ProgramMatek Vocal Plugin: Elevate Your Mixes with Ease


As audio engineers, we all have our go-to digital audio workstations (DAWs) and preferred plugins that enhance our mixes. One plugin that consistently makes it to the top of my favorites is the Waves CLA Vocals plugin. Its user-friendly interface and immediate impact on the sound make it an essential tool for any mixing session. Whether you apply it directly to the vocal channel, on the vocal bus, or in parallel, this plugin delivers noticeable improvements effortlessly.

Streamlined Simplicity

When it comes to investing in plugins, I’m selective. I value efficiency and avoid wasting time and resources on unnecessary tools. The Waves CLA Vocals plugin passes my stringent criteria for inclusion in my audio toolkit. The prerequisites are simple but crucial:

  1. Intuitive Interface: The plugin must be easy to navigate, sparing me from unnecessary struggles with convoluted interfaces.
  2. Instant Enhancements: It should make an immediate and discernible difference to the processed audio signal.

Unveiling the Chris Lord-Alge Series

At first sight, the Waves CLA Vocals plugin, part of the Chris Lord-Alge (CLA) series, seemed like another collection of plugins with fancy analog-hardware-like interfaces, potentially hindering the workflow or straining CPU resources. However, being aware of Chris Lord-Alge’s impressive body of work, I decided to explore further. I read the product description on the Waves website and watched some demos on YouTube. One of the demos features Chris Lord-Alge himself, providing a glimpse into his sense of humor and how it intertwines with his workflow.

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Effortless Effectiveness

After watching the demo, I wasted no time purchasing the CLA Vocals plugin. It boasts a ridiculously simple interface comprising input and output level faders, along with six faders controlling various effects and parameters. From left to right, these effects include bass, treble, compression, reverb, delay, and pitch. Adjusting the bass and treble, applying compression, reverb, and delay, or utilizing the pitch function for stereo spreading and doubling is a breeze.

In the demo, Chris Lord-Alge aptly mentions that even using the plugin without tweaking any parameters already yields positive results. I tested it myself, observing the iZotope Insight metering while the CLA Vocals plugin sat on a channel with no signal passing through. Surprisingly, even at a barely audible -91.8dB, the plugin introduced intriguing stereo spread and a touch of noise into the signal path.

Precision Engineering

The CLA Vocals plugin harnesses the expertise gained from Waves’ modeling of other acclaimed plugins. Let’s explore some of its key components:

  • EQ: The EQ component resembles the renowned SSL, known for its exceptional sound shaping capabilities.
  • Compression: The “Spank” compression model emulates the beloved 1176, renowned for its dynamic control and punchy character.
  • Push: This function draws inspiration from the esteemed LA2A compressor, offering smooth and transparent leveling.
  • Wall: Likely based on the L1 or L2 limiter, the “Wall” setting provides the necessary ceiling to prevent audio peaks.

Unleash the Potential

The true beauty of the CLA Vocals plugin and other plugins within the CLA series lies in their ability to effortlessly produce exceptional results. Applying the plugin to your vocal channel, adjusting the six parameters to your taste, or starting with one of the numerous presets will yield outstanding sonic output. Fine-tune the input and output levels, and voilĂ ! Your vocal tracks will shine with a professional shimmer, effortlessly.

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Embrace the ProgramMatek Advantage

With the Waves CLA Vocals plugin in your audio arsenal, you’ll experience an easier workflow and achieve remarkable vocal clarity. I wholeheartedly recommend every engineer to incorporate this powerhouse plugin into their toolbox. Elevate your mixes effortlessly and relish the incredible sonic quality.

What’s Your Experience?

If you have personal experience using the Waves CLA Vocals plugin, please share your favorite features and techniques in the comments section below. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the plugin, and we’ll gladly provide detailed insights.