the market. That’s why we’re here to offer you a range of alternatives to Guesty. At ProgramMatek, we understand the needs of vacation rental hosts and have compiled a list of excellent alternatives that will help you streamline and run your business efficiently. We’ve gone deep into their features, target users, and ratings to assist you in making an informed decision.

Who is Guesty for?

Guesty is an outstanding, well-funded, all-in-one vacation rental management (VRM) software designed for companies managing a large portfolio of properties. This platform offers a feature-rich experience, excellent user interface, and integration with a wide range of tools.

Review your listings’ occupancy and nightly rates using Guesty’s listings feature. Source: Capterra
Review your listings’ occupancy and nightly rates using Guesty’s listings feature. Source: Capterra

What to Consider in a Guesty Alternative?

When researching Guesty alternatives, you should look for options that offer comparable automation features, seamless integration with your preferred tools, and the flexibility to grow alongside your business. All of this should come at a price that aligns with your budget. While pricing is an important factor, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor. Remember, your PMS is the foundation of your business and needs to be reliable.

1. The Right Price Point

The best Guesty alternative is the one that offers similar functionality at a price that suits your company. However, keep in mind that reliability and quality should not be compromised when deciding solely on the basis of price.

2. Equivalent Automation Features

A good PMS should empower you to automate tasks, make bulk edits, manage bookings, and visualize data without the need for multiple apps. Ensure that any Guesty alternative you consider includes the following essential features:

  • Channel manager: This feature allows you to control your listings and make updates from a single platform, which automatically syncs with all online travel agencies (OTAs).
  • Multi-calendar sync: A centralized calendar that synchronizes all your listings and properties, avoiding the risk of double bookings from different platforms.
  • Automated guest communication: A unified platform for communicating with guests across multiple channels (, Airbnb, email, etc.), enabling faster response times and an enhanced guest experience.
  • Task management: Simplify coordination with third-party contractors such as cleaners and maintenance personnel to ensure your property is always prepared for guest arrivals.
  • Analytics and reporting: Gain insights into booking and revenue data across your various listings, enabling you to identify opportunities for improvement and keep owners informed.
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3. Integration with Preferred Tools

Guesty is known for its extensive integration capabilities with third-party software. While you may not require all of them immediately, it’s important to choose an alternative that integrates seamlessly with your preferred tools. Look for integration possibilities with the following:

  • OTAs and other booking channels: Vrbo, Airbnb,, Expedia, and more, to save time and effort when publishing and updating your listings across multiple platforms.
  • Dynamic pricing tools: Tools that automatically adjust prices based on demand, maximizing occupancy rates and profitability.
  • Smart automation tools: Features such as smart locks, smart bulbs, and noise monitoring devices that allow remote management of your rentals, enable keyless entry, and reduce utility costs.
  • Calendar management: Ensure your PMS effectively prevents double bookings from different platforms.
  • Cleaning and maintenance solutions: Integration options that streamline operations by connecting your PMS with cleaning and maintenance service providers.
  • Vacation rental insurance: Protect your property and guests by accessing insurance offerings specifically designed for vacation rentals.

4. Scalability

Scaling your business often involves migrating all your data to a new platform, which can be a time-consuming and complex process. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a VRM software that is scalable and capable of growing with your business. Avoid unnecessary platform switches as you expand and your needs evolve.

The 5 Best Guesty Alternatives for Vacation Rental Management

1. Hostfully

Hostfully property management platform booking calendar
Hostfully lets you review all of your listing’s occupancy information in its booking pipeline at a glance. Source: Capterra

Hostfully is an award-winning, back-to-back VRMB Keystone and Shortyz winner, and one of the most highly regarded short-term rental management PMS solutions available. It is committed to customer growth and empowering property managers as they scale.

Key Features:

  • White-labeling: Customize the app with your branding to create a personalized experience for customers, contractors, and guests. Add your logo, customize communications, and modify your domain.
  • Booking pipeline: The built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature allows you to access all booking information within a single dashboard. Automate tasks, such as sending quotes, working leads, accepting payments, sending guest communication and check-in instructions, and managing cancellations.
  • Powerful integrations: Connect with over 40 different tools and top-rated channel managers in the vacation rental industry, creating a robust and flexible tech stack.
  • Channel management: Publish your properties across various booking sites through direct integrations with OTAs or via channel management tools. Additionally, Hostfully offers Airbnb multi-property management.
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Hostfully offers plans starting at $109 per month for managing up to four properties, along with a one-time onboarding fee of $600. The onboarding fee is waived if you choose to pay for an annual subscription. Calculate your custom pricing by visiting ProgramMatek’s website.

2. Hostaway

Hostaway calendar showing availability for different listings
The Hostaway calendar shows the occupancy and price per vacant night for your different listings. Source: GetApp

Hostaway is another highly regarded all-in-one property management software designed specifically for vacation rentals and Airbnb. It is an ideal choice for professional property managers.

