Building Powerful Integrations with the New Google Forms API

Google Forms API

Posted by Christian Schalk, Developer Advocate

Unleashing the Full Potential of Google Forms

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For the first time ever, Google Forms has introduced an API that allows developers to explore its vast potential. The new Forms API is part of the extensive family of APIs available on the Google Workspace Platform. With the Forms API, developers can programmatically manage forms, take actions on responses, and create powerful integrations.

Two Key Use Cases Supported by the API

Use Cases

Automated form creation and editing: Experience the convenience of automated form creation and editing. Generate forms quickly from a vast question bank or any other data backends.

Reaction to form responses: The API empowers developers to automate actions based on incoming responses. Create real-time dashboards or visualizations, and trigger business workflows using response data.

Example Use Cases

Use Case Examples

Education Automation Integrations

  • Integrations with Learning Management Systems
  • Custom form/quiz generation from question banks
  • Student tracking with real-time dashboards

Customer Management and Support

  • Auto-generate surveys/forms based on customer data
  • Trigger notifications and processes based on customer responses

Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Create custom visualizations with response data
  • Leverage push notifications for real-time updates

API Functionality

The Forms API offers a comprehensive set of methods for all forms operations.

Core Methods

  • forms.create – Create a new form
  • forms.get – Retrieve all information about a form
  • forms.batchUpdate – Perform form updates (add, edit, delete form items)
  • forms.responses.list – List all responses from a form
  • forms.responses.get – Get a single response from a form
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Forms API Functionality

Forms API ‘Watches’

Stay informed about changes to your forms with Forms API Watches. Subscribe to Cloud Pub/Sub notifications whenever form change events occur.

Event Types

  • Schema: Changes to form content or settings
  • Response: When form responses are submitted

Watch Methods


Examples of Innovative Integrations by Developers

We received an overwhelming response from our beta developers and are excited to share some of the creative integration examples they have built.

Integration Examples

Zapier’s Google Forms integration is relied upon by thousands of SMBs, allowing users to connect Google Forms with over 4000 other applications. With the Forms API, users can automate a multitude of tasks, such as coordinating internal business processes, handling customer requests, and managing educational activities.

Portant’s integration enables users to connect Google Forms with Google Docs and Slides, streamlining document workflows. Features include the automatic creation of new documents, personalization of Docs and Slides with question responses, and the ability to insert images and gifs into documents, slides, and emails.

Automagical Forms is a Google Workspace Add-on with integrations in Drive, Docs, Slides, and Gmail. It simplifies the creation of Google Forms from existing content and can export forms to other integrations. The Forms API has significantly increased their development speed, enabling the creation of Short Answer and Multiple Choice forms, export to various file formats, and the inclusion of embedded images and push notifications.

Form Builder Plus helps users build Google Forms quickly by extracting content from Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Drive, Gmail, and Calendar. It utilizes the Forms API to add questions in bulk, saving time for educators, trainers, quiz masters, and businesses conducting skill assessments or recruiting.

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Getting Started

To quickly get started with the Forms API, watch the overview video and refer to the following resources for support and community engagement:

We are thrilled about this announcement and can’t wait to see the incredible integrations you will build with the Google Workspace Platform! Stay updated by subscribing to our developer newsletter.