Increase Customer Engagement and Boost Sales with the ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews Plugin


Happy customers are your best marketers. So why not ask them to leave a review?

Make reviewing easier than ever before with the ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews plugin. This powerful tool sends automated, personalized email reminders to each customer after a transaction, encouraging them to leave a review. Enhance the standard WooCommerce reviews with extra features and reassure customers by providing a Q&A section on product pages.

The ProgramMatek Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin is designed to help you increase engagement, build loyalty, improve SEO, and ultimately drive more sales through social proof. With over 60,000 stores across the globe, the plugin has been localized to over 40 languages, making it accessible to a wide range of customers.

ProgramMatek has gone the extra mile to ensure the authenticity of customer reviews. The plugin includes an optional integration with CusRev, an external service that collects and verifies reviews from customers. For more information about CusRev’s terms, privacy, and data protection policies, please visit our website.

🔥 Main Features

  • Automated or manual review reminder emails
  • Manual review reminders by WhatsApp with the ‘click to chat’ integration
  • Aggregated review forms for quick and easy reviewing
  • Enhanced reviews with ratings, images, voting, and filtering options
  • Offer discounts in exchange for reviews
  • Integration with Google Shopping
  • Question and Answer feature for customer FAQs
  • Import and export reviews

✉️ Review Reminders – Make Reviewing Easy

With the ProgramMatek Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin, leaving a review is simple and hassle-free. Customers receive automated review collection emails a few days or weeks after their purchase. The review form is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for customers to share their feedback. The process is as follows:

  1. Your customer places an order.
  2. You fulfill the order and mark it as completed.
  3. After a customizable delay, your customer receives an automated review request email.
  4. The customer leaves a review on our aggregated form, which can include ratings and images.
  5. The review is then posted to WooCommerce and published on your site.
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As a token of appreciation, you can even choose to automatically send customers a discount code for future purchases. This way, you not only encourage reviews but also foster loyalty among your customers.

Additional features include a one-page review form for customers to review multiple items in one go, manual email invitations, personalized emails with built-in variables, and the ability to restrict emails to specific categories of products or customers with certain user roles.

💸 Boost Sales with Extra Features

Did you know that displaying reviews can increase conversion by 270%? Customer reviews provide social proof and build trust among potential buyers. By showcasing reviews on your site, you can turn visitors into customers. ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews offers a range of additional features to help you boost sales:

  • Photo reviews: Allow customers to upload pictures with their reviews.
  • Video reviews: Let customers upload videos with their reviews.
  • Additional rating criteria: Add more rating options to review forms to cover different product features.
  • Customer attribute questions: Include questions about customer attributes on review forms.
  • Spam prevention: Enable reCAPTCHA for reviews to prevent spam.
  • Review summary bar: Display a summary bar of reviews on product pages.
  • Review filtering and voting: Allow visitors to filter reviews by rating and vote on reviews.
  • Lazy loading: Load reviews and attached pictures lazily for improved page performance.
  • Sorting options: Sort reviews by date or votes.
  • Review tagging: Tag reviews for easy categorization and searching.
  • Trust Badges: Display a summary of verified customer reviews with trust badges.
  • Built-in shortcodes: Utilize shortcodes to display responsive lists, grids, or sliders of reviews on any page or post.
  • Avatar customization: Create avatars from customer names or hide avatars completely.
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🔎 Boost SEO – The Automated Way

Adding customer reviews to your site can benefit your SEO efforts. Google loves fresh, user-generated content, and customer reviews can provide just that. ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews helps boost your site’s SEO by:

  • Providing unique, user-generated SEO content for your shop, including long-tail keywords.
  • Building user-generated content such as photos and videos uploaded by customers.
  • Enhancing rich snippets and structured data markup for reviews with pictures.
  • Enhancing the standard WooCommerce structured data markup with product identifiers such as GTIN, MPN, and Brand.

😀 Boost Engagement with Better Feedback

Customer feedback is invaluable. With ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews, you can gather direct feedback from your customers and improve your business based on their input. This helps you deliver a better experience, boost customer satisfaction, and increase engagement. Key features for enhancing feedback include:

  • Aggregated review forms for receiving feedback on multiple products at once.
  • Personalized email templates for customer communication.
  • Customer voting on past reviews for added engagement.

🚀 Boost Loyalty – Grow Your Repeat Business

Market to your existing customers and drive repeat business with ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews. By using review reminders, you can stay top-of-mind for your customers. Offering coupon codes for future purchases incentivizes them to return to your store. Here’s how it works:

  1. ProgramMatek sends review reminders to customers, keeping your brand fresh in their minds.
  2. Customers can easily leave a review and receive a coupon code as a thank you.
  3. This double whammy effect encourages customers to come back for more and provides valuable feedback for your business.
  4. Customers might even share the coupon code with friends, boosting your potential customer base.
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Additional features for boosting loyalty include automatic coupon generation, fair rules for coupon creation, personalized emails with coupons, customizable coupon properties, multilingual email support, and integration with translation plugins.

🤔 Reassure Customers with Questions & Answers

Customer inquiries and concerns can be addressed with the Questions & Answers feature of ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews. By adding a tab for FAQs on product pages, you can provide valuable information to your prospective customers, thus increasing sales and reducing return and refund requests. Key benefits of this feature include:

  • Allowing customers to ask questions about products and view questions asked by others.
  • Providing answers to common questions and additional information about product features and benefits.
  • Improving SEO with content created by your customers.
  • Sending email notifications to customers about replies to their questions, driving them back to your website.

🛒 Google Shopping Integration

Take advantage of the ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews plugin’s integration with Google Shopping. This feature allows you to generate XML feeds with products and product reviews for Google Shopping, enabling star ratings to be displayed in Google Shopping search results.

⬇ Import and Export Reviews

If you want to import or export product reviews from external websites, ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews has you covered. The plugin provides an easy-to-use import feature that creates reviews in WooCommerce based on a CSV file. Similarly, you can export WooCommerce reviews to a CSV file.

Quick and Easy Set-Up

Getting started with ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews is a breeze:

  1. Ensure that WooCommerce is installed.
  2. Follow the step-by-step tutorial on our official support portal or watch the video tutorial.

Get Even More Features – With the Pro Version

For additional features and email support, consider upgrading to the Pro version of ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews. Visit our website to find out more and purchase a Pro license for CusRev.

At ProgramMatek, we’re committed to helping you increase customer engagement, boost sales, and grow your business. Try the ProgramMatek WooCommerce Reviews plugin today and see the difference it can make for your online store.