API Channel Strip: Unleash the Power of Professional Audio Processing

Have you ever wished for a couple of API preamps but hesitated due to the commitment of their frame system? Well, Andy Hong has a solution! He introduced me to API’s 7600 input strips, and I can’t resist their allure any longer.

Uncompromising Features and Unparalleled Versatility

The API 7600 channel strip, inspired by the renowned API Legacy console, is a treasure trove of features. From stereo panning to an insert, four busses, and four effects loops, this powerhouse leaves no stone unturned. Imagine the possibilities of linking compressors for stereo compression and utilizing the compressor side chain. And if that’s not enough, it even boasts mute automation, a DI, and a +4 dBu line input.

To fully leverage these features, you may want to consider the 7800 master module, which takes the experience to new heights. However, keep in mind that the 7600 alone is already a force to be reckoned with.

A Sonic Marvel That Transcends Expectations

Now let’s talk about how the API 7600 truly shines: its sound quality. When I tested the preamp, specifically the 212L model designed for use with API racks, I was blown away. It delivered an exceptional performance when paired with electric guitars, capturing every nuance with precision (thanks to my trusty Royer 122 and Neumann U 87 in figure-8 configuration).

Comparing it to my Chandler TG2, which I purchased based on rave reviews, the API held its ground admirably. While the Chandler had a slightly more expansive sound, the API’s speed and punch complemented it perfectly when doubling parts. The API also excelled when used on kick drums, with an EV RE20 positioned just inches from the hole. The resulting sound was so impressive that I would reconsider using multiple mics if I had the API at my disposal.

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Moreover, the API preamp proved to be a remarkable match for Earthworks SRO microphones placed in front of the drum kit. It delivered outstanding transient response, an assertive top-end, and a robust bottom-end that added a muscular touch to the overall sound.

Tailored for Rock Music with Endless Possibilities

While the API preamp may not be suitable for every application due to its slightly raspy and in-your-face character (vocals, in particular), it is an absolute must-have for recording rock music. Its versatility affords countless creative options, and the channel’s output fader adds an extra layer of flexibility.

The 7600’s compressor, API’s 225L (also available as a rack card), is a true workhorse. Equipped with two types of RMS detectors, two compression knee settings, and dual attack settings, it offers a broad palette of compression possibilities. The differences in settings are audible, and the overall sound produced by this compressor is undeniably huge. Admittedly, using multiple units can make a mix unwieldy, but having two or three of these in your setup, dedicated to kick and room mics, can work wonders.

In addition, the compressor can be placed before or after the EQ, allowing for further experimentation. Speaking of which, the EQ is API’s reissue 550A, a classic and musical equalizer that speaks for itself. With two new frequencies per channel, it expands upon the original design to provide even more tonal options.

Unleash Your Recording Potential with the API 7600

If you’re able to afford multiple channels of the API 7600, you’ll be rewarded with unparalleled flexibility and an arsenal of professional-grade audio processing tools. This channel strip embodies the essence of API’s commitment to excellence in sound engineering.

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Whether you’re a seasoned rock music producer or an aspiring audio enthusiast, the API 7600 is a game-changer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your recordings to new heights. Visit ProgramMatek to explore the API 7600 and unlock your true potential.