Key Features:

  • Customizable channel manager: Personalize information for each channel by customizing pictures, copy, amenities, and descriptions for each OTA.
  • Shallow learning curve: Hostaway offers an intuitive user experience, making it easy to learn and navigate its features, including excellent channel management, guest communication, and automated messaging capabilities.
  • Great customer service: Access responsive support to get answers to your questions promptly.
  • API integrations: Connect with multiple third-party hospitality, accounting, and marketing software to streamline your VRM operations.


Pricing for Hostaway is not publicly available and may vary depending on the size of your portfolio. However, users have reported an approximate cost of $50 per property per month.

3. OwnerRez

OwnerRez listing photos feature
OwnerRez lets you edit your listing photos, change their order, add captions, and automatically update them across all connected OTAs. Source: Capterra

If ease of use is high on your priority list, OwnerRez is an ideal vacation rental management solution. It seamlessly connects to popular channels for listing and booking management and offers affordable pricing, making it an excellent choice for property managers or vacation rental owners with smaller to medium-sized portfolios (up to 200 properties).

Key Features:

  • Built-in native tools: Utilize OwnerRez’s native solutions such as their digital signature feature, eliminating the need for multiple software connections through APIs.
  • QuickBooks integration: Share financial data from your bookings directly with QuickBooks, simplifying invoicing and financial tracking.
  • Easy to use: User-friendly account setup without mandatory onboarding. However, OwnerRez does offer dedicated onboarding, called ProConnect, for those seeking additional assistance.
  • Customizable website builder: Create a direct booking website using various templates and add WordPress plugins to sync data between your website and OwnerRez.


OwnerRez offers a range of plans, with prices starting at $80 per unit per month for their full plan. The cost increases for larger portfolios and can go up to $893.25 per month for 200 properties. You can customize the functionalities to suit your needs, and there is an additional $500 fee for ProConnect onboarding.

4. Streamline

Streamline trust accounting feature
Streamline’s Trust Accounting feature enables seamless transactions, vendor management, and accounting reports within the same app. Source: Streamline

Streamline is a cloud-based short-term rental management software that allows you to efficiently manage your vacation rental business.

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Key Features:

  • Lead tracking system: Easily review and track prospects, enabling you to close deals without the need for a separate CRM.
  • Phone support team: Instant access to responsive support for prompt assistance with your queries.
  • Open API: Build custom websites and apps, and establish connections with other software using Streamline’s data.
  • Native revenue management tool: Modify daily prices in bulk, set minimum lengths of stay, and dynamically adjust prices to respond to changing market demand using Streamline’s built-in RevMaxIQ tool.


Streamline’s pricing is available upon request. According to VRM Intel, “Streamline’s customers can choose between flat-rate monthly pricing (per unit per month) plus 1% of gross revenue received from OTA/third-party channel bookings or bundled flat-rate monthly pricing for its all-in-one solution.”

5. Track

Track, developed by TravelNet Solutions, is an intuitive and user-friendly all-in-one property management software designed to streamline operations. As a cloud-based enterprise software solution, Track avoids the pitfalls of legacy record-keeping systems by hosting everything online.

Key Features:

  • Hospitality CRM and Pulse: Keep track of leads and prospects in a single platform while seamlessly integrating with Track Pulse to ensure your sales team can contact them directly.
  • Large set of integrations: Easily connect with relevant platforms in the vacation rental industry with just one click. Please note that direct integration with Expedia,, and TripAdvisor is not currently available.
  • Guest and property owners portal: Enhance communication with guests and property owners using dedicated web-based applications. The guest app provides guests with access to all the information they’ll need during their stay.


Pricing for Track is not disclosed publicly. Quotes are customized according to individual needs and requirements.

Choose the Perfect Guesty Alternative for Your Vacation Rental Business

While Guesty is an excellent choice for property management companies seeking a comprehensive solution, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. When considering a Guesty alternative, think about the following:

  • Does the price align with your budget?
  • Does it offer all the necessary features and integrations required for your business? Will you utilize all of its features?
  • Can the alternative scale with your business and cater to your evolving needs?
  • Will you receive the support you need to successfully implement and use the software?

If you’re looking for a full-stack PMS with outstanding features, integrations, and pricing that rewards growth, give Hostfully a try.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Guesty Alternatives

How much does it cost to use Guesty?

Guesty’s pricing structure is not publicly available. According to user reports, it typically charges a percentage (2-5%) of your bookings, along with an onboarding fee of approximately $1,000.

Does Guesty work with Airbnb?

Similar to Hostfully, Guesty integrates seamlessly with Airbnb,, Vrbo, and other OTAs.

What are the key features of Guesty?

Guesty offers notable features such as a powerful channel manager, multi-calendar sync to prevent double bookings, and a centralized inbox for streamlined guest communication across various platforms.

What is Guesty for Pros?

Guesty for Pros is a version of Guesty’s Vacation Rental Management software tailored specifically for professional property managers and property management companies overseeing four or more properties. Guesty also offers Guesty for Hosts, a separate product designed for those managing fewer than three properties.