Introducing Atum: The Ultimate Inventory Management Solution for Woocommerce



Revolutionize Your Online Store with Atum Inventory Management

If you’re running an online store, you need Atum – the most robust stock management solution for Woocommerce. Atum has now become the most advanced FREE inventory management tool available in the WordPress plugins repository. A good inventory management solution is indispensable for serious shop owners. With Atum, you gain full control over your WooCommerce stock through the intuitive Dashboard Statistics and the impressive Stock Central. Edit every aspect of your inventory effortlessly, including suppliers, SKUs, locations, weight, and even prices. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the WordPress interface, Atum ensures a user-friendly experience.

Atum Dashboard establishes a vital connection between the creators and users. Our goal is to make it your everyday screen, providing quick access to support, documentation, and most importantly, your business stats. We’ve introduced a brand-new widget section that allows for personalized customization from every angle.

Each section of Atum features an intuitive layout, prioritizing the convenience of store owners. It guarantees top-notch stock management, contributing to time and resource optimization. We understand that growing your online business is your main focus, so our add-ons are designed to help you reach the top.

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Atum is developed by Stock Management Labs™ – a team of creators with over 25 years of experience in inventory management. We have collaborated closely with a group of professional WordPress developers since October 2016. Our aim is to create a comprehensive WooCommerce solution that caters to all your business needs.

During the development stage, we thoroughly tested the most popular WooCommerce inventory management and cloud inventory management plugins in the world. We are confident that Atum will surpass all others in every category.

Key Features of Atum

  • Most Advanced FREE WooCommerce Inventory Management
  • Inventory Statistics (Periodical Sales, Inventory Levels, Lost Sales, Promo Sales)
  • Stock Central with Data Export
  • Inventory Logs (Reserved Stock, Lost In Post, Customer Returns, Inbound Stock, Warehouse Damages)
  • One Page Updating
  • Quick Price Changes
  • Stock Levels Indicators
  • Suppliers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Premium Add-ons

Enhance Your Inventory Control with Atum’s Groundbreaking Features

  • All WooCommerce products on one screen with smooth scrolling
  • Image thumbnails for easy identification of your inventory
  • Short product names overview, including product ID and SKU. Change SKUs directly from one screen with direct edit links.
  • Purchase prices included with direct editing from the Stock Central page, making WooCommerce inventory management a breeze.
  • Suppliers column and fully filtered product list by supplier name.
  • Quick editing of product price and sale price, including date ranges. Bulk editing now available.
  • Effortlessly change, edit, or update the inventory of every WooCommerce product in your database. Changes are immediately reflected on the front-end of your site.
  • Weekly and Fortnightly Sales, Lost Sales, and Inventory Level Indicators to assist with re-ordering plans.
  • Customize the visual appearance of Stock Central by adding or removing columns to suit your business needs.
  • Detailed “HELP” sections explaining every feature.
  • Advanced search with auto-fill and optimized performance.
  • Inventory and stock filters, new product category filters, additional drop-down filters, and column sorting.
  • Intelligent settings for easy inventory and stock management.
  • Advanced WooCommerce inventory control and monitoring features.
  • Seamless handling of all product types, including WooCommerce subscriptions.
  • Full support for WooCommerce variable products.
  • Bulk product Actions to manage WooCommerce stock at the product level.
  • Bulk Actions within Stock Central to control/uncontrol products in bulk.
  • Export complete inventory PDF directly from Stock Central.
  • Complete compatibility with WPML for all WooCommerce inventory.
  • Clear, effective, and branded ATUM fields.
  • View inventory count totals for selected products.
  • Complete location hierarchy tracking.
  • URL hash navigation for filters in Stock Central.
  • Navigate through filters history using browser back/forward buttons.
  • Easy page reload without losing filters.
  • Sticky header in Stock Central for easy control, even when scrolling through hundreds of WooCommerce products.
  • WooCommerce business statistics for revenue and product sales. Filter performance by period and choose from three graphical views.
  • Widgets for sales, lost sales, orders, and promo sales.
  • Stock Control Widget for a comprehensive summary of In Stock, Low Stock, and Out of Stock Products in WooCommerce.
  • Access the latest news directly from our new blog, where we discuss new functions and features coming to Atum.
  • Stay updated with our YouTube channel and video tutorials, accessible directly in your WP admin.
  • Unlimited widget additions with customizability options.
  • Inventory logs now allow you to increase or reduce WooCommerce stock.
  • Product Locations feature lets you create multiple storage locations per item.
  • Location hierarchy available for creating custom storage places within a location.
  • Add Suppliers feature for seamless inventory management and ordering. Save supplier data for more efficient management.
  • Set default users or locations for individual suppliers.
  • Pair products with suppliers for quick stock re-ordering.
  • Assign different suppliers to each variation.
  • Add decimals to your WooCommerce stock quantities.
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Make Purchasing Effortless with Atum’s Purchase Order System

  • Create purchase orders for your sellable WooCommerce inventory.
  • Easy Supplier locking feature for quick product search.
  • Add products to stock when you receive them at storage locations. Be notified if another user has already stocked selected WooCommerce products.
  • Keep track of Purchase Order notes for a comprehensive change log.
  • Add individual purchase prices to prepare your shop for gross profit monitoring.
  • Attach purchase prices directly to Purchase Orders, eliminating the need to navigate back to the product edit page.
  • Get an overview of inbound stock and track all your incoming WooCommerce products.
  • Pending incoming stock is reflected in Stock Central.
  • Edit Purchase Orders directly from the inbound stock page.

Get the Most Out of Atum

To unlock the full potential of Atum, create an account on our website ProgramMatek. Experience the ultimate inventory management solution for your online business.

Remember, with Atum, managing your WooCommerce inventory has never been easier!