Introducing: Beat Monkey Plugin

For years, ProgramMatek has been delivering top-notch products from the industry’s leading producers and sound designers. We have established ourselves as a leader in inspiration and innovation for music producers at every level of expertise. With over a quarter of a million satisfied customers, we are now ready to take it to the next level.

Introducing: Drum Monkey

We are excited to introduce our latest creation, the Drum Monkey plugin. This revolutionary tool offers a fresh and modern approach to algorithmic composition. Packed with high-quality, genre-specific samples, Drum Monkey guarantees that your tracks will stand out and grab the attention they deserve.

Drum Monkey

Drum Monkey is not your average drum plugin. It’s a versatile combination of a drum machine, sampler, algorithmic rhythm composer, sequencer, MIDI file player, and audio loop generator. With its intuitive drag & drop and file export features, you can easily incorporate any of its pro-level resources into your music production.

Our dedicated team invested over 5,500 hours and over 1 million dollars to create Drum Monkey. The result is a completely original concept that breaks free from any limitations. By using Drum Monkey, you will not only elevate your music composition to new heights but also have the ability to program your very own unique drum patterns.

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How it Works

Using Drum Monkey to create perfect drum loops is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Select your preferred genre and desired length.
  2. Click the button to instantly generate a drum loop.
  3. Drag & drop your new drum loop directly into your project either as audio or MIDI, or export it for future use.

Try It For Yourself

Cutting-Edge Technology

Drum Monkey incorporates cutting-edge Machine Learning technology and advanced proprietary algorithms. Our exclusive ‘Drum-Pattern Recognition’ and ‘Auto-Generate’ features ensure that you can effortlessly create amazing drum patterns, regardless of your level of experience. From professionals to beginners, Drum Monkey is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Key Features

Functions as Both a Drum/Step-Sequencer & Piano Roll

Drum Monkey allows you to change and customize the generated drum sequence to your liking. Whether you want to modify the entire drum pattern globally or fine-tune each element individually, Drum Monkey gives you the freedom to do so. You can trigger samples at different pitches, set precise velocity levels, and adjust the length of each note with ease.

Drum Monkey Step-Sequencer

Velocity-Adjustment, Swing/Groove, and Humanization Parameters

Drum Monkey provides you with the tools to make your digitally-generated drum parts sound lifelike. Adjusting the velocity on a fine level and applying swing or groove adds a natural feel to your drum loops. Swing changes the timing between notes, creating a shuffled characteristic, while humanization adds variation by slightly offsetting note lengths.

Pro tip: Experiment with different velocity values for hi-hats to create roll accents and make them sound more dynamic and exciting.

3,000+ Factory Samples

Drum Monkey comes loaded with a vast library of unique, professional, radio-quality samples. With over 30 genre-specific drum kits created by our top designers, you’ll have endless possibilities to work with. Instantly generate perfect drum loops using our proven genre-specific samples, combine your favorite samples, or create your own entirely unique drum kits.

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Drum Monkey Factory Samples

Import Your Own Samples

Drum Monkey allows you to import your own samples, including one-shots and more than just drum and percussion samples. With the user sample import feature, you can easily drag and drop your custom samples onto the drum pads. This flexibility enables you to personalize your drum loops and explore limitless creative options.

Lock Patterns in Place with the ‘Lock’ Feature

If you have certain patterns within a drum lane that you love, simply lock them in place. This ensures that locked tracks stay the same while unlocked tracks are replaced with new patterns. With the ‘Lock’ feature, you have full control over which elements you want to be changed and which ones you want to keep.

Lock Feature

Export (Drag & Drop) Both MIDI and Audio Files

Drum Monkey allows you to easily export your drum loops as both MIDI and audio files. You can export each element’s generation individually, ensuring maximum control over your mix. Whether your DAW supports multi-out plugins or not, Drum Monkey has you covered.

Fully-Loaded Sampler and Sample Editor

Drum Monkey includes a powerful sampler and sample editor with essential effect processors such as ‘Tone-Shift’ and our proprietary ‘Fatten’ algorithms. Easily shape your samples with just a few clicks, adjust the ADSR envelope, and enhance the punchiness and placement of each sample in the stereo field.

Save All Data, Parameters, and Edits as Presets

Create your own presets to save time and quickly recall your favorite settings. Drum Monkey comes with a wide range of presets, but by creating your own, you can easily use and edit your custom drum kits without reloading them each time. You can even set up a default pattern to get started right away.

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Randomize and Customize

Drum Monkey offers a variety of randomization options to generate unexpected patterns and inspire new ideas. You can completely switch up everything at once or selectively randomize specific samples and parameters for more subtle changes. Let Drum Monkey surprise you with fresh and exciting drum patterns.

Compatible with Any DAW

Drum Monkey is compatible with any DAW or program that supports VST2, VST3, AU, or AAX formats. Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, you can integrate Drum Monkey seamlessly into your workflow. Say goodbye to limitations and let your creativity flow.

No Physical iLok Required

With Drum Monkey, you don’t need a physical iLok or dongle. All you need is to install the iLok software license manager and create a free account. Enjoy the freedom to create music without any hardware limitations.

Secure Your License Now

With Drum Monkey, you can instantly generate perfect drum loops, make your tracks addictive, unlock unlimited inspiration, enhance your workflow, and get the attention your music deserves. Say goodbye to beat block and “I don’t know where to start” moments. Get Drum Monkey and start marching to the beat of your own drum!

Drum Monkey in Action