The Best Woocommerce Subscription Plugin

Subscription businesses are booming, providing both companies and customers with recurring revenue and convenient access to their favorite products and services. If you’re considering starting a subscription business or transitioning your existing WooCommerce store to a subscription model, you’ve come to the right place.

The Perfect Plugin for Your Subscription Needs

To help you scale your WooCommerce store to a subscription model without the burden of recurring transaction fees, we’ve compiled a list of the best free and paid WooCommerce subscription plugins. These plugins offer affordable solutions that will meet your needs perfectly.

1. Subscriptions for WooCommerce by WebToffee

Subscriptions for WooCommerce by WebToffee

WooCommerce Subscriptions by WebToffee is a popular plugin for selling subscription products in your WooCommerce store. This powerful plugin allows you to set up and sell both simple and variable subscriptions with ease.

One of the standout features of this plugin is its ability to offer free trials, a proven promotional strategy for subscription-based products. You can set up free trials for your products for a specific number of days, weeks, months, or even years. Additionally, the plugin supports sign-up fees separate from the actual subscription price.

Renewals are a critical aspect of the subscription business, and the plugin simplifies the renewal process by allowing you to set up subscriptions with daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly renewals. You can also provide recurring discounts for subscription renewals, offering both fixed value and percentage-based coupons.

Notable Features of the Plugin:

  • Set up and sell both simple and variable subscriptions
  • Support for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions
  • Offer recurring discounts (fixed and percentage discounts)
  • Support for Stripe and PayPal payment gateways
  • Free trial options for products
  • Setup a sign-up fee
  • Enable email notifications for various email status(es)
  • Synchronize and prorate subscription renewals

Pricing: $89 for 1 year of technical support and plugin updates.

2. WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce subscriptions extension

WooCommerce Subscriptions is another highly regarded subscription plugin that offers a range of features to simplify the process of selling subscriptions on your WooCommerce store. This plugin supports variable subscriptions, allowing your customers to choose a subscription plan that suits their needs. It even lets customers select their own billing schedule.

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Managing subscriptions is effortless with this plugin, as it allows store admins to suspend or cancel subscriptions, modify trial expiration dates, and add items, shipping, fees, or taxes directly from the admin dashboard. Subscribers can also manage their subscriptions easily from their My Account page, enabling them to suspend or cancel subscriptions, change shipping addresses and payment methods, and upgrade or downgrade their subscriptions independently.

The plugin seamlessly integrates with the Stripe Payment Gateway and Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions, streamlining payment processes. It also reduces payment gateway fees by grouping multiple subscription products, making it more cost-effective for customers. Moreover, you can create cart discounts, product discounts, and recurring discounts through this plugin.

Notable Features of the Plugin:

  • Setting up free trials and sign-up fees
  • Support for variable subscriptions
  • Flexible billing schedule options
  • Easy subscription management for both store admins and subscribers
  • Payment synchronization
  • Integration with over 25 payment gateways
  • Support for manual renewal of payments

Please note: To customize WooCommerce Subscriptions, get YayMail Addon for WooCommerce Subscriptions, activated on your store today!

3. SUMO Subscriptions

SUMO subscriptions

SUMO Subscriptions is an excellent option for creating simple, variable, and grouped product subscriptions on your WooCommerce store. Unlike other subscription plugins, SUMO Subscriptions allows you to offer both free and paid trials, enabling potential customers to experience your products or services.

When purchasing a subscription product, users can select the subscription duration that suits them best. Subscription management is made easy with the option to synchronize subscription payments for hassle-free administration. This plugin even allows customers to purchase multiple subscriptions, as well as subscription and non-subscription products, in a single checkout.

Notable Features of the Plugin:

  • Support for both free and paid trials
  • Built-in PayPal recurring payments and Stripe subscriptions support
  • Send multiple payment reminder emails
  • Master log to record all transactions throughout the site
  • Easy subscription management for site admins and subscribers
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If you’re already using SUMO Subscriptions on your WooCommerce store, we recommend installing the YayMail Addon for SUMO Subscriptions, which lets you customize all SUMO Subscriptions emails with a convenient drag-and-drop interface.

