Embedding a Google Form in HTML

Embedding a form, video, or post on your website can greatly enhance engagement. Now, you have the option to embed Google Forms directly onto your website, allowing for real-time engagement, collaboration, and response.

How to Embed a Google Form

At ProgramMatek, we frequently use Google Forms for internal employee surveys and gathering reader feedback. We have seamlessly embedded these forms into various sections of our website and integrated them with other platforms like Google Sheets and Notion.

To embed a Google Form on your website, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the purple “send” button located at the top right of your screen.
  2. Go to the embed “<>” tab.
  3. Copy the link.

How To Embed Google Forms On Your Site (Easy)

  1. Open your website editor, navigate to the desired page, and paste the link.

Once added, your form will be visible to site visitors.

How to Customize Your Form For Your Site

After successfully embedding a Google Form on your website, the next step is customization. You might wonder if it’s possible to make the form aesthetically consistent with your website’s theme or adjust its dimensions while removing Google’s branding.

In our experience, customizing a form enhances user experience and significantly boosts response rates. For example, we’ve customized Google Forms by incorporating our logo and unique branding colors.

How to Customize Form Theme

  1. Open the form or survey on the Google Forms app (forms.google.com).
  2. Click on the customize theme icon (paint palette).
  3. Change the font, add a header image, and experiment with background colors until you’re satisfied with the form’s appearance.
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How To Embed Google Forms On Your Site (Easy)

How to Customize Form Size

  1. Open your Google Form and click the “send” button.
  2. Go to the embed “<>” tab.
  3. Adjust the width and height sections to your desired dimensions, then copy the link.

How To Embed Google Forms On Your Site (Easy)

  1. Add the link to your website editor.

Limitations of Google Form Embeds

While Google Forms are user-friendly, the available themes are quite basic. If you’re seeking to add a form to your site, a Google Form might not yield many responses. Additionally, their design closely aligns with Google’s branding, which can look out of place on your website.

To test this, we compared Google Forms with a competitor, Jotform. The results were clear. Jotform offers a broader range of customization options, as well as unique and creative ways to embed your form.

How To Embed Google Forms On Your Site (Easy)

After thoroughly testing both platforms, we concluded that Jotform is the preferred choice, particularly for business-related tasks. Jotform provided us with advanced features, including star ratings, sliders, and multiple file uploads. The platform also offers robust conditional logic for dynamic form behavior, along with numerous third-party integrations, such as CRMs, email marketing platforms, and payment gateways.

In contrast, Google Forms has limitations when it comes to advanced customization and third-party integrations. Our findings aligned with other reviews we found online.