4. Subscriptions For WooCommerce Pro (By WP Swings)


Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro is an excellent add-on for the popular WooCommerce plugin. It empowers you to sell products or services on a recurring basis. With WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can create subscription products and manage the entire subscription lifecycle, from signing up customers to tracking renewals and handling cancellations. You can also set up automatic payments, offer discounts or free trials, and manage customer accounts effortlessly.

This plugin caters to a wide range of use cases, including selling monthly or annual memberships, offering physical or digital products on a recurring basis, and providing subscription services such as meal delivery or online courses. If you have a WooCommerce store and want to add subscription functionality, simply install the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin and customize it according to your specific needs.

Notable Features of the Plugin:

  • Exclusive coupons for customers
  • Single purchase via a one-time payment
  • Ability to re-attempt failed recurring payments
  • Option to enable offline payments
  • Compatibility with various payment gateways

5. All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions

All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions

This extension for WooCommerce subscriptions allows you to offer any of your existing products on your store as a subscription. With this addon, you can make simple or variable WooCommerce products available for subscription while still maintaining the option for customers to make a one-time purchase.

This plugin boasts a clean user interface and provides several customization options, including discounts for product subscriptions, expandable info tooltips, multiple payment gateways for recurring payments, and two layout styles.

6. YITH WooCommerce Subscription (Free)

YITH WooCommerce subscription plugin

YITH WooCommerce Subscription is a free plugin that allows you to create and manage unlimited subscription plans for simple virtual/downloadable products on your WooCommerce store. You can set the renewal period to occur monthly or daily with this plugin.

While the free version of the plugin offers a limited number of features, you have the option to purchase the premium version for more advanced functionality.

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Notable Features of the Plugin:

  • Set up subscriptions for simple products
  • Support for monthly or daily renewals
  • Allows subscribers to cancel subscriptions from their PayPal account

7. YITH WooCommerce Subscriptions Pro

YITH subscription WooCommerce plugin for free

The pro version of YITH Subscriptions offers advanced features such as variation subscriptions, free trials, and easy subscription management. It also provides email notifications for both store admins and customers. This plugin seamlessly integrates with several WooCommerce themes.

The plugin allows you to create sign-up fee-based discounts, product-based discounts, and cart-based discounts. You can even synchronize all recurring payments to a specific day and export all subscriptions to a CSV file. With a built-in dashboard, you can effortlessly monitor subscriptions and income.

Notable Features of the Plugin:

  • Support for both simple and variable subscriptions
  • Easy subscription management for both users and admins
  • Set up free trials and sign-up fees
  • Apply coupons on recurring payment charges
  • Synchronize all recurring payments to a specific day
  • Export all subscriptions to a CSV file
  • Schedule the delivery of products linked to a subscription

8. Subcriptio

Subcriptio is another excellent plugin that transforms your WooCommerce store into a subscription model. It offers a variety of user-friendly features to help grow your subscription business. With this plugin, you can turn both simple and variable products in your store into subscription models.

You can configure free trials of any suitable length and charge sign-up fees using this plugin. It also allows customers to purchase both subscription and non-subscription products in a single checkout, similar to related products. Stripe and PayPal payment gateways are supported for automatic subscription payments.

Notable Features of the Plugin:

  • Sell subscriptions for both simple and variable products
  • Support for Stripe and PayPal for automatic subscription payments
  • Set any billing cycle length and maximum subscription length
  • Option to charge a sign-up fee
  • Offer a free trial for any length of time
  • Let customers purchase subscription and non-subscription products in a single checkout
  • Easy manual management of subscriptions (pausing, resuming, and canceling)


Retaining customers is easier and less costly than acquiring new ones. If you haven’t transitioned your WooCommerce business into a subscription model, now is the perfect time to do so. Choose the right plugin from our list and start selling subscriptions for recurring revenue.

Which WooCommerce subscription plugin is your favorite? Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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